Cosmic Force


Discovering the Genius within You
• Stanwood Cobb

[Richard Maurice] Bucke suggests this in his Cosmic Consciousness, when he describes the lives of poets and thinkers whom he considers to have been inspired by contact with the Cosmic Force - such men as Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, [and] William Blake ....

Character: A Sequence in Spiritual Psychology
• Stanwood Cobb

... the Holy Spirit ... [is] the great cosmic force through which Deity creates and manipulates phenomenal existence.

The Way of Life of Wu Ming Fu
• Stanwood Cobb

Greatness True greatness implies some access to the Cosmic Force - This is granted only to men and women of supreme consecration to their task or vision. Suffering is a requisite step for attainment to this lofty station.

Selected Findings from The Baylor Religion Study
• Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

Believers in a Distant God think that God is not active in the world and not especially angry either. These individuals tend towards thinking about God as a cosmic force which set the laws of nature in motion. As such, God does not "do" things in the world and does not hold clear opinions about our activities or world events.

The Science of Homeopathy
• Charles Julius Hempel

The cosmic force, the creating principle, is the only real thing, the living essence, which IS, and does not perish.

History of Yogā
• Nidhi Turakhia

Lord Shiva is widely considered to be the symbol or embodiment of supreme consciousness. Parvati represents supreme knowledge, will and action, and is responsible for all creation. This force or energy is also known as kundalini Shakti, the cosmic force which lies dormant in all beings. Parvati is regarded as the mother of the whole universe. The individual soul is embodied and bound to the world of name and form, and also liberated from the bondage of the world and united with supreme consciousness through her grace. Out of love and compassion for her children, she imparted her secret knowledge of liberation in the form of tantra, the techniques of yoga have their source in tantra and the two cannot be separated, just as consciousness, Shiva, cannot be separate from energy, Shakti.