Heart Sanctuary: Vocabulary
• Open Heart Meditation
• Developed by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc

True Source: The Source of Love and Light and the Source of all True Selves (core of our hearts).

Heart Sanctuary: Where and What is Our Heart?
• Open Heart Meditation
• Developed by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc

At the core of our heart is our True Self, the spark of Love and Light. It is our true identity and who we really are at the deepest level of being, beyond all boundaries of space and time. This spark is the purest aspect of our deepest self and is directly connected to the Ultimate Source of Love and Light, The True Source.

(Note: We prefer the term ‘True Source’ because it is a neutral term which does not have a charged history. Feel free to replace the term True Source, with whatever phrase for you represents the Ultimate Source of Love and Light).

Reiki Tummo Open Heart UK
• Open Heart Meditation
• Developed by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc

Open Heart Meditation is a beautiful guided meditation that connects our hearts to our True Source, the Source of Love & Light (we use the non-denominational term “True Source” but you are free to use whatever word feels right for you, God, Spirit, Universe, Divine Source, Creator etc...).

Western New York Open Hearts
• Open Heart Meditation
• Developed by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc

• ... realize the existence of True Source blessings within the heart.

God (Allāh) in Qurʾān
• Dr. Hüseyin Emin

The Qurʾān leaves it to man's reason and commonsense to realize the falsity of [the] ... two hypotheses, that man came into being of himself, or that he was his own creator, by testing and analyzing them in the laboratory of his thought. By reflecting on the signs and indications of God, he will come to recognize with clear and absolute certainty the true source of all being and to understand that no value can be posited for any model of the universe unless behind it an organizing and capable intellect is at work.

Love of Allāh
• Harun Yahya

The true source of love in the believers’ hearts is their profound love of Allāh. Believers love Allāh greatly and, at every moment, strive to gain His love and good pleasure.

Gaiam Blog
• Charge of the Goddess
• Doreen Valiente

When you create with your hands, I am there.
I blow the breath of life into the seeds you plant, whether of plant of child.
I stand beside you always, whispering soft words of wisdom and guidance.
You need only to listen. All seekers of the Mysteries must come to Me,
for I am the True Source, the Keeper of the Cauldron.

The True Light, and Other Sermons
• John Hullett

... man is capable of great things, and ... God is the true source of all power.

God is My Source!
• Alan Pasho

Our vision is to teach people all over the world the truth that God can be their source. That they can have a relationship with him though the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross.

The Science, Art and Heart of Hitbodedut
• Rabbi Perets Auerbach

When someone recognizes that God is the Source of All, and not only that individual, but the entire universe is constantly dependent upon Him-this awareness itself is one major step of liberation....

The more true awareness one has that God is the Source, Provider, and Giver of all, the deeper the effect the ensuing engagement in tefilah [prayer] will have.

Healing Meditations, Cure Yourself by Meditating
• Irene

A true Guru will always be humble and does not have ego as big as Mount Everest. He or she will tell you that the true Guru is The Source. He or she is only your fellow traveler.

Affirmations for Healing
• Ellen Gordon, M.Ed
• Alternative Arthritis Treatments

I ask the source of the life force within me to heal my _____________________ (name body part).

Prayer Pearls
• Edna Miriam

When we pray to the Source, a shaft of Light descends, as a cloud that spreads under and around the individual for whom we pray. We invoke and add walls of fire to protect another from evil.