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The following comments do not necessarily reflect the positions, if any, of The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality (FIR) or its board of trustees. Any views expressed here are strictly my own. I created this web page back in the 1990s (see the original version), and I continue to maintain it largely for historical reasons.

I am the former academic director (1994-2003), a former member of the Board of Trustees (1996-2001), and a former member of the Foundation for the Investigation of Reality, an organization inspired by the life-long work of the late Marian Crist Lippitt. (I was also, in the 1990s, the State of Kansas Director for the Foundation.) She called her approach the Science of Reality.

The Science of Reality was based on an indexing system. Lippitt's framework, formulated from that system, utilized an expansion of the three classifications of existence given in the Bahá'í primary sources (Deity, Prophethood, and Servitude).

As Academic Director, I attended two annual meetings of the Bahá'í Conference for the Americas on Social and Economic Development in Orlando, Florida. My objective was to promote the work of the Foundation and to attract new members (particularly from academia).

By profession, I am a sociology professor with specializations in the sociology of religion (alternative religious movements and religious organizational typology) and social theory. Please visit The MarkFoster.NETwork™. Once there, you can connect with my major web publications.

The Foundation's headquarters are located near the Green Acre Bahá'í School:

The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality
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Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.