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I am the academic director, and a member of the Board of Trustees, of the Foundation for the Investigation of Reality, an organization inspired by the life-long work of the late Marian C. Lippitt. She called her approach the Science of Reality.

Marian developed an approach to indexing Baha'i texts using the basic classifications of existence found in the Baha'i Writings. Her work has inspired many others, who have taken Marian's basic paradigm and adapted it to their own work. In fact, Marian encouraged individual application and development of the paradigm.

Myself, I have an interest in sociology, the unity of the sciences, Neoplatonism, and perennial philosophy. By profession, I am a sociology professor with a specialty in the sociology of religion (alternative religious movements and religious organizational typology).

I have attended two annual meetings of the Baha'i Conference for the Americas on Social and Economic Development in order to promote the Foundation and to attract membership.

Currently, our greatest need is to preserve Marian's work in some sort of computer data base. Unfortunately, we lack sufficient funds and have discussed various ways of raising money for this project.

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