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After looking around my home page, please check out the index to virtually all my pages on the web (above). Subjects include: the Foundation for the Science of Reality, the Reality Sciences™ Fellowship, basic information on the Bahá'í Faith, Mark A. Foster Services™, my work at Johnson County Community College, religious studies web and gopher sites, places to create and store web pages free of charge, free email accounts, free and inexpensive email and URL forwarding services, and more.

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I am the RingMaster for the Reality Sciences Fellowship Ring, and this page is a part of it. I am also the RingMaster for the Sociology Ring. However, since this particular page is not specifically sociological in focus, I did not connect it with the Sociology Ring.

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The Reality Sciences


"The Prophets of God have been the Servants of reality;
Their Teachings constitute the science of reality."

- `Abdu'l-Bahá

"The sciences of today are bridges to reality;
if they lead not to reality,
naught remains but fruitless illusion."

- `Abdu'l-Bahá

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[This May 9, 1997, webpage is a historical archive and does not reflect my current views or memberships. (For instance, The HTML Writers Guild, which merged with The International Webmasters Association in 2001, now requires a paid membership.) The Reality Sciences Site, previously Mark A. Foster's Home Page Central, subsequently became the Structural Dialectics Paradigm Site and then, The FlagshipSite of The MarkFoster.NETwork™. It is now, The Panopticon.]