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Mark A. Foster
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The Five-pointed Star is the symbol of the Bahá'í Faith. Welcome to my home page The Five-pointed Star is the symbol of the Bahá'í Faith.

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The Reality Sciences Site focuses on the social and individual transformation which will be required of humanity in the new Era of divine Light (Arabic, Bahá). However, other material is included as well.

An understanding of reality, as I see it, derives from a knowledge of the dialectical metaphysic of unity in diversity: The manifested Unity of God is expressed in the diversity of creation.

The reality sciences include the science of reality (the progressive Teachings of God's Prophets) and the bridges to reality (the study of humanity and nature, such as sociology). As 'Abdu'l-Bahá, the perfect Bahá'í Teacher, explained to us:

The Prophets of God have
been the Servants of reality;
Their Teachings constitute
the science of reality.

The sciences of today
are bridges to reality;
if they lead not to reality,
naught remains but fruitless

The scientific (deductive-inductive) method is necessary for both.

Perhaps, therefore, we can conceive of matter, the reality of the kingdom of names and attributes, as the empirical expression of the inner Kingdom of spirit (purposeful loving and knowing power).

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Warm wishes,
Mark A. Foster
Professor of Sociology
Johnson County
Community College

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