Dedicated to Marian Lippitt, Henry Weil, and my spiritual mother, Elizabeth Thomas
Unities of All Things
Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., servant (al-ʿabd)

G Through Heartfulness Inquiry, I have applied The Unicentric Paradigm in twelve free online books as well as other materials. Unities of All Things™ (ʾal-Wāḥidāt Kulla ʾal-Ššayˁ, الوَاحِدَات كُلَّ الشَّيْء), from The MarkFoster.NETwork, uses my critical realist and emancipatory Dialectical metaRealism. Although I am neither a Hindū nor a Muslim, the project is inspired by the South Asian Bhakti-Ṣūfiyy movement (MP3 file), especially Ḥaḍrat Sulṭān Bāhū. This personal, not official, Baháʾí activity inadequately continues the work of three departed souls: my beloved spiritual mother, Elizabeth Thomas, and my dear friends, Marian Crist Lippitt and Henry A. Weil (God bless their souls). You are welcome to become a Baháʾí. The website, a love poem, hosts The Baháʾí Ring.

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Unities of All Things
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