POSTULATE:† Any sign or evidence of existence that has been perceived by the human consciousness to the extent of being named, must be considered a reality.

The human mind deals in mental concepts expressed in words or other representations.† Those representations, words and mental concepts designate what registers in the human consciousness, and are merely symbols of what actually exists.† And what† appears† in the human consciousness are simply signs of the existence of a more comprehensive reality.† We know that reality exists, because a non-existent thing can give no sign of existence.† Actually, anything that has been designated by a word and envisioned as a mental concept must be accepted as a reality, and that includes the entire human dictionary.† Reality, then, encompasses the totality of existence.

From the Over-All viewpoint, the science of reality sees that what† appears† in the human consciousness actually exists, but is very different from what underlies those appearances or what we are reacting to.† The dictionary recognizes this fact in giving the two definitions of the word, ≥reality.≤† "What exists" applies to anything that we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch, as proved by the sensations it evokes† (POSTULATE:† No sign can come from a non-existent thing).† But this gives us practically no idea of "what underlies those appearances."† This indicates that while we must recognize what our senses report as being "real", we are not in touch with the ≥reality≤, in the greater sense of the word, unless we are aware of what underlies or causes those sense reports - the fifth-dimension reality. This is a profound observation, for it means that when we react we may be dealing merely with appearances, and remain oblivious of the reality of what faces us. Actually this happens constantly, because we begin life facing a Great Unknown, and only become aware of reality as it registers on our awakening consciousness.† And this consciousness can only report what our Knowing Powers or faculties of perception take in, reaction by reaction.† So we can spend our entire lifetime trying to find out what underlies those "appearances" - the WHY? of existence. The importance of the science of reality lies in the fact that we behave unintelligently when we are out of touch with the reality of what we are dealing with,† whereas knowledge of the underlying factors that constitute the totality of a thing can enable us to establish the right or successful relations with it.† The science of reality, then, presents not only what actually exists but those aspects of existence that are real but veiled to us in what we call the Great Unknown.† We speak of the latter part of Existence or Reality as being out of this world of human consciousness where we live, realizing that it is real, but beyond our comprehension or even recognition of its existence.† We use this symbol to indicate this part of reality.††† In reality, life is glorious.† What underlies appearances is an unfailingly benevolent Purpose backed by invincible Power.† But this dimension of existence - at least of the invisible immaterial part - is beyond human comprehension.† That is the part of the Great Unknown whose mysteries the human consciousness has been unraveling down through the ages, and whose dawning light keeps drawing humanity to ever increasing realization and delight.† That is what facing a reality does for a person; dissolves revulsion and hostility, and awakens appreciation of what actually exists.

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