MAP OF THE WORLDS OF GOD, by Marian C. Lippitt
I. SOURCE - that manifests and creates Existence ================================================ ================================================ II. DIVINE EXISTENCE ================================================ GREATER WORLD- World of Divine Manifestation Manifestation of the Source - what the Source manifests DIVINE KINGDOM- World of Divine Manifestation MANIFESTED MAN, appearing periodically in Creation Superhuman Beings manifesting Source, embodying Superhuman Consciousness CAUSE of Existence SPIRIT, whole (HOLY) Power manifested from SOURCE WORD , from SOURCE manifested as REVELATION WILL of Creator manifested as Spiritual Laws, ====================================================== III. SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE ====================================================== LESSER WORLD - CREATION, what the Source creates constitutes the LESSER WORLD DIVINE KINGDOM MAN, superhuman, manifested in Creation periodically SPIRIT, whole (Holy) Power animating Creation REVELATION, what is manifested by Man to man SPIRITUAL KINGDOM SOUL, man, the created spiritual being constituting the SPIRITUAL KINGDOM after physical death Reality: greatest creation in Existence; KandL Power: higher-than-human degree of Spirit; Activity or behavior pattern in Time: Linking, spiritual growth, evolution; Knowing, Loving Attributes: Knowledge and Love of Reality, Divinity KINGDOM REVEALED SO'L-SOUL's embryonic condition, nascent spiritual reality; reality of a person before physical death; KandL power and other aspects: same as SOUL RELIGION, what man accepts of REVELATION HUMAN KINGDOM HUMANITY, SO'Ls as currently developed, minus latent divine potentialities ==================================================== IV. MATERIAL EXISTENCE ==================================================== KINGDOM OF MATTER TIME, dimension measuring duration of activity MATERIALITY, 3 dimensional physical existence in Space ANIMAL KINGDOM MAT-man Human body, agent through which SO'L functions HUM-man body, Human Consciousness imprinted on brain cells RAT-man anatomy with rational conditioning MAT-anm subhuman living organisms -veg plant life VEGETABLE KINGDOM MAT-min minerals and chem. elements MINERAL KINGDOM Atom smallest particle of existing elements ATOM *********************end********************* MAP OF THE REALITY OF EXISTENCE GOD, the Source of all Existence; (Unknowable Essence) DEITY, condition of Infinitude, Eternality, Divinity ===================================================== GREATER WORLD that God manifests- Condition of Prophethood World of Manifestation - In His Kingdom:-His Manifestation who manifests- Causing of God - Holy Spirit - Will of God - Word of God (God's Cause) ====================================================== CREATION LESSER WORLD that God creates ---Condition of Servitude World of Human Souls - Manifestation in the form of a Human Creature, reflecting Reality and capable of reflecting ALL the Attributes of God KINGDOM OF DEPARTED SOULS KINGDOM REVEALED -Revealed Condition progressively to SO'Ls - of Spirituality thru REVELATION and translated into RELIGION This is where each SOUL begins its prenatal life as a SO'L, grows, receives Enlightenment, and develops its maturity. WORLD ORDER OF BAHA'U'LLAH Below are Worlds proceeding from Human vision or spirit: MANKIND , condition of Human Beings or SO'Ls as currently developed; personalities, each with its own human consciousness and spiritual powers; man as a part of Humanity. HUMANNESS, condition of the Human organism that serves, as a mental and emotional agent, the SO'L of which it is a part. RATIONALITY, the Human Thought World and of the Human organism thru which the RATIONAL faculties of man function. MATERIAL WORLD, condition of MATERIALITY of the physical universe composed of mineral, vegetable, and animal organisms perceptible to the body senses. Note: SO'L is used to denote the Soul on this plane because the real U is not fully present here. Consciousness: Material World, Human Thought World, Humanness, Mankind, Spirituality, are formed by our levels of awareness or vision