The Collective to Fight Neurelitism

a cooperative enterprise.

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The Brown Social Justice Network is a collective of groups and individuals at Brown that are dedicated to issues of social justice. It works to build community among those committed to social justice at Brown and to move forward community projects and goals.

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The Latino Writers Collective (LWC) is a group of Latino writers living and working in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Through bi-weekly meetings and critiques, the Collective helps hone and polish the work of its members for publication. In addition to creative support, the Collective organizes and coordinates projects for the larger community, including the Primera Página Reading Series, to showcase national and local Latino writers and provide role models and instruction to Latino youth.

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Open Information Sharing of Proven and suspected injustices done against people by powers that be

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... unlike ... older strains of red-flag socialism, the new socialism runs over a borderless Internet, through a tightly integrated global economy. It is designed to heighten individual autonomy and thwart centralization. It is decentralization extreme.

Instead of gathering on collective farms, we gather in collective worlds....

... Broadly, collective action is what Web sites and Net-connected apps generate when they harness input from the global audience....

When masses of people who own the means of production work toward a common goal and share their products in common, when they contribute labor without wages and enjoy the fruits free of charge, it's not unreasonable to call that socialism....

The online masses have an incredible willingness to share. The number of personal photos posted on Facebook and MySpace is astronomical, but it's a safe bet that the overwhelming majority of photos taken with a digital camera are shared in some fashion. Then there are status updates, map locations, half-thoughts posted online. Add to this the 6 billion videos served by YouTube each month in the US alone and the millions of fan-created stories deposited on fanfic sites. The list of sharing organizations is almost endless: Yelp for reviews, Loopt for locations, Delicious for bookmarks....

... The aim of a collective ... is to engineer a system where self-directed peers take responsibility for critical processes and where difficult decisions, such as sorting out priorities, are decided by all participants....

... While millions of writers contribute to Wikipedia, a smaller number of editors (around 1,500) are responsible for the majority of the editing. Ditto for collectives that write code....

... Wikipedia is not a bastion of equality, but it is vastly more collectivist than the Encyclopædia Britannica. The elite core we find at the heart of online collectives is actually a sign that stateless socialism can work on a grand scale.

... In practice ... most polities socialize some resources and individualize others. Most free-market economies have socialized education, and even extremely socialized societies allow some private property....

... The new OS is neither the classic communism of centralized planning without private property nor the undiluted chaos of a free market. Instead, it is an emerging design space in which decentralized public coordination can solve problems and create things that neither pure communism nor pure capitalism can.

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Effective immediately, The League to Fight Neurelitism is The Collective to Fight Neurelitism. Additionally, the founding director of The League to Fight Neurelitism becomes the founding organizer of The Collective to Fight Neurelitism.

These changes have not been made carelessly or thoughtlessly. We have been The League to Fight Neurelitism since our inception more than two years ago. Our web identity has been established under that designation. Nonetheless, following some measured reflection, it was determined that the adjective collective more closely conveys our methods and our purposes than league.

This project has, from its inauguration, been grounded in a new critical theory. As a relatively new approach, it synthesizes certain elements of Marxism with postmodernism, poststructuralism, critical pragmatism, etc.

To be specific, in our view, a "collective," as in Marxist collectivization (or related usages), and an "organizer," with reference to a union organizer, are considerably more in keeping with our Marxist sociological origins than a "league" and a "director." In any event, notwithstanding the reasons offered for these two modifications, we hope that they do not significantly inconvenience anyone.

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