NVLDers (Nonverbal Learning Disability) and ADHDers (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

High School Math Curriculum
• by “geodob”

... NVLDer's often have a difficulty with Visual-Spatial thinking.

Should Asperger's and Nonverbal learning disability be separate diagnoses?
• by Bradley Lingle

Some have suggested that NVLDer’s have poor writing skills, but I question this suggestion ....

... some say that NVLDer's don't “stim,” meaning they don't do the repetitive motor mannerisms like hand flapping or finger twitching that is so common among Aspies. Some suggest that NVLD is merely the female expression of Asperger's syndrome....

So what was I? Aspie or NVLD’er? Although my specific academic difficulties might warrant a diagnosis of NVLD, I also have had obsessive special interests throughout my life, which some suggest people with NVLD typically don't have.

The Dyscalculia Forum
• by “eoffg”

... NVLDer's are also often diagnosed as ADHD, more often their behaviour problems are a consequence of Schools/Teachers not understanding a Student’s Learning Difficulties ....

Andrea’s Buzzing About
• Post by “Ms Pet”

ADHDer and NVLDer myself, plus more you can find in my profile.

How do you describe ADHD to a non-ADHDer?
• by “Jeff”

... in light of the misunderstandings and, in some cases, outright denial of the existence of ADHD, how do you describe ADHD to a non-ADHDer? ...

... In light of the striking similarities between early-onset Alzheimer's disease and adult ADHD, it becomes very easy to describe ADHD in one sentence: Living with ADHD is like having Alzheimer's disease your entire life.

The Brilliance Of An ADHD/ADD Entrepreneur
• by Brad Williamson

When an ADHDer stumbles upon something that really interests them, they will learn everything about that subject in record time.

Turn ADHD Traits into Treasure
• by Zoë Kessler

... think: hyperactive ADHDer at a 24-hour jury duty deliberation ....

ADHDer, Divorced, and Well...
• Post by “Willie”

... do not blame the ADHD for the marriage problems. You may have not known the many symptoms, played your usual self as an ADHDer, or did not realize the hurt you were causing.