The League to Fight Neurelitism
Position Statement on Coalitions

For Immediate Release [first published on January 11, 2009]

The League to Fight Neurelitism, a public sociological advocacy and activist project, supports coalition building even in the presence of certain policy differences.

Whenever people are involved in advocacy work, of any sort, the involved parties will have invested considerable amounts of emotional energy. Advocates generally care deeply about the positions they represent, and they are frequently willing to make considerable financial and other sacrifices to those ends. That passion can not only result in dissension. It can also create strange bedfellows.

The key to any successful advocacy work, in our view, is to focus on the commonalities and, if at all possible, to ignore the inevitable differences. Simply put, that is how work gets done. However, if we are searching for our mirror images, we will have wasted a great deal of precious time and opportunity.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
Founding Director,
The League to Fight Neurelitism