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The Asma Path
Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., the path’s servant (al-ʿabd)

G Welcome to The Asma Path™  (Arabic letters asmāʾ, names), an online Ṣūfī community (ǧamāʿa). Heartfully, we affirm the Unifying (Tawḥīd) Essence of the Prophets without partners (širk). Anyone drawn to the Ṣūfī background or context of the Baháʾí Faith may enter the path (ṭarīqa). It is informal, spiritually activist, and without clergy. It is not an official Baháʾí activity. Please see the keys to the gates (al-mafātīḥ al-abwāb) on top. We also host The Baháʾí Ring  and Ṣūfī Information Central™  (including The Ṣūfī Ring). We are friends with Sufi Order of the Star.

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