The Inner Light Rising
Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.
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Bahá'í and Related

The Bahá'í World
The Bahá'í Studies Web Server
ASMÁ Learning Communities
Foundation for the Investigation of Reality
Millennial Mystics
Mysticism and the Bahá'í Community
Updating Your Spiritual Vision
Bahá'í Mysticism Resources
The Promise of World Peace
Bahá'í Prayers
Successful Self Direction
Meditation in the Bahá'í Faith
Prayer and Meditation
Ya Baha'u'l-Abhá

Quaker and Related

Friends General Conference
Friends United Meeting
Evangelical Friends International
Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)
Quaker Universalist Fellowship (U.S.)
Quaker Universalist Group (UK)
New Foundation Fellowship (U.S.)
New Foundation Fellowship (UK)
The Religious Society of Friends
Pendle Hill: Study and Contemplation
Alternatives to Violence Project
Center for Courage & Renewal
Center for Formation in Higher Education
Peacework Magazine (online)

Mysticism and Related

Inner Light Ministries
Inner Light Foundation (Betty Bethards)
Turn On Your Inner Light
Servants of the Light School
The Society of the Inner Light
Spiritual Freedom Satsang
Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra
Sant Mat Meditation
God's Direct Contact
Johrei Fellowship
International Assoc. of Reiki Professionals
The MarkFoster.NETwork