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Unities of All Things

Contact Emancipation
Introduction |  Possible Angelic Contact Vehicles |  Heavenly Angels of the Earth
Transformation | Technologies of the Cosmic Envelope |  Evolution | Virgin Births
Implants | Entheogens | Marian Apparitions | Animal Emancipations | Conclusion
I. Introduction
How to bridge the chasm between God and the world, how at the first creation of man it was possible for God who is the all-holy and all-perfect, to come into contact with imperfect man, is an oft-recurring subject of speculation .... [I]t is only to be expected that angelology should figure largely.
Joshua Abelson, Jewish Mysticism: An Introduction to the Kabbalah. London: G. Bell and Sons. 1913. Page 22.

O Glory of the All-Glorious!

I will begin this book on angelology by getting a few cautions out of the way. First of all, I have no sources of supposedly inside or confidential information. Gaining access to outwardly undisclosed intelligence is not, in my opinion, so important. Since all of us are manifestations of the unity of humanity (“the essence of man”) and share its attributes (“the rational faculty”), there are no esoteric secrets in the realms of spirit. Through meditation, a loving and prayerful communion between hearts becomes a natural process. It is, I also feel, one of the profound implications of servitude (Arabic, al-ʿubūdīya).

Consider the rational faculty with which God hath endowed the essence of man. Examine thine own self, and behold how thy motion and stillness, thy will and purpose, thy sight and hearing, thy sense of smell and power of speech, and whatever else is related to, or transcendeth, thy physical senses or spiritual perceptions, all proceed from, and owe their existence to, this same faculty.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 164.

Although anyone can, God willing, receive inspiration through dreams or visions, personal experiences have no authority in the Baháʾí Faith. Critical reflection, or the subjective consideration of evidence, is a fallible human activity. However, it may, in certain cases, result in spiritual knowledge as well as intellectual clarity:

The inspiration received through meditation is of a nature that one cannot measure or determine. God can inspire into our minds things that we had no previous knowledge of, if he desires to do so.
From a letter, dated January 25, 1943, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1482.
Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they came together she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. And Joseph her husband, being a righteous man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily. But when he thought on these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she shall bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name JESUS; for it is he that shall save his people from their sins.
Matthew 1:18-21, American Standard Version (1901).

Collective delusions or hallucinations may involve mass or collective wish-fulfillment:

Mass wish-fulfillment involves processes ... [in which] the object of interest is esteemed and satisfies psychological needs. Cases typically persist for a few weeks or months and recur periodically in clusters. Episodes involve a subconscious wish that is related to human mortality in conjunction with a plausible belief, fostering a collective quest for transcendence. Examples include Virgin Mary “appearances” ... [and] “moving” religious statues in Ireland ....
Robert Bartholomew, “Collective delusions: A Skeptic’s Guide.” The Skeptical Inquirer (magazine). Amherst, NY: Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Volume 21. Number 3. May/June 1997. Pages 29-33.

No one, whether a government or a private individual, holds a monopoly on access to knowledge. Awareness is an aspect of the human substance or reality of man. Contrary to popular, conspiratorial claims of hidden or veiled consciousness, knowledge includes all of us, especially in this Age of Unity, and embraces the universe:

Know that the reality of man embraces the realities of things, and discovers the verities, properties and secrets of things. So all these arts, wonders, sciences and knowledge have been discovered by the human reality. At one time these sciences, knowledge, wonders and arts were hidden and concealed secrets; then gradually the human reality discovered them and brought them from the realm of the invisible to the plane of the visible. Therefore, it is evident that the reality of man embraces things. Thus it is in Europe and discovers America; it is on the earth, and it makes discoveries in the heavens. It is the revealer of the secrets of things, and it is the knower of the realities of that which exists. These discoveries corresponding to the reality are similar to revelation, which is spiritual comprehension, divine inspiration and the association of human spirits.... It is, therefore, evident that the spirit has great perception without the intermediary of any of the five senses, such as the eyes or ears. Among spiritual souls there are spiritual understandings, discoveries, a communion which is purified from imagination and fancy, an association which is sanctified from time and place.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 252.
While the religion of God is the promoter of truth, the founder of science and knowledge, it is full of goodwill for learned men; it is the civilizer of mankind, the discoverer of the secrets of nature, and the enlightener of the horizons of the world. Consequently, how can it be said to oppose knowledge? God forbid! Nay, for God, knowledge is the most glorious gift of man and the most noble of human perfections. To oppose knowledge is ignorant, and he who detests knowledge and science is not a man, but rather an animal without intelligence. For knowledge is light, life, felicity, perfection, beauty and the means of approaching the Threshold of Unity. It is the honor and glory of the world of humanity, and the greatest bounty of God. Knowledge is identical with guidance, and ignorance is real error.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 136.

In my opinion, remote viewing (systematic clairvoyance), the spidey sense (a term, inspired by Spiderman, for precognition), and other psychic faculties are clearly unreliable and perhaps also spiritually treacherous. Cultivating these methods, in place of hard mental work and dedicated reflection, is unnecessary. From my observations, a failure both to think outside the box and to reject large-scale conspiracy theories might offer a cogent explanation for why so many people have failed to get a handle on some of the difficult subjects to be considered, speculatively, in this book.

Psychic research includes such phenomena as ... remote viewing or out-of-body experiences (seeing locations, objects or events shielded from ordinary perception in a spatial location separate from one’s physical body) ....
It should not be hard for anyone to envision potential military uses of the powerful psi capabilities discussed thus far. Telepathy, precognition, dowsing, remote viewing and psychokinesis offer an endless list of possibilities.....
... remote viewing and precognition can break through barriers of time and space to perhaps eliminate the word “secrecy” from our vocabulary. In 1976 CIA director George Bush enthusiastically gave retired astronaut Edgar Mitchell “permission to organize high-level seminars at the CIA to discuss possible intelligence applications of parapsychology” ....
Remote viewing is obviously a capability well suited to the intelligence business, and unobstructed by distance limitations....
Psi [psychicism] is frequently criticized because it is so unpredictable. Psychics are not always successful, experiments are hard to replicate, and therefore use upon demand is unreliable. But is that reason to exclude it all together? We see it used mainly in situations where there are no other alternatives.
U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Dolan M. McKelvy, Psychic Warfare: Exploring the Mind Frontier. Air War College Research Report. 1988. Retrieved on August 13, 2012.
Research in human pattern recognition and decision-making suggest that there is a “sixth sense” through which humans can detect and act on unique patterns without consciously and intentionally analyzing them. Evidence is accumulating that this capability, known as intuition or intuitive decision making, enables the rapid detection of patterns in ambiguous, uncertain and time restricted information contexts, that it informs the decision making process and, most importantly, that it may not require domain expertise to be effective. These properties make intuition a strong candidate for further exploration as the basis for developing a new set of decision support training technologies.
The proposed topic will lead to new insights into intuitive decision making, and develop new approaches for enhancing this process....
“In hindsight, some of the soldiers acknowledge their ‘spidey sense’ was tingling” [].
Office of Naval Research Basic Research Challenge – Enhancing Intuitive Decision Making through Implicit Learning. Department of the Navy. Office of Naval Research. Official U.S. government document. April 10, 2012. Retrieved on October 5, 2012.

Nevertheless, anything I write on preternaturals (archangels, extraterrestrials, subterrestrials, coterrestrials, transdimensionals, ultraterrestrials, or transtemporals) and other angels is, I plainly admit, tentative. Much of the information presented here is, I must also acknowledge, highly questionable and, in all likelihood, inaccurate. By proposing some intriguing, though untested, possibilities, I will hopefully contribute to the marketplace of ideas. I am an intependent-minded person, not a one-dimensional man. Whatever other people think of me is none of my business. Materialistic attachments to the views of others are a waste of time.

I am also, for what it’s worth, an Autist. Thankfully, through the grace of my Lord and the prayerful intercessions by my spiritual family in the great world beyond, perhaps I am a something like an emancipated one. If you know even a little bit about Autism (from Ancient Greek, aútos, self), you are likely aware that many of us have extremely dedicated, though often novel, interests. I am no exception. Throughout my life, my brain has seemed to be, well, just wired unusually. Indeed, I have often felt as if I was born on the wrong planet. Although I generally appear to be a pretty ordinary fellow these days, I am actually very eccentric.

That said, I am, fundamentally, only reflecting on the spiritual and cosmic implications of evolution (al-taṭawwur):

I feel that regarding such interpretations (of verses from the Scriptures) no one has the right to impose his view or opinion and require his listeners to believe in his particular interpretation of the sacred and prophetic writings. I have no objection to your interpretations and inferences so long as they are represented as your own personal observations and reflections. It would be unnecessary and confusing to state authoritatively and officially a dogmatic Baháʾí interpretation to be universally accepted and taught by believers. Such matters I feel should be left to the personal judgement and insight of individual teachers.
Shoghi Effendi, The Destiny of the British Baháʾí Community. April 6, 1928. Page 423.

Please bear in mind that, with the exception of the specifically social scientific and historical portions of the book, I will be imaginatively telling a story. Since I am not an astronomer, a biologist, a paleontologist, or a physical anthropologist, this book is not, and cannot be, a work in the physical or biological sciences. My academic credentials, which include a Ph.D. in sociology and history, have no relationship with the hard sciences, such as physics or geology. I shall not, therefore, be testing naturalistic hypotheses or making predictions of empirical or observable events.

In a word, the evidence I am providing, which is frequently anecdotal and unverifiable, does not, in most cases, meet even the minimum standards for rigorous empirical research. Some of the sources might, I am well aware, be little more than urban legends and folklore. Although nothing, in my view, is wrong with creative speculation, confusing it with legitimate science can be pseudoscience and quackery:

Pseudoscience and Quackery.     Americans have long used these pejorative terms to designate scientific and medical theories and practices for which they have no respect. The meaning of the terms remains contested, however, because one person’s “science” and “medicine” is often another’s “pseudoscience” or "quackery.” Further, the line between pseudo-science and bad science, between quackery and malpractice, has always been blurry. Thus many late-twentieth-century scholars dismissed demarcating between science and pseudoscience as “a pseudo-problem.”
Ronald L. Numbers, “Pseudoscience and Quackery.” The Oxford Companion to United States History. Paul S. Boyer, editor. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2001.
pseudoscience     A derogatory term for studies and their results based on dubious or spurious science; slipshod methods; false premises, axioms, and assumptions; sensational presentation of findings; predetermined outcomes; and various combinations of the above. Examples include claims for cures of incurable conditions, such as muscular dystrophy and advanced cancer, for human cloning, etc. Sometimes the term is an ad hominem defense of the indefensible, as when industry spokesmen use it as a label in attempts to discredit evidence on the harmful effects of environmental chemical pollution.
“Pseudoscience.” A Dictionary of Public Health. John M. Last, editor. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2007.
junk science     A derogatory term for aspects of scientific inquiry and inference for which critics say the evidence is flawed or the interpretation of the evidence and conclusions based on it are unjustified. The term has been used mainly by hostile critics of particular varieties of scientific investigation, including critics of epidemiological evidence linking various exposures to outcomes such as cancer, and critics of climate scientists who have concluded from available evidence that the earth’s climate is changing as a consequence of human activities. When the accusation of “junk science” is leveled against articles in peer-reviewed journals, it is important to ascertain whether the accuser has a vested interest in discrediting the work.
“Junk Science.” A Dictionary of Public Health. John M. Last, editor. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2007.

Moreover, blindly accepting pseudoscience is superstition:

SUPERSTITIONS.... the havoc that is wrought by unintelligent applications of an unintelligent dogma.
H.W. Fowler, A Dictionary of Modern English Usage: The Classic First Edition. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 1926. Edited by David Crystal in 2009. Page 586.

Astrology, as explained in letters drafted on Shoghi Effendi’s behalf, is mostly superstition:

There is no reference in the [Baháʾí] Teachings as to whether the stars have any influence on healing such diseases. These astrological ideas are for the most part sheer superstitions.
From a letter, dated July 17, 1937, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1750.
... the Guardian [Shoghi Effendi] considers “astrology,” which is a pseudo-science, as for the most part “non-sensical,” as it is mostly made up of superstitious beliefs and practices.
From a letter, dated July 10, 1939, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1747.
... it is absolutely essential that the [Baháʾí] teachings should not be confused with the obscure ideas related to numerology and astrology and the like. Individuals interested in them are free to believe in and credit such ideas and to make any inferences and deductions they desire from them, but under no circumstances are they expected to identify them with the principles and teachings of the Cause. We must at this stage preserve the purity and sanctity of the Baháʾí teachings. I will pray that you may be guided in your efforts, and may succeed in safeguarding and promoting the interests of our beloved Faith.
From a letter, dated December 26, 1928, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1751.

Seasonal biology is different from astrology:

... [A] new study raises an intriguing but highly speculative possibility: seasonal variations in the day/night cycle that individuals experience as their brains are developing may affect their personality.
“We know that the biological clock regulates mood in humans. If an imprinting mechanism similar to the one that we found in mice operates in humans, then it could not only have an effect on a number of behavioral disorders but also have a more general effect on personality,” says [biologist Douglas] McMahon.
“It’s important to emphasize that, even though this sounds a bit like astrology, it is not: it’s seasonal biology!” McMahon adds.
Light Sets Bioclock for Winter Babies. December 8, 2010. Retrieved on September 22, 2012.

With those important caveats, I believe that, very shortly, we will all begin to learn and relearn, through rapidly changing global affairs, the alphabets of just about everything. Many of the fundamental premises of modern Western civilization have, I feel, been misguided. Divisions, of all kinds, between people, between science (or human investigation) and Religion, and between women and men will be healed. By shifting paradigms, the Bāběl (Hebrew for Gate of the Almighty God) of disunity will be replaced by the heavenly language of unity with beings on this planet and, possibly over time, from other planets, moons, and star systems in God’s wonderful universe.

The dominant paradigm (worldview) or epistemology (rules of knowing) of the world is materialistic, divided into us versus them, and separated and alienated from our shared planetary life story. In my opinion, that old, irrelevant paradigm must, through dialectic (contradiction) and crisis, give way to a new paradigm, perhaps like The Unicentric Paradigm, focusing on unity and harmony with all beings and things from the past, present, and future. Personally, through my own writing, I would rather, at this point in my life, contribute to developing a paradigm for the new world order than remaining entrenched in the paradigm politics of the old.

The transition from a paradigm in crisis to a new one ... is far from a cumulative process, one achieved by an articulation or extension of the old paradigm. Rather it is a reconstruction of the field from new fundamentals .... During the transition period there will be a large but never complete overlap between the problems that can be solved by the old and by the new paradigm.
Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Second Edition. Enlarged. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1970. Pages 84-85.

In addition, as a sociologist, I specialize in religious studies, social theory, and clinical sociology. This work will also be an application, through speculative sociology, of my Structurization Theory (a critical realist perspective on social life) and its ontology (view of reality), The Unicentric Paradigm. As in my other recent writing, I will be once again applying my human science research methodology, Heartfulness Inquiry. Following certain inner experiences, I first developed the method in 2010. For detailed information on any of these subjects, you can click on the relevant links.

... critical realism is a philosophy of the left in so far as it favours more inclusive totalities and what it is doing is isolating absences that include social inequities and imbalances that exist in social life, and it is this that powers the system.
Roy Bhaskar with Mervyn Hartwig, The Formation of Critical Realism: A Personal Perspective. New York: Routledge. 2010. Page 205.

If I have a heuristic, or rule of thumb, when applying Heartfulness Inquiry, it is to continuously question the decaying paradigms and politics of the day and, at the same time, to question my own questioning. Loyalty to paradigms, and to their mortal leaders and followers, points to the highly political fallacy of appealing to authority, not to rational evidence. Personally speaking, I want to better understand and obey the wishes of the Universal House of Justice, including that blessed Supreme Body’s letter to me:

With regard to the harmony of science and religion, the Writings of the Central Figures and the commentaries of the Guardian make abundantly clear that the task of humanity, including the Baháʾí community that serves as the “leaven” within it, is to create a global civilization which embodies both the spiritual and material dimensions of existence. The nature and scope of such a civilization are still beyond anything the present generation can conceive. The prosecution of this vast enterprise will depend on a progressive interaction between the truths and principles of religion and the discoveries and insights of scientific inquiry. This entails living with ambiguities as a natural and inescapable feature of the process of exploring reality. It also requires us not to limit science to any particular school of thought or methodological approach postulated in the course of its development. The challenge facing Baháʾí thinkers is to provide responsible leadership in this endeavour, since it is they who have both the priceless insights of the Revelation and the advantages conferred by scientific investigation.
From a letter, dated May 17, 1995, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to Mark A. Foster.

Please bear in mind that my approach to this subject, and to The Unicentric Paradigm in general, is, for the most part, devotional, not academic. Unities of All Things is a personal Baháʾí study or “deepening” project in critical realist speculation or, more specifically, Structurization Theory. That is to say, I am conjecturing on the cosmic envelope, the ground state of nonduality and copresence:

... in meta-Reality ... there are layers of duality within the cosmic envelope or within non-duality and then layers of demi-reality within duality. But they are all distinct concepts.
Roy Bhaskar (with Mervyn Hartwig), The Formation of Critical Realism: A Personal Perspective. New York: Routledge. 2010. Page 99.
... a unity-in-difference ... [is] co-presence ....
Roy Bhaskar, “Unity of Theory and Practice, Interdisciplinarity, and Non-duality.” Abstract (excerpt). Retrieved on January 7, 2012.

From a Baháʾí perspective, life is found throughout the universe. As dear Baháʾuʾlláh wrote to us, all planets have creatures::

Thou hast ... asked Me concerning the nature of the celestial spheres. To comprehend their nature, it would be necessary to inquire into the meaning of the allusions that have been made in the Books of old to the celestial spheres and the heavens, and to discover the character of their relationship to this physical world, and the influence which they exert upon it. Every heart is filled with wonder at so bewildering a theme, and every mind is perplexed by its mystery. God, alone, can fathom its import.... Consider, moreover, the manifold divergencies that have resulted from the theories propounded by these men. Know thou that every fixed star hath its own planets, and every planet its own creatures, whose number no man can compute.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 162-163.
Regarding the passage on p. 163 of the “Gleanings”: The creatures which Baháʾuʾlláh states to be found on every planet cannot be considered to be necessarily similar or different from human beings on this earth. Baháʾuʾlláh does not specifically state whether such creatures are like or unlike us. He simply refers to the fact that there are creatures on every planet. It remains for science to discover one day the exact nature of these creatures.
From a letter, dated February 9, 1937, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1581.
As you rightly state, Baháʾuʾlláh affirms that every fixed star has its planets, and every planet its own creatures. The House of Justice states however, that it has not discovered anything in the Baháʾí Writings which would indicate the degree of progress such creatures may have attained. Obviously, as creatures of earth have managed to construct space probes and send them into outer space, it can be believed that creatures on other planets may have succeeded in doing likewise.
Regarding the attitude Baháʾís should take toward unidentified flying objects, the House of Justice points out that they fall in the category of subjects open to scientific investigation, and as such, may be of interest to some, but not necessarily to everyone. In any case, Baháʾís have a fundamental obligation at this stage of the development of the earth’s people, that is, the responsibility of spreading the unifying Message of Baháʾuʾlláh.
From a letter, dated January 11, 1982, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual Baháʾí.

If other forms of life are on these planets, so is man:

... it cannot be imagined that the worlds of existence, whether the stars or this earth, were once inhabited by the donkey, cow, mouse and cat, and that they were without man! This supposition is false and meaningless.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 197.

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II. Possible Angelic Contact Vehicles

Personally, I think that there is a close association, communion, and collaboration between spiritually advanced departed souls in the Supreme Concourse (al-Malāʾ al-Aʿlā) as chalice-bearers of pure light, and spiritually advanced terrestrial and preternatural souls throughout the universe. I have examined this subject more fully in the book, Angelophanies from Chalice-Bearers of Pure Light and Intermediate Angels. Surprisingly perhaps, I have been blessed to know a few specially sanctified individuals, possessing similar capacities, throughout my earthly life. They include my late spiritual mother Elizabeth Thomas.

When God created the Remembrance He presented Him to the assemblage of all created beings upon the altar of His Will. Thereupon the concourse of the angels bowed low in adoration to God, the Peerless, the Incomparable; while Satan waxed proud, refusing to submit to His Remembrance; hence he is identified in the Book of God as the arrogant one and the accursed.
The Báb, Selections from the Writings of the Báb. Page 64.

I am not, to be clear, referring to the questionable business of trance channeling which, for whatever reason, is frequently presented with a faux British accent:

Automatic Speaking     The phenomenon of excitation of the vocal chords without the volition of the conscious self. Today this phenomenon is called channeling. Speech bursts forth impulsively, whether the medium is in trance or a more normal waking state. In the latter case, and in partial trance, the medium may understand the contents of the communication even if it comes in a language unknown to him or her. But the retention of consciousness during automatic speaking is exceptional.
“Automatic Speaking.” Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology. J. Gordon Melton, editor. Fifth edition. Volume 1. Detroit: Gale Group. 2001. Page 127.

Although some terrestrial human beings might live simultaneously in this world and the world beyond, I do not think that their abilities were intentionally cultivated. Rather, based on a deep love for the Best Beloved, these spiritual sensitivities appear to have developed on their own. If certain people, living on the relatively spiritually backward Earth, can experience such inner contacts, it would not surprise me to learn that angelic preternatural beings, without engaging in questionable practices of channeling or participating in other psychic phenomena, might do a great deal more. We are still, generationally, the adolescents of the half-light:

To us, the “generation of the half-light,” living at a time which may be designated as the period of the incubation of the World Commonwealth envisaged by Baháʾuʾlláh, has been assigned a task whose high privilege we can never sufficiently appreciate, and the arduousness of which we can as yet but dimly recognize.
Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 168-169.

In my opinion, all humans, living or departed, are interdimensional beings. Anyone can simultaneously access multiple worlds of God. The divine cosmic envelope of unities within unities surrounds both ourselves and our experiences. On the other hand, one’s epistemology, or knowledge, of that envelope and its layers is relative to one’s stage of development. Individually and collectively, we are only now, in this Age of Maturity, coming out of darkness and into the light of contact with previously unexplored realms of existence. They include the physical or scientific, rational, and spiritual planes of reality with their newly accessible attributes and possibilities.

Of course, all created beings and things serve God through His blessed Prophets, Messengers, or Manifestations. Speculatively, the chalice-bearers of pure light, as departed souls, may, God willing, raise the veil between this world, and its inhabitants, and souls residing the world to come. In the angelic hierarchy, certain ascended humans may, speculatively, continue to serve this world by radiating their heavenly orbs or chalices of pure light. Through these blessed creatures in the realms beyond, the doors to human progress, including “the arts and wonders of the world,” are opened. With God’s grace and bounty, each one of us can, I feel, attain to that hallowed station.

The Prophets and Messengers of God have been sent down for the sole purpose of guiding mankind to the straight Path of Truth. The purpose underlying Their revelation hath been to educate all men, that they may, at the hour of death, ascend, in the utmost purity and sanctity and with absolute detachment, to the throne of the Most High. The light which these souls radiate is responsible for the progress of the world and the advancement of its peoples. They are like unto leaven which leaveneth the world of being, and constitute the animating force through which the arts and wonders of the world are made manifest. Through them the clouds rain their bounty upon men, and the earth bringeth forth its fruits. All things must needs have a cause, a motive power, an animating principle. These souls and symbols of detachment have provided, and will continue to provide, the supreme moving impulse in the world of being.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 156-157.
I beg of God to cause spheres of light to descend upon thy sepulchre and the clouds of mercy to shower rains of forgiveness upon thy resting-place and tomb!
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Tablets of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá ʿAbbás. Page 383.

Perhaps earthly humans, like archangels, can establish contacts or relationships with orb-like chalice-bearers of pure light, the members of the Supreme Concourse, and with preternatural angels moving in their own orbs. The practice of applied devotion, both prayer and meditation, would seem to open the portals to the next world. These beings may intervene from their own dimension of unity into our own. As seen in the next quotation, and in the six photographs which follow it, their appearances are often associated with meditation. They might be manifested from the devotee, a departed soul, or perhaps both.

The phenomenon of Energy Orbs has become more and more visable at the ashram [Sanskrit, āśram, toiling, austerity, penance, or a hermitage]. These beautiful representations of planetary energy are becoming manifest in response to the ever-growing level of consciousness present at this time....
... the orbs that we see here are balls of energy. They are planets.
Energy Orbs.” Ratu Bagus International. Bali, Indonesia. 2012. Retrieved on October 21, 2012.
Orbs in Night Air
orbs allegedly photographed during a group meditative
practice at Ratu Bagus International, Bali, Indonesia
Orbs in Meditation
orbs allegedly photographed, during a group meditation, at the ECETI
(Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Ranch, Trout Lake, WA
Orbs in Night Air
orbs allegedly photographed at the ECETI (Enlightened Contact
with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Ranch, Trout Lake, WA (MP4 video)
Meditative Orb
orb allegedly appearing during a personal meditation (MP4 video)
Meditative Orbs
orb-like structures allegedly appearing and interacting with lasers at Dr. Steven
M. Greer
’s Mount Shasta Ambassador Training (2008), including a puja
(Sanskrit, pūjā, adoration) meditation, Siskiyou County, CA (MP4 video)
Meditative Orbs
orbs reportedly appearing at a vision quest (2011), Canyon
De Chelly, AZ, with Hopi and Navajo guides (click to enlarge)
Meditative Orbs
orbs allegedly witnessed at a Sarah Group India (Mumbai) meditation (click to enlarge)
Meditative Orb
orb allegedly photographed during a meditation on a guardian angel
Orb Near Temple in India
chalice of pure light allegedly photographed near a temple in India (MP4 video)
Meditative Orbs Meditative Orbs
orbs allegedly photographed in 2006 at the Art of Living (breath
meditation) Silver Jubilee, Bangalore, India (click to enlarge)
Orb in New England Church
Click to enlarge this photograph reportedly taken in an New England Church
Orbs in Pyram Solom
orbs allegedly observed through Grand Master Pyram Solom’s Dugukan Martial
Arts System
and the angels of the “supremelight” meditation in the Philippines
Meditative Orb
orbs allegedly photographed, on May 12, 2006, during a Śrī Yantra meditation
in Tamil Nadu, India (associated with Sri Lalithambika Jyothisha Gurukulam)

Additionally, the ghostly countenance of a “figure of light” (MP4 video), shown below with an embedded enlargement, was reportedly observed at a devotional gathering of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order of America (Naqšbandī Ḥaqqānī Ṣūfī Order of America). The photograph is followed by a description:

Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order of America
Shaykh Mustapha who is a student of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani and a group of students visiting one of the maqams (grave sites) of the Awlia in Indonesia. During the supplication lead by Shaykh Mustapha you can clearly see at minute 3:20 and minute 5:30 a hologram-like image of a bearded person standing behind everyone to the left of Shaykh Mustapha.
The Spiritual Presence of Wali/Shaykh Caught on Video.” YouTube. October 7, 2008. Retrieved on January 6, 2012.

As humanity on this planet and throughout the universe progresses through subsequent Dispensations and Cycles, we will, presumably, be lovingly welcomed into even more of these worlds or dimensions. God’s creation is vast and, to us, still largely unknown:

Consider, therefore, how the generality of mankind, whatever their beliefs or theories, have recognized the excellence, and admitted the superiority, of these Prophets of God. These Gems of Detachment are acclaimed by some as the embodiments of wisdom, while others believe them to be the mouthpiece of God Himself. How could such Souls have consented to surrender themselves unto their enemies if they believed all the worlds of God to have been reduced to this earthly life? Would they have willingly suffered such afflictions and torments as no man hath ever experienced or witnessed?
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 158.
In this day whosoever attaineth the good pleasure of the one true God, magnified be His glory, shall be remembered and accounted among the inmates of the all-highest Heaven and the most exalted Paradise, and shall partake of its benefits in all the worlds of God.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Tabernacle of Unity. Page 46.
It was this same reception room which, in spite of its rude simplicity, had so charmed the Shujaʾuʾd-Dawlih that he had expressed to his fellow-princes his intention of building a duplicate of it in his home in Kazímayn. “He may well succeed,” Baháʾuʾlláh is reported to have smilingly remarked when apprized of this intention, “in reproducing outwardly the exact counterpart of this low-roofed room made of mud and straw with its diminutive garden. What of his ability to open onto it the spiritual doors leading to the hidden worlds of God?”
Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By. Pages 134-135.

Similarly, spiritually advanced archangels may conduct emancipations in prayerful communion with chalice-bearers of pure light – departed souls or guardian angels abiding in the Supreme Concourse. Broadly speaking, any human contacts or observations concerning these extraordinary entities is, I feel, an emancipation. They are not, however, conjurers, grandstanders, or performing artists. Angelophanies, the signs or tokens of angels (al-āyāt al-malākūt), are purposeful. This quotation focuses on the interactions betweeen angels and “aliens” in a subtle and hidden dimension beyond the plane of observable phenomena:

The Prophets and Messengers of God have been sent down for the sole purpose of guiding mankind to the straight Path of Truth. The purpose underlying Their revelation hath been to educate all men, that they may, at the hour of death, ascend, in the utmost purity and sanctity and with absolute detachment, to the throne of the Most High. The light which these souls radiate is responsible for the progress of the world and the advancement of its peoples. They are like unto leaven which leaveneth the world of being, and constitute the animating force through which the arts and wonders of the world are made manifest. Through them the clouds rain their bounty upon men, and the earth bringeth forth its fruits. All things must needs have a cause, a motive power, an animating principle. These souls and symbols of detachment have provided, and will continue to provide, the supreme moving impulse in the world of being.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 156-157.
The “subtle realm” is the hidden dimension that shadows the phenomenal world we perceive with our senses. It is the forbidden domain, the realm of angels and aliens. The realm beyond consensus reality.
Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D., Sacred Encounters: Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters. Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corporation. 2004. Kindle edition.

The concourse of angels (al-malāʾ al-malākūt), whether beings or spiritual confirmations, can assist us. Heavenly angels inhabit the Supreme Concourse in the worlds beyond this world. Transterrestrial angels are, I feel, advanced beings within the realms or celestial bodies between Heaven and Earth. Through geocentric arrogance, earthly humans have, by and large, forgotten the dear nonterrestrial beings. We remembered them as friends, not foes, in ages past. They are, I feel, the angels who lie between the heavens beyond (the Abhā Kingdom) and earth below (this world) All of these wonderful angelic entities may, God willing, protect and assist earthly human souls to become angels, too:

In the Name of God, the Lord of overpowering majesty, the All-Compelling.
Hallowed be the Lord in Whose hand is the source of dominion. He createth whatsoever He willeth by His Word of command “Be,” and it is. His hath been the power of authority heretofore and it shall remain His hereafter. He maketh victorious whomsoever He pleaseth, through the potency of His behest. He is in truth the Powerful, the Almighty. Unto Him pertaineth all glory and majesty in the kingdoms of Revelation and Creation and whatever lieth between them. Verily He is the Potent, the All-Glorious. From everlasting He hath been the Source of indomitable strength and shall remain so unto everlasting. He is indeed the Lord of might and power. All the kingdoms of heaven and earth and whatever is between them are God’s, and His power is supreme over all things. All the treasures of earth and heaven and everything between them are His, and His protection extendeth over all things. He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and whatever lieth between them and He truly is a witness over all things. He is the Lord of Reckoning for all that dwell in the heavens and on earth and whatever lieth between them, and truly God is swift to reckon. He setteth the measure assigned to all who are in the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them. Verily He is the Supreme Protector. He holdeth in His grasp the keys of heaven and earth and of everything between them. At His Own pleasure doth He bestow gifts, through the power of His command. Indeed His grace encompasseth all and He is the All-Knowing.
Say: God sufficeth unto me; He is the One Who holdeth in His grasp the kingdom of all things. Through the power of His hosts of heaven and earth and whatever lieth between them, He protecteth whomsoever among His servants He willeth. God, in truth, keepeth watch over all things.
Immeasurably exalted art Thou, O Lord! Protect us from what lieth in front of us and behind us, above our heads, on our right, on our left, below our feet and every other side to which we are exposed. Verily Thy protection over all things is unfailing.
The Báb, Selections from the Writings of the Báb. (Footnote: The original of this prayer for protection is written in the Báb’s own hand, in the form of a pentacle.) Pages 170-172.
O Lord! Assist those who have renounced all else but Thee, and grant them a mighty victory. Send down upon them, O Lord, the concourse of the angels in heaven and earth and all that is between, to aid Thy servants, to succour and strengthen them, to enable them to achieve success, to sustain them, to invest them with glory, to confer upon them honour and exaltation, to enrich them and to make them triumphant with a wondrous triumph.
The Báb, Selections from the Writings of the Báb. Page 192.
Rid thou thyself of all attachments to aught except God, enrich thyself in God by dispensing with all else besides Him, and recite this prayer:
Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth or in whatever lieth between them but God, thy Lord, sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent.
The Báb, Selections from the Writings of the Báb. Page 123.

In a somewhat similar vein, the contemporary mystic Whitley Strieber (born, Louis Whitley Strieber in 1945) has suggested, quite beautifully and eloquently, that beings who are contacting and visiting us, as “midwives” for our spiritual birth, are principally in the hereafter, but some of them live within this human world of existence. That is to say, the phenomena of emancipation by angels may involve both discarnate and incarnate souls. Those souls which are visiting this plane from the beyond can, Strieber seems to have maintained, manifest in partially physical, shapeshifted forms, including as apparent spacecraft.

... the most important parts of human life are lived in another state different from this one. For years, I meditated with people who were in that other state. They were souls who were able to manifest in a quasi-physical way around me. And I meditated with them and learned from them over a period of time. And I think this, I think that the connection between the visitors and the dead is explained in this way: They are primarily here in what we call “the world of the dead.” This is what we’re it’s really unfolding. What’s happening in this realm is only secondary at the moment, but that, I think, is going to change.... [W]hen the planet is in the process of giving birth, these “midwives” are here to help us come awake to this reality; because we are going to end up in the Age of Aquarius, in some time in the future, living as they live where the barriers between the living and the dead are gone, and there is new access to being. Death does not have the same meaning anymore – nor does life.... Heaven is singing; and the song we are beginning to hear with our own ears is the song of mystery that rises out of the night in the form of UFOs, visitors, and the close approach of the unknown.
Whitley Strieber, “Whitley Strieber’s 2013 Predictions.” Unknown Country. Podcast. December 21, 2012. Retrieved (transcribed) on February 25, 2013.

Allegedly, light beings, or chalices of pure light, have often appeared in spacecraft during contact experiences:

Of the abduction experiencers, 88 percent reported [in the Marden-Stoner study] the presence of psi [psychic or parapsychological] phenomena such as glowing light orbs that rapidly expand or pop like a bubble into Grey extraterrestrials. Poltergeist activity, such as household items flying through the air, pictures flying off walls, lights turning off and on, windows and doors opening and closing, and electrical appliances operating on their own, even when unplugged, was also prevalent. Whereas, the members of the control group that reported paranormal activities in their homes, mentioned ghosts, shadow people, spirits, mist clouds, strange sounds, strange odors, and cold spots. This needs additional investigation to ascertain that the two groups are observing distinctly different phenomena. Until then, the jury is still out.
Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner, The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported. Pompton Plains, NJ: New Page Books (a division of The Career Press, Inc.). 2013. Page 169.

As explained by Chantelle Pyper:

When I layed down on the table [on the spacecraft], ... I saw the orb of light come right at me [my] forehead.... The orb was protecting me.... It morphed and changed shape into a human.... When it was morphing and changing its shape into a human, it would sort of change color a bit – like red, purple, but it was really tall.... There was no skin. It was just weird – ... like a light being....
They [my hybrid children] looked human – just that their eyes are a bit bigger.... They [my children] didn’t want me to go [to leave the spacecraft]. They wanted me to stay.
Chantelle Sabrina Pyper, “AMMACH Conference, September, 2012.” From The AMMACH Project. YouTube. May 11, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on May 11, 2013.
Hybrid Children Hybrid Children
drawings of Pyper’s alleged hybrid children

Based upon the following screen capture from an MP4 video, Sylvia Browne responded to a woman who videotaped a visual emancipation through a shapeshifting chalice-bearer of pure light. Browne distinguished between ultraterrestrials, or spirit guides, and extraterrestrials:

Sylvia Browne

According to a television news story from May 22, 2013, in Santee, CA, a suburb of San Diego, a woman photographed a possible spacecraft (MP4 video). The object appeared over a barn which has reportedly harbored ghost sightings. A cropped screen capture, followed by a brief description, is shown below:

Santee Craft
Ellen Henry told 10News her camera stopped working after snapping photos at a historical barn.
Henry said she is convinced that whatever she saw hovering over Santee’s Edgmoore Barn is not from this world. She did not want to show her face on camera because she said she was still spooked by what she captured....
... It [the barn] also draws paranormal investigators because of reported ghost sightings.
Janet Kwak, “Photo Captures UFO over Santee’s Edgmoore Barn: Site has been Investigated for Ghost Sightings.” KGTV ABC10 News. San Diego, CA. May 22, 2013. Retrieved on May 23, 2013.

Inquisitively, archangels, during contact experiences, may shapeshift into a variety of forms, including owls, wolves (or werewolves), and ape-like creatures. Well, at least these beings may be recalled as taking these forms in the memories of some people:

Owls, deer, and cats are common screen memories in abductions....
Many alien abductees report seeing Owls. The thing is you are really not seeing an owl, you are seeing a screen that the Aliens have put there. When they do an abduction that is extremely invasive, like take your eggs or ovaries, the wipe your memory and replace it with a “screen memory.” So every time your mind try to recover the old memory (the real memory), you will see an owl.
Screen Memories. 2011. Retrieved on December 21, 2013.

As reported by experiencer or contactee Ann Andrews:

I believe that there is a correlation between spiritual activity and ET, alien activity, if you like; and I’ll tell you for why. It seems that our house is built, we know that it’s built on ley lines which, as most of you know, are energy lines. They’re earth energy lines. They’re natural energies which appear across the planet. Our house is actually built on a point where the ley lines cross. So whether that actually opens doors, opens dimensions, but it certainly seems to amplify whatever activity is going on.... There is a very thin line, I think, between ET activity – and paranormal activity – and spiritual activity. And I think the two are very closely linked.
Ann Andrews, “AMMACH Spring Conference 2013.” From The AMMACH Project. The AMMACH Project Lectures. YouTube. May 7, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on May 8, 2013.

Another more-or-less comparable perspective has been developed by U.S. Army Major Edward A. “Ed” Dames (retired), peace be upon him. He discussed powerful, hyperintelligent, and electronically masterful entities as extradimensional or transdimensional shapeshifters. These beings, who work alongside various humanoid species, are, Dames says, responsible for the so-called alien-abduction phenomena:

I perceive them [the extradimensional beings] as nothing but good.... [They have an] outreach program .... They are actually interventions, not just observations.... “Good” is not an objective term [for them].... I support them.... I would support anything they’re doing. They’ve been around for a long time. Hyperintelligent. One of my philosophies is, “Go with the winning team.” ... They [the extradimensionals] work in consort with these very human types [of aliens], too.... They [the extradimensionals] are perfect shapeshifters. They can play you like a marionette, electronically or otherwise. All the abduction phenomena we’re aware of, and has been reported .... These guys are all responsible for that. They have an agenda.... There are no greys .... These entities I am talking about are barely visible to the camera. They can present themselves however they want to; and in this particular era, they present themselves as greys and reptilians.... They don’t kill. They are not like us.
U.S. Army Major Ed Dames (retired), “Remote Viewing Mars.” Coast to Coast AM. George Noory, host. October 16, 2012. Retrieved (transcribed) on October 17, 2012.

The next image of a child, Erin Potter (born, November 28, 2003), possibly being watched over by guardian angels (MP4 video) shows a loving, dark-haired preternatural being with a large forehead (on the right) and orb-like entities (on the left). My speculation is that these orbs are either the chalices of pure light from departed souls or a preternatural transit vehicle. The photograph is followed by a brief description. Click on the picture, taken when she was nine-years old, to see an enlargement:

Erin Potter
Believer or not, the image behind Erin Potter, a Kirtland girl battling leukemia, is stunning. It certainly stunned her mom....
19 Action News has documented Erin’s cancer battle before. Kevin Potter, her father, actually introduced President Obama at a campaign stop, as the president spoke of the family’s fight to stay insured to keep alive the fight for Erin.
Just after the picture was taken, Erin had that transplant, and right now, she’s cancer-free.
Do You Believe? Holy Image Appears Behind Child Battling Leukemia.” KPHO-TV. CBS affiliate. KPHO Broadcasting Corporation. Phoenix, AZ. May 25, 2013. Retrieved on May 25, 2013.

In this enlargement of the possible preternatural woman’s face, I enhanced the contrast, unsharpened the mask, and reduced the full-light exposure:

Enlargement of the Transterrestrial’s Face

Here is the same photograph converted into grayscale:

Enlargement of the Transterrestrial’s Face

Moreover, in addition to orbs, ghosts, and fairies, certain observed entities, including visitations by the so-called “Greys,” may, at least sometimes, be apparitions of departed souls. The same could be true of other shapeshifted beings. We earthly homo sapiens are only now coming into maturity. However, to more spiritually advanced human species, souls living in this world might cooperate almost seamlessly with souls in the next. By continuously meditating on the hereafter, this-worldly dimensionality and other-worldly extradimensionality may, at higher levels of development, begin to collapse into one another.

The first thing to do is to acquire a thirst for Spirituality, then Live the Life! Live the Life! Live the Life! The way to acquire this thirst is to meditate upon the future life. Study the Holy Words, read your Bible, read the Holy Books, especially study the Holy Utterances of Baháʾuʾlláh; Prayer and Meditation, take much time for these two. Then will you know this Great Thirst, and then only can you begin to Live the Life!
Reported words of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Star of the West. Volume 19. Number 3. June 1928. Page 69. Cited in The Importance of Deepening our Knowledge and Understanding of the Faith: A Compilation of Extracts from the Baháʾí Writings. Prepared by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice.
... the modes of operation that characterize man’s biological nature illustrate fundamental principles of existence. Chief among these is that of unity in diversity. Paradoxically, it is precisely the wholeness and complexity of the order constituting the human body—and the perfect integration into it of the body’s cells—that permit the full realization of the distinctive capacities inherent in each of these component elements. No cell lives apart from the body, whether in contributing to its functioning or in deriving its share from the well-being of the whole. The physical well-being thus achieved finds its purpose in making possible the expression of human consciousness; that is to say, the purpose of biological development transcends the mere existence of the body and its parts.
What is true of the life of the individual has its parallels in human society. The human species is an organic whole, the leading edge of the evolutionary process. That human consciousness necessarily operates through an infinite diversity of individual minds and motivations detracts in no way from its essential unity. Indeed, it is precisely an inhering diversity that distinguishes unity from homogeneity or uniformity. What the peoples of the world are today experiencing, Baháʾuʾlláh said, is their collective coming-of-age, and it is through this emerging maturity of the race that the principle of unity in diversity will find full expression....
Clearly, the advancement of the [human] race has not occurred at the expense of human individuality.
Universal House of Justice, The Prosperity of Humankind. January 23, 1995. Pages 3-4.

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III. Heavenly Angels of the Earth
... the varieties of transcendent beings ... [are] transcendent to one’s current experience. There is God as absolute, alethic, independent being; deities and avatars (manifestations and embodiments of God); and angels (aspects of God or the divine will).
Roy Bhaskar, From East to West: Odyssey of a Soul. New York: Routledge. 2000. Page 50.

Terrestrial humans have been invited into the celestial ranks. Thankfully, I have been blessed to know many earthly angels throughout my life. Even while in this world, souls can, as these divine angels, work with members of the Supreme Concourse in the world beyond:

Can any power withstand the penetrative influence of the Word of God? Nay, by God! The proof is clear and the evidence is complete! If anyone looketh with the eyes of justice he shall be struck with wonder and amazement and will testify that all the peoples, sects and races of the world should be glad, content and grateful for the teachings and admonitions of Baháʾuʾlláh. For these divine injunctions tame every ferocious beast, transform the creeping insect into a soaring bird, cause human souls to become angels of the Kingdom, and make the human world a focus for the qualities of mercy.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Page 293.
... it behooveth him to seek only the divine bounties and subjects which lead to the real knowledge of the invisible (world of God), through the mediation of the Holy Spirit. Then he will perceive the reality of the triune powers in man, through his innate perception. For, verily, the sign of these triune powers which exist in mankind are spirit, mind and soul. The spirit is the power of life, the mind is the power which apprehendeth the reality of things, and the soul is an intermediary between the Supreme Concourse (or Spiritual World) and the lower concourse (or material world). It, i.e., the soul, hath two phases: The higher aspireth to the Kingdom of El-Baha [al-Bahāʾ, the Glory or Splendor], and the lights of the mind shine forth from that horizon (or kingdom) unto its higher sphere; the other phase inclineth to the lower concourse of the material world and its lowest sphere is enveloped in the darkness of ignorance. But when light is poured upon this phase, and if this phase of the soul is capable of receiving it, then “truth hath come and falsehood vanisheth, for falsehood is of short duration”—otherwise, darkness will surround it from all directions and it will be deprived of association with the Supreme Concourse and will remain in the lowest depths.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Tablets of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá ʿAbbás. Page 611.
It is the concern of the True One to reveal, and the concern of men to spread what hath been revealed. He will, verily, promulgate His Cause by the hands of His scattering and wellfavoured angels. Spiritual souls will assuredly emerge from behind the veil of divine protection who will gather together the tokens and verses of God and put them into the most excellent order. This is His sure and irrevocable decree.
Baháʾuʾlláh, as quoted in Shoghi Effendi’s 1954 Naw-Rúz Message to the Baháʾís of the East (translated from the Persian), Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 327.

Beloved angelic souls can be found throughout all regions:

The beloved of the Lord, with their musk-scented breath, burn like bright candles in every clime, and the friends of the All-Merciful, even as unfolding flowers, can be found in all regions. Not for a moment do they rest; they breathe not but in remembrance of Thee, and crave naught but to serve Thy Cause. In the meadows of truth they are as sweet-singing nightingales, and in the flower-garden of guidance they are even as brightly-coloured blossoms. With mystic flowers they adorn the walks of the Garden of Reality; as swaying cypresses they line the riverbanks of the Divine Will. Above the horizon of being they shine as radiant stars; in the firmament of the world they gleam as resplendent orbs. Manifestations of celestial grace are they, and daysprings of the light of divine assistance.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Pages 312-313.
Baháʾí, Qurʾānic, Biblical, and Buddhist Accounts

In my opinion, throughout the TaNaḤ or Old Testament, angels, of one sort of another, are also referred to as the hosts or armies (Hebrew, hā-ṣəbāʾôt):

O LORD of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee.
Psalms 84:12, King James (Authorized) Version.

Within the TaNaḤ and in the Baháʾí texts, another term used for certain angels (the Spiritual Kingdom, its attributes, and its individualized attributes) is cherubim (Hebrew, kərūvîm or cherubs, winged angels). They appear to variously refer to beings, spiritual qualities, and possibly even sanctified material things:

... as bidden by the Lord, the Protector, the Self-Subsisting, did the heavenly Crier raise up his voice and cry out: “O Most Exalted Leaf [ʿAbduʾl-Bahá’s sister]! Thou art she who did endure with patience in God’s way from thine earliest childhood and throughout all thy life, and did bear in His pathway what none other hath borne, save only God in His own Self, the Supreme Ruler over all created things, and before Him, His noble Herald, and after Him, His holy Branch, the One, the Inaccessible, the Most High. The people of the Concourse on High seek the fragrance of thy presence, and the dwellers in the retreats of eternity circle about thee. To this bear witness the souls of the cherubim within the tabernacles of majesty and might, and beyond them the tongue of God the One True Lord, the Pure, the Most Wondrous. Blessedness be thine and a goodly abode; glad tidings to thee and a happy ending!”
Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By. Pages 25-26.
He [Bezalel] made two cherubim of hammered gold; at the two ends of the mercy seat he made them, one cherub at the one end, and one cherub at the other end; of one piece with the mercy seat he made the cherubim at its two ends. The cherubim spread out their wings above, overshadowing the mercy seat with their wings. They faced one another; the faces of the cherubim were turned toward the mercy seat.
2 Samuel 22:11, New Revised Standard Version.

Through these two passages, the usage of cherubim, in the Biblical Book of Numbers, may be demonstrated as similar to the Revelatory language concerning the Blessed Muḥammad’s vision of the Angel Gabriel (Ǧibrāʾil al-Malāk):

When Moses went into the tent of meeting to speak with the LORD, he would hear the voice speaking to him from above the mercy seat that was on the ark of the covenant from between the two cherubim; thus it spoke to him.
Numbers 7:89, New Revised Standard Version.
... Muḥammad when in the Cave of Hira, outside of the holy city of Mecca, the voice of Gabriel bade Him “cry in the name of Thy Lord” ....
Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By. Page 93.

Some of the cherubim could be this planet’s celestial souls or “watchers.” Perhaps they are related to the angelic entities who, according to the TaNaḤ or Old Testament, might have been observed with their flying spacecraft:

And He [Samuel] rideth on a cherub, and doth fly, And is seen on the wings of the wind.
2 Samuel 22:11, New Revised Standard Version.
... five cubits is the one wing of the cherub, and five cubits the second wing of the cherub, ten cubits from the ends of its wings even unto the ends of its wings; and ten by the cubit is the second cherub, one measure and one form are to the two cherubs, the height of the one cherub is ten by the cubit, and so is the second cherub; and he setteth the cherubs in the midst of the inner house, and they spread out the wings of the cherubs, and a wing of the one cometh against the wall, and a wing of the second cherub is coming against the second wall, and their wings are unto the midst of the house, coming wing against wing; and he overlayeth the cherubs with gold ....
1 Kings 6:24-28, New Revised Standard Version.

Similarly, in the Book of Ezekiel:

As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, like the appearance of torches: the fire went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning. And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning. Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold, one wheel upon the earth beside the living creatures, for each of the four faces thereof. The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto a beryl: and they four had one likeness; and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in their four directions: they turned not when they went. As for their rims, they were high and dreadful; and they four had their rims full of eyes round about. And when the living creatures went, the wheels went beside them; and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.
Ezekiel 1:13-19, American Standard Version (1901).
I looked, and there were four wheels beside the cherubim, one beside each cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like gleaming beryl.
Ezekiel 10:9, New Revised Standard Version.
Incan artifact
photo of Incan artifact of a
possible spacecraft model
Turkish artifact
photo of artifact in İstanbul
Archaeology Museum
Turkish artifact
photo of wooden artifact
(the Ṣaqqara Bird from
Egypt, 3rd Century A.D.)
Precolumbian Airplane Models

The Biblical word, ʾĔlōhîm (Hebrew for Mighty Ones), is generally translated as “God,” but, as shown below, it is further applied to the “mighty ones” of this world. That is to say, ʾĔlōhîm seems to have been a wide-ranging term for governance, whether heavenly, commonplace, or perhaps transterrestrial. Using the plural of ʾĔlōah (Hebrew for Mighty One), even for a single “God,” may be a result of the polytheistic or monolatristic origins of ʾĔlōhîm (from Bāʿal and other gods).

Monolatry (monolatrism) describes the affirmation that only one god of those admitted to exist (polytheism) is truly efficacious and therefore worthy of worship (Greek monos, “one only”; latreuō “I worship”): “Our god” is greater than “your god(s).”
Dennis C. Duling, “Henotheism.” Encyclopedia of Anthropology. H. James Birx, editor. Volume 3. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Reference. 2006. Pages 1152-1153.
... henotheism or kathenotheism ... is a worship of one god after another ....
... henotheism was sometimes confused with monolatry, a term best applied to the religion of ancient Israel before it attained monotheism, when the existence of gods other than Yahveh [Yāhweh] was admitted but their worship was strictly forbidden ....
Michiko Yusa, “Henotheism.” Encyclopedia of Religion. Edited by Lindsay Jones. Vol. 6. 2nd edition. Detroit, MI: Macmillan Reference USA. 2005. Pages 3913-3914.

Thus, in the following two passages, “ʾĔlōhîm” is applied, by a Psalmist, both to a single Mighty One (the Almighty) and to a divine council, assembly, or concourse of Mighty Ones:

God [Hebrew, ʾĔlōhîm, Mighty Ones] has taken his place in the divine council [Hebrew, hā-baʿădat-ʾēl]; in the midst of the gods [Hebrew, ʾĔlōhîm] he holds judgment: “How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? [Selah] Give justice to the weak and the orphan; maintain the right of the lowly and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.” They have neither knowledge nor understanding, they walk around in darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. I say, “You are gods [Hebrew, ʾĔlōhîm], children of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you shall die like mortals, and fall like any prince.” Rise up, O God [Hebrew, ʾĔlōhîm], judge the earth; for all the nations belong to you!
Psalms 82:1-8 (the entire psalm), New Revised Standard Version.
Let the heavens praise your wonders, O LORD [Hebrew, YHWH, He is becoming], your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones [Hebrew, hā-biqhal qědēšîm]. For who in the skies can be compared to the LORD [Hebrew, YHWH]? Who among the heavenly beings [Hebrew, hā-běnêʾ ēlîm, sons of God] is like the LORD [Hebrew, YHWH], a God feared in the council of the holy [or consecrated] ones [Hebrew, hā-běsôd qědēšîm], great and awesome above all that are around him?
Psalms 89:5-7, New Revised Standard Version.

Similarly, Jesus, the heavenly Son of God, later interpreted the expression, “You are gods,” to include mortal humans, individuals in this world of existence, and, perhaps, their dominion or rulership:

Is it not written in your law, “I said, you are gods” [Koiné Greek, ϑeói or “theoi,” divinities]? If those to whom the word of God came were called “gods” – and the scripture cannot be annulled – can you say that the one whom the Father has sanctified and sent into the world is blaspheming because I said, “I am God’s Son”?
Jesus quoted in John 10:34-36, New Revised Standard Version.
For this is how God loved the world: He gave his unique [Koiné Greek, monogenés, unique kind, previously mistranslated as “only begotten”] Son so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but have eternal life.
Jesus quoted in John 3:16, International Standard Version.

Furthermore, in the sūrah (defense, apologia, or, roughly, chapter) of Ṣād (the name given to the Arabic letter ص) within the Sacred Qurʾān, the Prophet Muḥammad, peace and blessings be upon Him, referred to “the exalted chiefs” (al-Malāʾ al-Aʿlā). The term may identify similar spiritual realms as the divine council:

I had no knowledge of the exalted chiefs [al-Malāʾ al-Aʿlā] when they contended: It is revealed unto me only that I may be a plain warner.
Muḥammad, Qurʾān. 38:69-70. Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, translator.

Various Baháʾí texts have elaborated upon al-Malāʾ al-Aʿlā. It has generally been translated as the Supreme Concourse, the Celestial Concourse, or the Concourse on high. The angels who inhabit al-Malāʾ al-Aʿlā may include the Prophets, peace be upon Them, His Exemplary Presence ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, and sanctified human souls in the worlds to come:

O ye that stand fast in the Covenant! When the hour cometh that this wronged and broken-winged bird will have taken its flight into the Celestial Concourse, when it will have hastened to the Realm of the Unseen and its mortal frame will have been either lost or hidden neath the dust, it is incumbent upon the Afnán [Twigs or descendants of the Báb], that are steadfast in the Covenant of God and have branched from the Tree of Holiness; the Hands, (pillars) of the Cause of God (the glory of the Lord rest upon them), and all the friends and loved ones, one and all to bestir themselves and arise with heart and soul and in one accord, to diffuse the sweet savors of God, to teach His Cause and to promote His Faith. It behooveth them not to rest for a moment, neither to seek repose. They must disperse themselves in every land, pass by every clime, and travel throughout all regions.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, The Will and Testament of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Page 10.
Purify ye your hearts, sanctify your souls and cleanse your spirits; so that ye may attain to this great success. Then ye will become the angels of heaven, will enter among the Supreme Concourse and will permanently abide in the paradise of union (with God), and will be associated with the Beauty of El-ABHA [al-Abhā, the Most Glorious].
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Tablets of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá ʿAbbás. Pages 144-145.
The faithful are ever sustained by the presence of the Supreme Concourse. In the Supreme Concourse are Jesus, and Moses, and Elijah, and Baháʾuʾlláh, and other supreme Souls: there, also, are the martyrs.
Reported words of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, ʿAbduʾl-Bahá in London. Page 97.

The denizens of the Supreme Concourse are waiting to assist us:

May the hidden confirmations of God make each one of you to become a well-spring of knowledge. May your hearts ever receive inspiration from the Denizens of the Concourse on high. May the drop become as the great sea; may the mote dazzle as the shining sun.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, A Compilation on Baháʾí Education. Page 41.
Verily, We behold you from Our realm of glory, and shall aid whosoever will arise for the triumph of Our Cause with the hosts of the Concourse on high and a company of Our favoured angels.
Baháʾuʾlláh, The Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Page 39.
To Him [Baháʾuʾlláh’s] Muḥammad, the Apostle of God, had alluded in His Book [the Qurʾān] as the “Great Announcement,” and declared His [Baháʾuʾlláh’s] Day to be the Day whereon “God” will “come down” “overshadowed with clouds,” the Day whereon “thy Lord shall come and the angels rank on rank,” and “The Spirit shall arise and the angels shall be ranged in order.”
Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By. Page 96.

In addition, within several branches of Mahāyāna (Sanskrit, Great Vehicle) Buddhism can be found an analogous concept to the Supreme Concourse or the divine council and the angels of this world. Most Buddhists either reject or are agnostic (unknowing) about a single Deity or Creator. Many Buddhists do accept, however, various Divinities or Gods with such titles as Buddha (Sanskrit, Awakened One) and Bodhisattva (Pāḷi and Sanskrit, Awakened Being who works for the awakening of all other sentient beings). Certain of these Deities have, like the Prophets, lived, some believe even live currently, as humans.

... bodhisattvas ... [are] those beings who have a strong motivation to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all living beings. By doing these bodhisattva practices, we will become bodhisattvas, advance on the bodhisattva path, and eventually become fully enlightened Buddhas ....
Bodhisattva Togmay Zangpo, The Thirty-seven Practices of Bodhisattvas. Ruth Sonam, translator. Commentary by Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron. Singapore: Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. March, 2009. Page 29.
... Buddhists often respect and honour gods and deities but do not take refuge in them....
The Buddhist Pantheon has a vast number of Deities in the seemingly endless variation of forms so that it is quite impossible to portray them in any one illustration. Most of these Deities fall into the category of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arahants [Pāḷi, Arahant, a worthy one or, alternately, a destroyer of enemies] and other Heavenly Beings.
Kuan Ming, Popular Deities of Chinese Buddhism. Tullera, Australia: Buddha Dharma Education Association, Inc. 1985. Pages 19 and 27.

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IV. Transformation

Many attempts have been made to discover unity. If we rely, however, on present ways of human knowing, our understandings will, by definition, remain limited. For instance, SETI is an acronym for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. So far, both the SETI Institute and the SETI League have been unsuccessful in contacting preternatural beings using electromagnetic radio waves. Although appearances of otherworldly chalices of pure light and preternatural entities are, in my view, all around us, perhaps these two organizations, by myopically anticipating an electronic broadcast on their own terms, already missed first contact.

Remember that the SETI community is not actually seeking ET intelligence: They are seeking signals—not intelligence, and not beings....
... The SETI specialists ... seem to think, with each passing year during which they (not surprisingly) don’t pick up any radio or optical signals, that there is no one around in the local neighborhood....
...Admittedly, the SETI people would probably make a noisy announcement should they ever pick up a signal, but that would certainly not change things as much as admission of an alien presence here and now....
... the SETI specialists ... feel it [is] necessary to attack the notion of space visitors in order to gain support for the strange idea of listening for signals instead.
Stanton T. Friedman, Flying Saucers and Science – A Scientist Investigates the Mysteries of UFOs: Interstellar Travel, Crashes, and Government Cover-Ups. Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books (The Career Press). 2008. Pages 130, 159, 173, and 175.
No SETI search has yet received a confirmed, extraterrestrial signal. If we had, you would know about it....
Virtually all radio SETI experiments have looked for what are called “narrow-band signals.” These are radio emissions that are at one spot on the radio dial. Imagine tuning your car radio late at night.... There’s static everywhere on the band, but suddenly you hear a squeal – a signal at a particular frequency – and you know you’ve found a station.
SETI, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Mountain View, CA: SETI Institute. Retrieved on June 29, 2012.
Shareware that runs on your home computer, sifting through the cosmic static in search of patterns that cannot be produced by nature, using any mechanism that we know and understand.
The SETI League, SETI League Leaflet. Little Ferry, NJ: The SETI League, Inc. Retrieved on June 29, 2012.

Yet, the signs of God, no matter how they appear, should not be questioned. Prophecies and predictions of events, including the the miraculous appearances of angels in the world of nature, are not necessarily fulfilled according to human expectations:

And now, concerning His [Jesus’] words: “And He shall send His angels....” By “angels” is meant those who, reinforced by the power of the spirit, have consumed, with the fire of the love of God, all human traits and limitations, and have clothed themselves with the attributes of the most exalted Beings and of the Cherubim [from the Hebrew, kərūvîm, winged angels]. That holy man, Ṣádiq, in his eulogy of the Cherubim, saith: “There stand a company of our fellow-Shíʾihs behind the Throne.” Divers and manifold are the interpretations of the words “behind the Throne.” In one sense, they indicate that no true Shíʾihs exist. Even as he [Ṣádiq] hath said in another passage: “A true believer is likened unto the philosopher’s stone.” Addressing subsequently his listener, he saith: “Hast thou ever seen the philosopher’s stone?” Reflect, how this symbolic language, more eloquent than any speech, however direct, testifieth to the non-existence of a true believer. Such is the testimony of Ṣádiq. And now consider, how unfair and numerous are those who, although they themselves have failed to inhale the fragrance of belief, have condemned as infidels those by whose word belief itself is recognized and established.
And now, inasmuch as these holy beings have sanctified themselves from every human limitation, have become endowed with the attributes of the spiritual, and have been adorned with the noble traits of the blessed, they therefore have been designated as “angels.” ...
As the adherents of Jesus have never understood the hidden meaning of these words, and as the signs which they and the leaders of their Faith have expected have failed to appear, they therefore refused to acknowledge, even until now, the truth of those Manifestations of Holiness that have since the days of Jesus been made manifest. They have thus deprived themselves of the outpourings of God’s holy grace, and of the wonders of His divine utterance. Such is their low estate in this, the Day of Resurrection! They have even failed to perceive that were the signs of the Manifestation of God in every age to appear in the visible realm in accordance with the text of established traditions, none could possibly deny or turn away, nor would the blessed be distinguished from the miserable, and the transgressor from the God-fearing. Judge fairly: Were the prophecies recorded in the Gospel to be literally fulfilled; were Jesus, Son of Mary, accompanied by angels, to descend from the visible heaven upon the clouds; who would dare to disbelieve, who would dare to reject the truth, and wax disdainful? Nay, such consternation would immediately seize all the dwellers of the earth that no soul would feel able to utter a word, much less to reject or accept the truth. It was owing to their misunderstanding of these truths that many a Christian divine hath objected to Muḥammad, and voiced his protest in such words: “If Thou art in truth the promised Prophet, why then art Thou not accompanied by those angels our sacred Books foretold, and which must needs descend with the promised Beauty to assist Him in His Revelation and act as warners unto His people?” Even as the All-Glorious hath recorded their statement: “Why hath not an angel been sent down to him, so that he should have been a warner with Him? [Qurʾán 25:7]”
Baháʾuʾlláh, The Kitáb-i-Íqán. Pages 78-81.
The most burning fire is to question the signs of God, to dispute idly that which He hath revealed, to deny Him and carry one’s self proudly before Him.
Baháʾuʾlláh, “Asl-Kulluʾ-Khayr (Words of Wisdom).” Tablets of Baháʾuʾlláh Revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Page 156.
... [Miraculous] accounts are not satisfactory proofs. Yes, miracles are proofs for the eyewitness only, and even he may regard them not as a miracle but as an enchantment. Extraordinary feats have also been related of some conjurors.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 37.

Perhaps the reason why some contactees report that certain archangels have no emotion is due to geocentrism. How different the beings who inhabit other dimensions of creation be from one another and, particularly, a cosmically isolated species such as our own.

... in reality aliens are cold and clinical creatures whose stark and terrible task is to reap and manipulate our very life force—the human soul—for purposes both nefarious and ominous.
Nick Redfern in Nigel Kerner, Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity. Rochester, TV: Bear & Company. 2010. Google Ebook.

The possibility of extreme culture shock might explain why many contactees are protected from remembering their experiences. Despite the negative, conspiratorial title of this book, the author’s explanation is clear and succinct.

... many researchers adopted the ethical noninterference argument and assumed that aliens conducted their study in secret in order not to disrupt the subject’s life. Memories of an abduction could be so traumatic that they would negatively interfere with the abductee’s psychological well-being. In addition, researchers assumed the aliens gave abductees posthypnotic suggestions not to remember an event so that it would be buried in the subject’s unconscious.
David M. Jacobs, The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda. New York: A Fireside Book (Simon & Schuster, Inc.). 1998. Page 110.

Human experiences with the “leaven of the world” in the Supreme Concourse and the angelic archangels might, among other considerations, be a heart-centered and emancipatory process through which individuals, perhaps all of us on some level, are given specific skills or tasks for the benefit of humanity. Notwithstanding the widespread propagation of xenophobia and hatred directed towards beings from other dimensions and elsewhere in the universe, emancipations by angels, in the cosmic envelope of unity or copresence, are always a blessing.

Richard Boylan discussed adults and children who, in his view, are star seeds:

A Star Kid may be defined as a child with both human and extraterrestrial contributions to their origin. Star Kids are predominantly human, but not entirely. They are human, but different. To be sure, they have two human biological parents, and are born here on Earth through regular childbirth. They in most ways look like other children. They come in every race, nationality, economic stratum and family background. They are citizens of Earth....
... so many Star Kids are not aware that they are Star Kids; they just sense that there is something profoundly different about themselves....
As noted earlier, not every Star Kid (or Star Seed adult, for that matter) is aware that of their special starseed origin. These are the unawakened ones, the ones I call “the Latents.” They are aware that they are different from other people in a number of persistent and profound ways. But they may not understand why. Or they may have only a hazy sense of their true nature.
But it is necessary for these Latent ones to wake up. And now. The alarm clock is going off. We are at the 11th Hour for the Fourth World. The Transition to Fifth World is occurring between now and 2012, a mere seven years at this writing.
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D., Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation. Sun Lakes, AZ: Blue Star Productions (no longer in business). 2005. Ebook.

In my opinion, present-day earthly human relationships with archangels are based upon emancipation and protection, not ordinary interaction and communication. I doubt that we are spiritually developed enough to meaningfully engage with these advanced beings. In addition, according to Shoghi Effendi, an interplanetary Prophetic Revelation, in half a million years, is possible. Likewise, His Ancient Presence Baháʾuʾlláh Himself might have appeared on other planets or, perhaps, in other dimensions or unity, frequency resonances, or harmonies of the spheres.

Regarding your questions: There is no record in history, or in the teachings, of a Prophet similar in station to Baháʾuʾlláh having lived 500,000 years ago. There will, however, be one similar to Him in greatness after the lapse of 500,000 years, but we cannot say definitely that His Revelation will be interplanetary in scope. We can only say that such a thing may be possible. What Baháʾuʾlláh means by His appearance in “other worlds” He has not defined, as we could not visualize them in our present state, hence He was indefinite, and we cannot say whether He meant other planets or not....
From a letter, dated December 24, 1941, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1555.
Abraham Lincoln’s vision for the United States is comparable to Baháʾuʾlláh’s vision for the whole world. Now it is possible for a man to conceive of a greater destiny for the United States, a destiny incorporating her in the Federation of World States, encompassing the whole world. This is comparable to that Prophet who may appear after 500,000 years, and who would do the same thing for the planets. Inter-planetary, which corresponds to the incorporation of the United States with other nations. A scientist says there can be beings, not human beings, outside this planet. The cosmos includes many universes, as these are infinite and space is infinite, so divine revelation is infinite. The Revelation of Baháʾuʾlláh is the biggest thing for this planet, because it has united it and there is nothing beyond unity. Is there anything beyond world unity for this planet? That is the answer. That is why it marks the coming of age of humanity – world unity. If there were at least one more planet, if science had discovered it, gotten in close touch with it, then a greater Revelation than Baháʾuʾlláh would be needed to create the unity of these two planets....
... After five hundred thousand years, it may sound preposterous but what he would describe as inter-planetary unity may be possible – it is even probable that in three or four thousand years there may begin inter-planetary communications with beings, not human beings.
Talks by Shoghi Effendi in May Maxwell and Mary Maxwell (later, Ruhiyyih Khanum), Haifa Notes of Shoghi Effendi’s Word. Pilgrims’ Notes (not authoritative). Pages 14 and 41-42.

If earthly humans are not yet ready to interact with these dear otherworldly beings, widespread direct contact, at this level of our development, might result in širk (sharing in God’s Sovereignty or, roughly, polytheism and idolatry). Many people might be inclined to establish “cargo cults,” of a sort, to worship them:

The basic lineaments of cargo cults became well known, so much so that a cargo cult provided the climactic scenes of the 1963 cult classic movie, Mondo Cane.... A cargo prophet receives a message that ancestors, or often the Americans or other powerful outsiders, have promised boatloads or planeloads of cargo. This cargo consists of Western manufactured goods, including tinned food, clothing, tools, vehicles and refrigerators, as well as money. Many Melanesians had enjoyed improved access to such items during the war years, but goods became scarcer when military forces pulled back from the Pacific. A variant of the cargo story is that ancestors are already shipping cargo, but that Europeans have schemed to hijack these shipments so that they fail to arrive.
The typical prophetic message holds that if people establish social harmony and consensus, setting aside disputes and disruptive practices such as sorcery, then cargo will arrive....
... use of the label “cargo cult,” within anthropology at least, has declined. While still standard fare in introductory anthropological texts, ethnographers have turned to more politic descriptive alternatives (e.g. nativistic, adjustment, protonationalist, micronationalist, local protest, developmental self-help, regional separatist or Holy Spirit movements).
Lamont Lindstrom, “Cargo Cult.” Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Alan Barnard and Jonathan Spencer, editors. London: Routledge. 2009. Pages 128-130.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur Charles Clarke, Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible. Boston, MA: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). 1984. Page 36.

As indicated by possibly higher numbers of spacecraft sightings, perhaps reflecting the need for a closer monitoring of planetary problems, rates of contact emancipation may be rising:

Whereas typically, NUFORC [National UFO Reporting Center] has been receiving and posting approximately 10 credible reports per day, in recent months, that volume has increased noticeably. As an example, NUFORC received approximately fifty reports on December 31st, 2011, and approximately sixty on the following day!! Many of those reports were submitted by seemingly quite credible sources, and interestingly, many of them appear to address similar events, i.e. clusters of red-, orange-, or yellow-colored lights.
Peter Davenport, The National UFO Reporting Center. Davenport, WA. January 12, 2012. Retrieved on January 22, 2012.

Increasing numbers of contactees, experiencers, or, as I prefer, emancipees are now, apparently, also recalling these exceptional phenomena (MP3 audio file). That is to say, through an emancipation by angels, they have experienced unity, the cosmic envelope, or personal emancipation from disunity or demireality:

The minimum necessary unit for emancipation is the whole human race; and everyone, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing, can equally play a unique and indispensable and initiating role in the processes of personal and social transformation, which are so indissolubly linked that they reflect maybe two sides of a single coin....
... if we are talking about human liberation, emancipation or enlightenment, we are always talking about or at the level of the embodied personality, not the absolute or transcendentally real self (and which is already free; and needs only to be allowed to unfold or flower, but then in and as an embodied personality)....
... Critical realism, insofar as it digs deep down into the structures of relative reality, can be liberating, within the bounds of relativity and duality, so therefore it is certainly a philosophy of emancipation and freedom, but the liberation it speaks of will always be limited without an understanding of its alethic, absolute, non-dual grounds and conditions of possibility.
Roy Bhaskar, The Philosophy of metaReality, Volume 1, Creativity, Love and Freedom. New York: Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group). 2012. Kindle edition
Whatever her [a woman’s] vintage, if a man said it [mispronounced a word], he’d be called an emancipee....
... she is not merely a remarkable character and a woman of light and leading ; she is also representative of the emancipee, in the best sense of the word....
... no matter who she may be – whether a provincial lioness or only an “emancipee” ....
... I’m an emancipee, that’s what I am. I’ve always lived my own life ....
Lydia Lensky, married to the young doctor, became with him a patriot and an emancipee....
The word [emancipée or emancipee] is ... used, in both French and English, as a noun, meaning a liberated woman, someone who ignores current cultural dictates ....
Quotations on Emancipees. Retrieved on May 9, 2013.

According to Steve Beckow and others:

More and more Starseeded humans awaken to their memories every day and call towards them a reality that is fluid and not fixed. With this calling they move out of their boxes and take their places within infinite lives without boundaries. When this occurs they become empowered with the love frequency and their DNA activates and transmutes as they take their rightful place within Galactic evolution....
If you feel attracted to the Space Beings it is more likely you are linked with them. Often such ones feel out of place on Earth, and sense that it is not their true home. There is sometimes an unfulfilled yearning to find what is lacking in their lives. Know that all will be found in the coming period which should prove exhilarating once it really gets under way.
Most starseeds retain no waking memory of their extraterrestrial roots .... [L]ook at other galactics if we wish to remember our roots.
Steve Beckow, Starseeds, Their Missions and Their Work. 2012. Pages 8 and 12.

In the view of registered nurse and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell, emancipees frequently learn skills from their encounters, such as purported abilities to speak or write transdimensional or preternatural languages. Many of these individuals are relatively young. Therefore, Rodwell calls them star children (MP3 audio file). As indicated below, chalices of pure light may also, through emancipation, serve as gateways to other realms of existence, including the worlds beyond:

Mary [Rodwell] talks about ordinary people, Doctors and Lawyers who have experienced being on board Spaceships. Even children report seeing their families interacting with extraterrestrials on more craft. Mary put this into perspective as she explains the distilled essence of her lifes work with experiencers and how she believes that the ETs are upgrading humans into a new species; Homo Noeticus.
Exopolitics Hong Kong – Neil Gould & Mary Rodwell. April 12, 2009.

Rodwell also associates emancipation with the Autism Spectrum:

Both [of a woman’s] sons talked about a spacecraft being above the house the night before and taking them aboard the spacecraft. Now, this is two children saying the same thing.... He [the eleven-year-old the contactee] was in an auditoritum ... with other children with pajamas, and he’s talking about being taught things. And, he said, “The lady looked unemotional. She had no ears; no eyebrows. The nose was just slits. There were no fingernails; and her face had no expression.” And he said [that] he didn’t feel particularly frightened, and that he was being taught something. The [thirteen-year-old] brother, however, said that he also saw beings there. And this long implement that he’s holding was actually nothing to do with a weapon but, he said, was like an anesthetic. He felt these beings were scientists, and that they were curious about us. And he was told it was something to do with genetics. And this is a thirteen-year-old child talking like this.... Orbs seem to be around her children quite a bit; and that’s something else that seems to be a part of this as well....
With the orbs, by the way, ... I’m finding that this seems to be relevant to the whole experience encounter ... A young fifteen-year-old boy – actually someone I worked with here in Britain when he was exploring an experience where some beings were visiting him – he was actually mentioning what the beings looked like. And then he said, “Oh, there’s two orbs of light here.” And I said, you know, what are they? And he said, “Oh, they’re Granddad and Uncle Ted.” And he said, “They’re here, too.” And I said, “So that’s what the orbs of light are?” And he said, “Oh, yes.” He said, “They’re here so I won’t be frightened.” And, interestingly, when the beings went back on the craft, so did the orbs of light go with them....
So what she’s saying, Tracey [Taylor] is saying here is that what’s happening, at the moment, is something that will bring about a global awakening. It’s happening already with the children, both without programs. I believe that there are programs now that are helping us make that shift. And I’m going to probably create a bigger controversy here by saying that such things as ADHD or Autism and Asperger’s may be part of those programs. And the reason I am saying that is that all those different, um, we call them a dysfunction at the moment, seem to be more multidimensionally aware, they’re able to see a greater reality, and many of them have encounters, and many of them also, apart from seeing angelic beings, see these other beings....
So, let’s see what Tracey [Taylor] again says [about languages taught to contactees] ...: “The language is a more accurate representation of an individual soul vibration. It means that the language comes directly from the essence of the universal mind or God, which ultimately links all of existence together.... It bypasses linear space-time.”
Mary Rodwell, “The New Humans.” Exopolitics Great Britain: Lectures (University of Leeds, August, 2010). YouTube. December 17, 2012. Retrieved (transcribed) on December 27, 2012.
Part of that [breaking the program] is why we are getting those with different programs, such as what they call a dysfunction like ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] or the Asperger’s [Disorder] and what have you. I think the reason they are bringing in these new programs is to – and I am talking about these higher intelligences – to help us avoid so much of that third-dimensional programming that does limit us in so many ways. One of the things Kathy [an emancipee] is that they want us to wake up and to see reality as it is and to understand how powerful we really are. And she said people are coming from Dayland and Eveningland – she’s talking about other dimenions – to help humanity with the awakening.
Mary Rodwell, “ACERN Update – Australian Close Encounters.” Contact Has Begun. James Gilliland, interviewer. One World Puja Network. April 9, 2013. Retrieved on April 10, 2013.

Some emancipees, including Tracey Taylor, claim to have been taught numerous languages by these dear beings. She is the first of three emancipees recorded in this MP3 audio file. The third emancipee discusses certain transdimensional or preternatural attributes or spirit, which she refers to as a soul, being placed into her developing fetus. Click to enlarge these images of written scripts which were reportedly communicated to Taylor:


Here are some further examples of skills, abilities, and inspirations allegedly acquired through the guidance given during emancipations by angels:

... [A] poor fellow had begun to talk in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian “language of the Gods,” and that had of course landed him in trouble!...
... alien abuction ... [is] frequently associated with personal and spiritual growth.... Alien abductees also frequently claim a profound transformation, ranging from healing powers to spiritual insight, and a new awareness of humans’ potential for destruction....
... many abductee and contactee experiences ... [include] similar stories and messages, physical scars, hybrid babies, recognition of some kind of symbolic or hieroglyphic language etc. There seems to be according to researchers increasing cases worldwide of UFO sightings, crop or landing circles, animal mutilations, abductions of men, women and children.
Alien Abductions. Retrieved on December 26, 2012. Pages 178, 251, and 270.
The bluish white balls of light sound like plasma energy. They are magnetic energy and have the potential for incredible power....
However, there is also a strong indication that alien visitors may know how to create or manipulate this energy for communication, control, or travel purposes. Thus, it is not at all unusual that you felt the balls of light were communicating with you as a youngster and that they ultimately guided your behavior .... Many other people have reported similar experiences....
... the balls of light are known to communicate with people. After all, who said intelligent life had to look like us?
Questions and Answers: Has Anyone Seen Balls of Light Floating in the Bedroom?Alien Abduction Experience and Research (AAER). Okemos, MI. 2012. Retrieved on September 29, 2012.
... people who have been in contact with UFOs sometimes develop unusual psychic powers.... [The] stories often border on spiritualism.
Raymond E. Fowler, The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1982. Page 244.

According to David Griffin, preternatural communication, perhaps reminiscent of angelic pictographs, are connected with certain types of powerful symbols:

... apparently, the ETs have said, there’s going to be a huge EMP [electromagnetic pulse] soon – whether that is from the sun or an enemy, whatever. All communications are going to go down. We need certain people that don’t rely on normal methods to actually communicate. And they [the ETs] are going to train all these people [contactees] up, so that they’ve got some method of communicating with each other and with this Grey ... group. So they [the ETs] teach these people how to communicate with them intuitively... This thing is not like a blackboard exercise when you were doing French at school. This thing is completely different. There is a holographic dimension to this communication – the point where the body becomes some sort of DNA antenna, and there’s a weird feedback going on....
The point I wanted to make that comes over again and again with these symbols is that something happens when people touch these symbols.... With this [flashbacks] seems to be a recurring thing. At times, when tracing the symbols became very moved by the meaning of the symbols. So, somehow, these symbols that have this ET dimension seem to have some process by which they holographically contain elements of either the person or the species that actually put those symbols together. I don’t know what’s going on there, but this is a recurring theme.
Becky Andreasson ... also received training in alien symbols by the use of dual-raised alien keys.... One was the ET key. One was the normal language key. This symbolic language is taught by the mind’s sense of touch, color, and sound.... And, again, she was put on board ship. That’s why I call the school “saucer school.”
Now we get onto Jim Sparks, who is sort of the ultimate in all of these cases.... He said some amazing stuff. And he gave me an in-depth view and take on what all this is about, because “saucer school” is essentially what happened to him.... So he started getting taken and would find himself on board a ship. And ... all they made him do is sit in a chair and ... learn these symbols.... He was tracing symbols and alphabets in the air. That was his task. And it was painstakingly slow. And the guy, because he managed to keep his consciousness, he had a lot of memory when he came back.... He ended up in fights with some of these Greys and wanted to get out and stuff. So he had a lot of problems in the early days. Actually, now, if you speak to him, he is very thankful for his experience, and he appreciates what they did for him.... It was almost like a boot camp for him.... As he traced these letters, he would say, ... his words were were things like, “As I traced one letters, I realized, as I was doing it, that I rocked back and forth.” And then, if he traced a different letter, he said, “My body would sort of resonate, or I would sway from the left to the right.” So, something is going on with each of these different letters that is affecting the body in like this antenna format.... But the point I’m making is, unrelated to our language where we coldly write out an essay on Henry V or whatever. We feel no connection – unless you’re a history buff .... [T]hese symbols contain vast amounts of information.... But the point I wanted to make is: What’s happening to the body? Is it like some radio transceiver ...? ....
And you often [in contactee cases] get these kind of synesthesia-like qualities to this process of learning.... [Contactee] Billy Meier said he got given an alphabet he could go anywhere in the galaxy with.... And as long as he stuck with this alphabet – I think there was a series of stones/tablets – he could communicate with any race .... So, again, universal language. What sort of thing is going on?
David Griffin, AMMACH Autumn Conference 2012.” From The AMMACH Project. YouTube. May 11, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on May 11, 2013.
Mike Oram
symbols reportedly given to contactee Mike Oram

Jeff Scott describes his discovery of unity, his emancipation through the cosmic envelope of nonduality, following a contact experience:

I likened it [the contact experience] to dropping oil into a puddle, and it just spreading out.... I think, whatever happened that night, something like a seed was put into my mind. It was like a one-stop education done in a couple of seconds. After that point – I always used to be afraid of creepy crawlers and spiders .... I used to kill them on sight. But, after that night, completely overnight, I was completely different. Actually at work one day, this huge spider came out ... near Heathrow [Airport]. I said [to my mate or friend], “It’s alright, man. It’s one of us.”... It was just like, all of everything, all your creepy crawlers and flies and bugs, they’re all the same as us. We’re all – one sort of thing.... It was almost like I had been educated overnight. Everything is one. We’re all the same. We’re all part of the same [thing].
Jeff Scott, AMMACH Witness Jeff Scott Part One.” From The AMMACH Project. YouTube. June 1, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on June 4, 2013.

In another incident, the ghostly picture of an angel (MP4 video) allegedly appeared in the hospital room of fourteen-year-old Chelsea Banton. Although she was dying of pneumonia, she soon recovered. Chelsea’s mother, Colleen, and some hospital workers reported seeing the angelic lights. The image was captured by the hospital security camera and by Colleen Banton’s cellphone camera. This is a screen capture, and it is followed by a description:

Chelsea Banton
Her [Chelsea Banton’s] mother [Colleen Banton] believes it was a miracle – attended by a very real angel bathed in light at the door to the pediatric intensive care unit.
More on the Angel in the Hospital: Photo Captures Image of an “Angel” in Hospital Hallway. December 23rd, 2008. Retrieved on December 31, 2012.

Dan Sherman wrote about the military training process he underwent for communicating with a preternatural being:

I was told [in the military] to listen to the tone and try to repeat it by mentally humming it – not verbally, only mentally. At the same time, I was to watch my first box to look for movement of the sinewave. The goal was to see the sinewave flatten completely....
When I finally saw progress I nearly shot out of my seat and danced around the room....
The goal during my fourth week was to practice and master flattening lines in different combinations at once. By this time I could “feel” movement in the boxes. Only later did I realize that it was quite similar to communicating with my alien contacts....
At this point I must emphasize that intuitive communications is not a language in the sense there are verbs, adjectives, syllables. I simply started to comprehend what was going on in the pictures and videos based on the combinations of lines being flattened....
I sat there, staring at my computer screen, thinking how amazing it was that I had just carried on a conversation with an alien species.
Dan Sherman, ABOVE BLACK: Project Preserve Destiny – An Insider’s Account of Alien Contact and Government Coverup. Gilbert AZ: Purple Street Publishing. 2006. Kindle edition.

This orb or preternatural drone was reportedly photographed by alleged emancipee Stanley “Stan” Romanek outside his house (MP4 file):

Stan Romanek

Assuming that the video is not a hoax, Turkish videographers allegedly recorded a spaceship with its inhabitants visible (MP4 videos file 1, file 2, file 3, and file 4). Perhaps these archangels, who allegedly resembled the beings commonly reported by emancipees, wanted to be seen. The photograph displayed below left and the enhanced version shown below right are taken from the video. They are followed by two descriptions:

Turkish flying saucer with inhabitants Turkish flying saucer with inhabitants
... we got the biggest shock of our lives, because we could see light that was emanating from the internal portion of the craft in three areas. One was directly in front, and one was on either side. Now, this was a full-on front view... That was a big shock to see – not a Rorschach-type [inkblot-type] thing – but actual entities that were doing whatever they were doing – looking out the front of the craft, just the same was we were looking at them.... You can see the entities with the big black eyes, large heads, and skinny necks. One other one that has even bigger eyes that and a beaky-sort-of-looking face. I don’t know how to describe it – like a cross between, certainly not a Reptilian, but maybe an Insectoid and a Grey. I mean, it just had two big almond-shaped eyes that were twice as big as a Grey and kind of a beaky-looking face. And then the Chilean analyst was able to analyze their arms.... – and they were very thin arms. So they were operating an apparatus, equipment, or whatever it was.... They [the inhabitants of the spacecraft ... [wore] the same costumes that millions of abductees have talked about all over the world. I’ve been in 42 countries in seven years .... And, although there are some differences in what abductees report, most of them will describe the same entities which is, number one, the typical bumper-sticker Grey. They describe Reptoids, Insectoids, and so on, but the things you hear from various countries really don’t vary that much.... The [Turkish] government made the statement that it is a legitimate video. It wasn’t doctored.
Roger K. Leir, D.P.M., “Space Tech./Turkey UFO” George Knapp, host. Coast to Coast AM. March 31, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on April 1, 2013.
The stills and video you are watching is the clearest and the best close up of a UFO off the coast of Istanbul, Turkey. There are videos of the sighting for the years, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The footage has been analyzed by an organization of the Turkish Government and has been deemed genuine footage of an alien craft.
Roger K. Leir, D.P.M., “Turkey UFO Footage” Dr. Roger Leir’s written description of the video. Coast to Coast AM. March 31, 2013. Retrieved on April 1, 2013.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley and John Mack stated that at least some acts of emancipation by angels are consensual:

In analyzing the reports from hundreds of Shadow Person experiencers, I found that many of them had volunteered that they were also ET experiencers. I expanded my research to include ET abductions and found an even stronger connection.
The two types of entity encounters do not always happen at the same time, but separately. Sometimes Shadow People precede abductions, by days, weeks, months, even years. A victim may be a Shadow Person experiencer from childhood, to have ET abductions start later in life.
Rosemary Ellen Guiley, The Djinn Connection: The Hidden Links Between Djinn, Shadow People, ETs, Nephilim, Archons, Reptilians and Other Entities. New Milford, CT: Visionary Living, Inc. 2013. Kindle edition.
... the experiences of abductees may bring them to something very much akin to shamanic or mystical states of mind ....
Even when abductees initially experience the beings themselves, especially the now well-known small gray figures with huge black eyes, as instigators of great fear and trauma, over time they may come to see them as odd spirit guides, closer to the ultimate creative principle or Source than humans, even as emissaries from the Divine.... Reluctantly, experiencers [emancipees] will accept that they have made some sort of agreement with the beings or the Creator itself to fulfill a human mission....
Commonly the initial memories of abduction experiences are of cold, indifferent contacts in which the aliens (especially the gray reptilian praying mantis-like beings) render the person altogether helpless and then pro ceed with their agendas without apparent regard for the feelings of the experiencer. But over time the relationship seems to evolve into something quite different, especially if the experiencer can be helped to face and go through the terror that so often accompanies these seemingly bizarre encounters. A deep familiarity and sense of meaningful connection develops between the experiencer and one or more of the beings, which can reach heights of love so profound as to be felt to be incompatible with earthly love. This connection is experienced especially through contact with the eyes of the beings.
John E. Mack, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Commemorative edition. Guildford, UK: White Crow Books. 2011. Kindle edition.

In the seventeenth century, a Reverend Kirk from Aberfoyle, Scotland, considered the legends of possibly visionary “kidnappings” or “abductions” by elves:

[Reverend] Kirk believed in the ability of the Good People to perform kidnappings and abductions, and this idea was so widespread that it has come down to us through a variety of channels. We can therefore examine in detail four aspects of fairy lore that directly relate to our study: (1) the conditions and purpose of the abductions; (2) the cases of release from Elfland and the forms taken by the elves’ gratitude when the abducted human being had performed some valuable service during his stay in Elfland; (3) the belief in the kidnapping activities of the fairy people; and (4) what I shall call the relativistic aspects of the trip to Elfland.
Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore, and Parallel Worlds. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1979. Page 101.

Ritual magician Aleister Crowley had a transformative vision (PDF file) with a being, who resembled more recent accounts of “grey aliens,” named “Lam”. Click to enlarge:


The appearances of chalices of pure light, sometimes reportedly manifesting as one or more animals, might be termed angelophanies:

“Angelophany” is the visible or otherwise tangible manifestation of angels to human beings. The concept of similar to theophany, the visible manifestation of a deity. In traditional angel lore, angels often manifest to human beings, but are usually invisible to them. The promptings that one suppossedly receives from a guardian angel, conveyed in the form of vague feelings or intuitions, are not tangible enough to be considered angelophanies. Paradigmatic angelophanies are visible manifestations of angels that occurred to traditional religious figures, such as the appearance of Gabriel to Mary, the mother of Jesus.
“Angelophany.” Evelyn Dorothy Oliver and James R.R. Lewis, Angels A to Z. Second edition. Canton, MI: Visible Ink Press. 2008. Page 29.
the appearance to men, in visible form, of angels.
Laurence Urdang, Anne Ryle, and Tanya H. Lee, -ologies & -isms. Stamford, CT: Gale Research Company (Gale Cengage Learning). 1986.

Within these angelophanies, apparent shapeshifting by chalices of pure light could, in my view, be, at least partially, visionary. Therefore, shapeshifting by preternatural angels is, I suspect, hypnotic to a degree:

Ancient angelophanies found in the Bible, apocryphal texts, rabbinc literature, and other lore often occur within the context of dreams and visions....
An angelophany is likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, usually in response to a crisis or severe psychological need. For example, an angelophany bolsters spiritual faith or jolts one on to a spiritual path. Angels are most likely to appear as mortals, either adult or child ..., probably due to cultural conditioning. Other visual perceptions are of balls, clouds, and pillars of light.... If angels manifest as a being of light, they invariably have a beautiful human form and countenance, and occasionally wings. Many people believe that angels have appeared to them in the form of animals, such as animals to the rescue. Some people have experiences that could be classed as angelophanies, although they do not identify any presences as “angels” .... This many be due to cultural conditioning in which individuals do not believe in “real” angels or in the possibility of encountering angels.
Many angelophanies take place entirely on the inner planes. People who attempt to cultivate communication with angels do so in meditation and prayer; many feel they receive spiritual guidance in return.
A trend in Western popular culture has been to identify and name one’s guardian angel.
“angelophany.” Rosemary Guiley, The Encyclopedia of Angels. Second edition. New York: Facts on File, Inc. 2004. Pages 33-35.
Leo [Dworshak] was adamant that any contactees who described visitors as different than those he had seen could not be believed. I found it curious that someone who had undoubtedly suffered with people’s disbelief would be so skeptical of others’ accounts. This insistence may have been tied to the abduction stories and more negative experiences with small grey aliens that have been described from the 1950s to the present. Leo’s experiences were entirely positive, and as far as he was concerned, his experience was the only true contact experience and all ETs look like us. Perhaps he felt loyal to his friends and took offense at any reports maligning the kind, benevolent beings he had known.
Joan Bird, Montana UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Extraordinary Stories of Documented Sightings and Encounters. 2012. Helena, MT: Riverbend Publishing. Kindle edition.

Psychologically, emancipations by angels have been associated with lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, and other issues:

Alien abductions and incubi and succubi, as well as other demons that attack while people are asleep, are implicated as different cultural interpretations of sleep paralysis. The Salem witch trials are now thought possibly to involve the townspeople experiencing sleep paralysis. And in the 19th-century novel Moby Dick, the main character Ishmael experiences an episode of sleep paralysis in the form of a malevolent presence in the room....
According to Brian Dunning proposed psychological alternative explanations of the abduction phenomenon have included hallucination, temporary schizophrenia, epileptic seizures and parasomnia—near-sleep mental states (hypnogogic states, night terrors and sleep paralysis). Sleep paralysis in particular is often accompanied by hallucinations and peculiar sensation of malevolent or neutral presence of “something,” though usually people experiencing it do not interpret that “something” as aliens....
It is possible that some alleged abductees may experience spontaneous lucid dreams.
It is possible that some alleged abductees may be mentally unstable or under the influence of recreational drugs.
... astronomer Carl Sagan points out that the alien abduction experience is remarkably similar to tales of demon abduction common throughout history....
It has also been noted that Terence McKenna described seeing “Machine Elves” while experimenting with Dimethyltryptamine (also known as DMT). In a 1988 study conducted at UNM, psychiatrist Rick Strassman found that approximately 20 percent of volunteers injected with high doses of DMT had experiences identical to purported Alien Abductions....
Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations are symptoms commonly experienced during episodes of sleep paralysis. Some scientists have proposed this condition as an explanation for reports of alien abductions and ghostly encounters. A study by Susan Blackmore and Marcus Cox (the Blackmore-Cox study) of the University of the West of England supports the suggestion that reports of alien abductions are related to sleep paralysis rather than to temporal lobe lability. There are three main types of these hallucinations that can be linked to pathologic neurophysiology. These include the belief that there is an intruder in the room, the incubus, and vestibular motor sensations.
Alien Abductions, Lucid Dreams, and Sleep Paralysis. Various sources. Retrieved on December 21, 2012.

Therefore, in addition to ghostly, pictographic, and other communications, chalice-bearers of pure light may, through their acts of emancipation, have personally engaged with earthly homo sapiens in apparently visionary or altered states of consciousness. These interdimensional beings, angelic emancipators, flying fairies, or ghosts may also respond to, or reflect, our thoughts:

The House of Justice fully appreciates that in ... and ... there are many instances of individuals being affected adversely by the psychic arts of other people. This is an observable phenomenon in many parts of the world and must, as you say, be taken into account by those who would teach the Faith. The important thing for Baháʾís to understand is that the influence of such “arts” is dependent on the conviction, even the subconscious conviction, of the person affected and, similarly, the power of the “priests” to overcome the influence is likewise an outcome of the sufferer’s conviction that it is from the “priest” that he or she will be able to obtain help.
From a letter, dated August 30, 1984, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1768.
[The] ... whole concept of orbs and ufos in general being responsive to our thoughts seems to be a relatively new phenomena in the world of ufologists these days. At first it sounds crazy but the more I think about this the more it kind of makes sense.
Orange UFO Orbs, Sept 30, 2009, England. February 10, 2009. Retrieved on January 19, 2013.

That is to say, these otherworldly experiences are, as the term has sometimes been used by agencies associated with the U.S. government, phenomenological:

What was reported? Luminous discs, shields, globes and elongated objects in the sky, sometimes alone, sometimes in large numbers. Occasional descriptions of interactions with the observers are also mentioned, including landings, and seeing and communicating with occupants. The latter events especially were almost always interpreted in a religious context. A recent example is the repeated appearance of a typical UFO phenomenology at Fatima, Portugal on six successive months in 1917. The October 13 phenomenon was the best reported and was witnessed by a crowd of about 70,000 persons, including a number of scientists, reporters, atheists, and agnostics, as well as faithful Catholics. One of the scientifically curious was Dr. A. Garrett of the University of Coimbra. Rain, which had been falling that day, ceased and the crowd looked up to see the “sun” now visible through the heavy clouds....
... Without knowing what kind of phenomenology extraterrestrial visitors might exhibit, I will fall back on my scientific, mechanistic attitudes and say it makes sense to look for some kind of vehicle or spaceship. It appears that the class of phenomenology called UFO reports may contain, as a subset, actual observations of such craft. We shall now turn to the reports to see when and where things are seen and by whom and what phenomenology, if any, is revealed by the reports....
It appears that the UFO phenomenology has been with us from the earliest times. In the last twenty-five years, however, there seems to be a drastic increase in the number of sightings. It is practically impossible to estimate the number of world-wide sightings because of the lack of suitable data collection means. In the U.S., the principal depositories are currently the Air Force, NICAP [National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena], and APRO [Aerial Phenomena Research Organization]. It is estimated that currently these sources together receive about 2000 reports per year....
In summary, we see a wide, almost exasperating range of reported phenomenology. By careful interviews with witnesses and analysis of a large number of reports the significant patterns in phenomenonology should appear. If the UFOs are a new manifestation of nature, they should exhibit some patterns of appearance or behavior which would aid in identifying and predicting them. If of extraterrestrial origin and intelligently guided it may be possible to anticipate appearances.
George Kocher, UFOs: What to Do? Rand Corporation. [U.S.] Defense Technical Information Center. November, 1968. Retrieved on March 25, 2013.
phenomenology /fɪˌnɒmɪˈnɒlədʒi/
▶ noun [mass noun] (Philosophy) the science of phenomena as distinct from that of the nature of being.
■ an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience.
Oxford Dictionary of English. Third edition. Edited by Angus Stevenson. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2012.

Although I am not persuaded that experiences of missing time are entirely hypnotic or suggestive, emancipations by angels might involve, phenomenologically, an advanced form of hypnosis:

Can we understand the principle by which their technology creates “missing time” in us?
Answer: Time itself is not changed or affected:
The person is electronically hypnotized.
This happens very suddenly, in a second or two.
While they are hypnotized, time passes as normal.
Then, later, the hypnotized person is electronically unhypnotized. This also happens very suddenly, in a second or two.
However, the person is not usually able to remember what happened while they were hypnotized. Many times, ... the person, themselves, may not even be aware that they were hypnotized.
So, to the person, it seems as if a section of time is suddenly missing from their life and memories.
This results a tremendous amount of confusion and disorientation for the person. Once a person recognizes what has happened, it is possible to recover some or all of those missing memories ....
Charles James Hall quoted in Paola Leopizzi Harris, Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality – Essays and Interviews with Experts in the Field of UFOs and Related Phenomena. Volume II. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse. 2011. Kindle edition.

From a Baháʾí perspective, discriminating between genuine emancipations by angels, spiritual experiences, true visions, or inspired dreams, on the one hand, and simple imagination, on the other, is complicated:

... concerning visions: It is very difficult to distinguish between true visions which are true spiritual experiences of the soul and imaginations which have no reality in spiritual truths. True visions, however, can be granted to those who are spiritually pure and receptive, and are not therefore confined to the Prophets alone.
From a letter, dated November 26, 1939, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1740.

In my humble opinion, angels, both beyond this world and transterrestrial, are gradually becoming more accessible to earthly humans. Perhaps the current Age of Transition could even be described as a spiritual transformation, not simply a modification, of species from homo sapien to homo unitas. Through trials and ordeals, possibly including emancipations by angels, intevention, and intercession, we will become, perhaps both spiritually and genetically, a new race of men:

A sharp distinction between that community [American and Canadian Baháʾís] and that people [Americans and Canadians] must be made, and resolutely and fearlessly upheld, if we wish to give due recognition to the transmuting power of the Faith of Baháʾuʾlláh, in its impact on the lives and standards of those who have chosen to enlist under His banner. Otherwise, the supreme and distinguishing function of His Revelation, which is none other than the calling into being of a new race of men, will remain wholly unrecognized and completely obscured.
Shoghi Effendi, The Advent of Divine Justice. Page 16.
The Guardian [Shoghi Effendi] was delighted to hear of your youth group. The children who are trained in the world-embracing teachings of Baháʾuʾlláh cannot but grow up to be a truly new race of men. He hopes these young people will prepare themselves for the great task which will face them in the future, that of helping to rebuild the world with the aid and inspiration of the Baháʾí teachings.
From a letter, dated December 25, 1941, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the Baháʾís of Hobart, Australia, A Compilation on Baháʾí Education.

Some emancipees may, for all we know, be found within the company of the “the mighty,” referred to by beloved Shoghi Effendi. They could, in other words, also be incorporated into the earthly concourse of the Biblical ʾĔlōhîm (Hebrew, the Almighty, mighty ones, or the Almighty and His mighty ones). These interlocutors with angels might be joining that new race of men through the Major Plan of God:

Seldom, if at any time since its inception, has such a widespread publicity been accorded the infant Faith of God, now at long last emerging from an obscurity which has so long and so grievously oppressed it. Not even the dramatic execution of its Herald, nor the blood-bath which, in circumstances of fiendish cruelty followed quickly in its wake in the city of Ṭihrán, nor even the widely advertised travels of the Center of Baháʾuʾlláh’s Covenant in the West, succeeded in focusing the attention of the world and in inviting the notice of those in high places as has this latest manifestation of God’s inscrutable will, this marvelous demonstration of His invincible power, this latest move in His Own Major Plan, using both the mighty and lowly as pawns in His world-shaping game, for the fulfillment of His immediate purpose and the eventual establishment of His Kingdom on earth.
For though the newly launched [ten-year] World Spiritual Crusade, constituting at best only the Minor Plan in the execution of the Almighty’s design for the redemption of mankind—has, as a result of this turmoil, paralyzing temporarily the vast majority of the organized followers of Baháʾuʾlláh within His birthplace, suffered a severe setback—yet the over-all Plan of God, moving mysteriously and in contrast to the orderly and well-known processes of a clearly devised Plan, has received an impetus the force of which only posterity can adequately assess.
Shoghi Effendi, Citadel of Faith. Pages 139-140.
Shoghi Effendi describes ... [the] process of world unification as the “Major Plan” of God, whose operation will continue, gathering force and momentum, until the human race has been united in a global society that has banished war and taken charge of its collective destiny. What the struggles of the twentieth century achieved was the fundamental change of direction the Divine purpose required. The change is irreversible. There is no way back to an earlier state of affairs, however greatly some elements of society may, from time to time, be tempted to seek one.
Prepared under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice, Century of Light. Page 138.

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V. Technologies of the Cosmic Envelope

Angelhood is defined as:

an·gel·hood ...
  1. the state or condition of being an angel; angelic nature.
  2. angels collectively: the angelhood of heaven.
  3. an angelic being. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 2014. Retrieved on March 26, 2014.
n.     1.    The state of being an angel; angelic nature.
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary. Published in 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co. Retrieved on March 26, 2014.

According to Roy Bhaskar:

In his new book, Reflections on Meta-Reality (RMR), Roy Bhaskar claims to articulate a new philosophy that transcends Critical Realism, while preserving its insights. And indeed it proceeds by immanent critique of Critical Realism, thereby extending Critical Realism’s systematic attempt to think being. With the demise of historical socialism and the rise of bourgeois triumphalism in the late eighties and the nineties, the deficiency, absence or lack Bhaskar has pinpointed in the discourse and practice of Critical Realism and the Left in general is that insufficient attention is being paid to the spiritual dimension of human life, with the consequence that the Right is hegemonic in that area. So he self-consciously set out to remedy this lack, embarking on “the spiritual exposition of being.” ...
Its basic line of argument is that a non-dual world or ultimate zone of being underpins and is co-present in an occluded way in the dual world of alienation and contradiction in which we live, as a condition of its possibility, and that this requires a new philosophy of identity for its exposition. Realism about this world, about transcendence, thus entails the self-transcendence of Critical Realism itself, which is a philosophy of non-identity or duality. Bhaskar calls this non-dual world the cosmic envelope (in which the deepest natures or ground-states of all beings sit and are connected), describing it also as Bohm’s implicate order of pure enfolded being, of pure potentiality, of “Platonic anamnesis,” involving “a level of consciousness beyond thought itself.” Other key figures ... are generalised co-presence or synchronicity and the inwardness of being (everything is implicated or enfolded within everything else); and transcendental identification in consciousness between entities and beings within the explicated or become dual world we inhabit.
Roy Bhaskar, “The Philosophy of Meta-Reality, Part I: Identity, Spirituality, System. Interview by Mervyn Hartwig.” Abstract (excerpt). Journal of Critical Realism. Alethia 5.1 2002. Retrieved on November 24, 2011.

In my opinion, many of the objects which many people call extraterrestrial spacecraft or “UFOs” are not ordinary vehicles fashioned out of plastics or metals. These craft are, instead, spiritually advanced souls or unified collectives of souls. Unfortunately, many other people approach the issue of preternatural contact as one of sophisticated physical technology. That approach is, in my view, misguided and materialistic. As I see it, in the Supreme Concourse, the technologies of the archangels, who work closely with departed souls, are extensions of their highly developed spiritual, as well as intellectual, faculties and, especially, their love:

The human spirit which distinguishes man from the animal is the rational soul, and these two names—the human spirit and the rational soul—designate one thing. This spirit, which in the terminology of the philosophers is the rational soul, embraces all beings, and as far as human ability permits discovers the realities of things and becomes cognizant of their peculiarities and effects, and of the qualities and properties of beings. But the human spirit, unless assisted by the spirit of faith, does not become acquainted with the divine secrets and the heavenly realities. It is like a mirror which, although clear, polished and brilliant, is still in need of light. Until a ray of the sun reflects upon it, it cannot discover the heavenly secrets.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 208-209.
I initially thought ... that I was in contact with aliens, but it goes much deeper than that. We’ve gotten to the point where it’s clear that the living and the dead are both involved in this experience of “contact.” And it’s as if whoever has come here has come bearing the awareness that, in their world, there is no veil between the living and the dead.... So, I’m way beyond the “aliens from another planet coming here to invade us or coming here to check out us in some way or another.” It’s far more important than that. It’s going to represent, if it ever comes into focus, a fundamental change in the nature of being – human being.... It’s clear to me that there is some kind of level of technology [with the visitors] – not something you can hold in your hands – but a level of energetic technology.... Energies and technology at a higher level of being – this interests me very much, because I am aware, and have seen in operation just recently, such technologies. I know they exist on an energetic level.
Whitley Strieber, “Change of Being: the Return of the Visitors.” Unknown Country. Podcast. July 20, 2012. Retrieved (transcribed) on February 25, 2013.
People frequently reported seeing dead friends and relatives with the visitors....
... I began to see, more and more, that the dead were involved with our supposed alien visitors, and through them with us.
Whitley Strieber, Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is To Come. New York: The Penguin Group. 2011. Pages 170-171.

Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner wrote:

Jennie [a contact experiencer] has the sense that the ETs are capable of producing many of the effects that we associate with the spirit world, but are related to ET science rather than disembodied spirits. She can’t explain how she “knows” this, but she seems to possess knowledge that ETs can insert their consciousness into a ball of light in order not to frighten humans. This is a preventive measure, says Jennie, because human fear leads to hostility and the ETs find human emotions difficult to deal with. It permits them to monitor their human subjects with the least amount of apparent intervention possible. She also suspects that the process of transforming the physical human body into another dimensional state by increasing its vibrational frequency, then back to the physical for processing on the ET craft, and back to a higher vibrational frequency to be returned to a natural human environment at a lower vibrational frequency creates an electromagnetic energy discharge that causes poltergeist activity.
Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner, The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported. Pompton Plains, NJ: New Page Books (a division of The Career Press, Inc.). 2013. Pages 169-170.

Furthermore, according to archaeologist and International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) member Michael Cremo and ufologist Nick Redfern, contact experiences and communications frequently involve some kind of telepathy:

Even a lot of the people who report alien contacts or having been abducted will often say that they are transported telepathically – not necessarily always in some kind of machine – to some different locality.
Michael Cremo, “Origins & Devolution” (full interview on YouTube). Coast to Coast AM. George Noory, interviewer. June 28, 2007. Retrieved (transcribed) on December 15, 2012.
Like so many of the Contactees whose stories have already been dissected within the pages of this book, Aho maintained that his alien friends who gave him his grand title regularly made their contact with him via telepathy ....
Nick Redfern, Contactees: A History of Alien-human Interaction. Franklin Lakes, NJ: New Page Books (The Career Press). 2010. Pages 117-118.

My own view, however, is that the communications by angels are based upon love, not on psychicism. Prayer and spiritual communion are not telepathy:

They [holy ones] shall speak in every tongue, and interpret every hidden meaning. They shall reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom, and manifest unto everyone the signs of God.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Page 251.

Perhaps similtaneous innovations or multiple discoveries can, in part, be explained by an inward spiritual communion, fellowship or association among souls. These connections are, in my view, spiritually and objectively real, not entirely human constructions or willful contrivances. A discussion of this issue is also related to the sociology of knowledge or the social production of knowledge. As Mark Lemley has rightfully pointed out, the myth of the sole inventor is largely unsupported:

... the canonical story of the lone genius inventor is largely a myth. Surveys of hundreds of significant new technologies show that almost all of them are invented simultaneously or nearly simultaneously by two or more teams working independently of each other. Invention appears in significant part to be a social, not an individual, phenomenon....
... First, invention is not a discontinuity, but an incremental step in an ongoing process. Inventors are working with the tools they are given and trying to improve those tools or use them to make something new....
Second, invention by one and only one person or group is exceedingly rare. Far more common are different groups struggling with the same incremental problem, and achieving the same solution at roughly the same time. Far more common are different groups struggling with the same incremental problem, and achieving the same solution at roughly the same time....
Prior empirical evidence, then, suggests that inventions rarely occur in isolation. They are socially-derived in significant respects. They build closely on what came before. And inventions are quite often made by multiple actors at about the same time.
Mark A. Lemley, “The Myth of the Sole Inventor.” Stanford [University] Public Law Working Paper No. 1856610. July 21, 2011. Retrieved on July 3, 2012.

Love not telepathy, as that concept is commonly understood, might be the primary means of communication with archangels:

There were three androgynous beings standing by the craft [spacecraft], and they communicated with me telepathically; and, likewise, I did the same naturally.... Well, let’s put it this way, I felt very much that I knew them and that they knew me – like distant family perhaps .... I felt so much love coming from them. And I must actually make the point saying, I was not abducted. I’ve always thought of abduction as being going onboard craft against your free will. But I was invited to go onboard the craft. They invited me to go onboard the craft.... I did .... I was’nt scared. I felt so much love coming from them. And I felt very, very safe with them.... In the center of the craft, there were these huge crystals.... I believe this was their power source.... I think they were colorful, actually, colorful crystals.... I may have been downloaded information to be released later in my life. But at the time, when I was 15-years old, I was not obviously mature enough to deal with that information and that knowledge.... About 15 years ago, I was at a computer, and, for about two hours, all of this information started coming through.... It was coming through me ... my thought consciousness .... And I was writing it out.... And this was future possible timeline scenarios of what’s going to happen on the Earth, or what could possibly happen on the Earth – because nothing is set in stone – of events, major world events, within my lifetime.... I have never had any negative experiences with extraterrestrial beings.... All I could really see was just white light – all inside the interior of the craft.
Kelvin Curnow, AMMACH Witness Kelvin Curnow Part One.” From The AMMACH Project. YouTube. June 10, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on June 10, 2013.

First and foremost, I believe, in the Spiritual Kingdom or world of Angels, celestial relationships and eternal communions among souls need to be inward and prayerful, not based upon primitive systems of earthly telecommunication:

In response to your letter of 26 February 1984, we are asked by the Universal House of Justice to share with you the attached extract from a previously untranslated Tablet revealed by ʿAbduʾl-Bahá on the subject of ‘speaking in tongues’. We are also to refer you to Chapter XVII of ‘Some Answered Questions’ which may help to answer questions about the Holy Spirit....
‘The disciples of Christ taught His Faith with the language of the Kingdom. That language conformeth to all languages, for it consisteth of celestial meanings and divine mysteries. For the one who becometh conversant with that language the realities and secrets of creation shall stand unveiled before him. Divine truths are common to all languages. The Holy Spirit, therefore, taught the disciples the language of the Kingdom, and they were thus able to converse with the people of all nations. Whenever they spoke to those of other nations of the world, it was as if they conversed in their tongues. The well-known and outstanding languages of the world number about a thousand. It was necessary for the disciples to have written the Gospels in at least one of the languages of other nations. Thus, as it is known [just based on some current understandings?], the Gospels were written only in Hebrew [Aramaic as colloquial Hebrew?], and not even the language of the Romans [Latin], although it was at that time the official language. As the disciples were not well-versed in it, the Gospels were not written in that language.’
Extract from a previously untranslated Tablet revealed by ʿAbduʾl-Bahá in ʿAbduʾl-Ḥamíd Ishráq-i-Khávareí, Máʾidiy-i-Ásmání. Ṭihrān, Īrān: Baháʾí Publishing Trust. Volume 9. Pages 21-22. Quoted in a letter, dated April 1, 1984, written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice (Department of the Secretariat) to Mark A. Foster.

The “star trekking” of these advanced beings might have more in common with the inner traveling during dreams than with attaining or exceeding the speed of light. Moreover, if angelic contact emancipations involve advanced transterrestrial, extradimensional beings, then our dreams, our hypnotic states, and our fugue experiences might function as convenient interdimensional portals or gateways for angelic mediations. In dreams, the human soul enters into a relationship with Angelic World, Angelhood, or the Kingdom (ʾal-Malākūt), including advanced souls in this world and the world to come.

I [‘Abdu’l-Bahá] loved him [Mullá ‘Alí] very much, for he was delightful to converse with, and as a companion second to none. One night, not long ago, I saw him in the world of dreams. Although his frame had always been massive, in the dream world he appeared larger and more corpulent than ever. It seemed as if he had returned from a journey. I said to him, “Jináb, you have grown good and stout.” “Yes,” he answered, “praise be to God! I have been in places where the air was fresh and sweet, and the water crystal pure; the landscapes were beautiful to look upon, the foods delectable. It all agreed with me, of course, so I am stronger than ever now, and I have recovered the zest of my early youth. The breaths of the All-Merciful blew over me and all my time was spent in telling of God. I have been setting forth His proofs, and teaching His Faith.” (The meaning of teaching the Faith in the next world is spreading the sweet savors of holiness; that action is the same as teaching.) We spoke together a little more, and then some people arrived and he disappeared.
‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Memorials of the Faithful. Page 12.

The soul understands the dream in the heavenly Valley of Wonderment:

One of the created phenomena is the dream. Behold how many secrets are deposited therein, how many wisdoms treasured up, how many worlds concealed. Observe, how thou art asleep in a dwelling, and its doors are barred; on a sudden thou findest thyself in a far-off city, which thou enterest without moving thy feet or wearying thy body; without using thine eyes, thou seest; without taxing thine ears, thou hearest; without a tongue, thou speakest. And perchance when ten years are gone, thou wilt witness in the outer world the very things thou hast dreamed tonight.
Now there are many wisdoms to ponder in the dream, which none but the people of this Valley [of Wonderment] can comprehend in their true elements. First, what is this world, where without eye and ear and hand and tongue a man puts all of these to use? Second, how is it that in the outer world thou seest today the effect of a dream, when thou didst vision it in the world of sleep some ten years past? Consider the difference between these two worlds and the mysteries which they conceal, that thou mayest attain to divine confirmations and heavenly discoveries and enter the regions of holiness.
God, the Exalted, hath placed these signs in men, to the end that philosophers may not deny the mysteries of the life beyond nor belittle that which hath been promised them....
Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form
When within thee the universe is folded? [al-Imām ʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib]
Baháʾuʾlláh, “The Seven Valleys.” The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys. Pages 32-33.
As to thy question concerning the worlds of God. Know thou of a truth that the worlds of God are countless in their number, and infinite in their range. None can reckon or comprehend them except God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. Consider thy state when asleep. Verily, I say, this phenomenon is the most mysterious of the signs of God amongst men, were they to ponder it in their hearts. Behold how the thing which thou hast seen in thy dream is, after a considerable lapse of time, fully realized. Had the world in which thou didst find thyself in thy dream been identical with the world in which thou livest, it would have been necessary for the event occurring in that dream to have transpired in this world at the very moment of its occurrence. Were it so, you yourself would have borne witness unto it. This being not the case, however, it must necessarily follow that the world in which thou livest is different and apart from that which thou hast experienced in thy dream. This latter world hath neither beginning nor end. It would be true if thou wert to contend that this same world is, as decreed by the All-Glorious and Almighty God, within thy proper self and is wrapped up within thee. It would equally be true to maintain that thy spirit, having transcended the limitations of sleep and having stripped itself of all earthly attachment, hath, by the act of God, been made to traverse a realm which lieth hidden in the innermost reality of this world. Verily I say, the creation of God embraceth worlds besides this world, and creatures apart from these creatures. In each of these worlds He hath ordained things which none can search except Himself, the All-Searching, the All-Wise. Do thou meditate on that which We have revealed unto thee, that thou mayest discover the purpose of God, thy Lord, and the Lord of all worlds. In these words the mysteries of Divine Wisdom have been treasured. We have refrained from dwelling upon this theme owing to the sorrow that hath encompassed Us from the actions of them that have been created through Our words, if ye be of them that will hearken unto Our Voice.
Baháʾuʾlláh, “Súriy-i-Vafá” (Tablet to Vafá), Tablets of Baháʾuʾlláh Revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Page 187-188.
As to thy question concerning the worlds of God. Know thou of a truth that the worlds of God are countless in their number, and infinite in their range. None can reckon or comprehend them except God, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. Consider thy state when asleep. Verily, I say, this phenomenon is the most mysterious of the signs of God amongst men, were they to ponder it in their hearts. Behold how the thing which thou hast seen in thy dream is, after a considerable lapse of time, fully realized. Had the world in which thou didst find thyself in thy dream been identical with the world in which thou livest, it would have been necessary for the event occurring in that dream to have transpired in this world at the very moment of its occurrence. Were it so, you yourself would have borne witness unto it. This being not the case, however, it must necessarily follow that the world in which thou livest is different and apart from that which thou hast experienced in thy dream. This latter world hath neither beginning nor end. It would be true if thou wert to contend that this same world is, as decreed by the All-Glorious and Almighty God, within thy proper self and is wrapped up within thee. It would equally be true to maintain that thy spirit, having transcended the limitations of sleep and having stripped itself of all earthly attachment, hath, by the act of God, been made to traverse a realm which lieth hidden in the innermost reality of this world. Verily I say, the creation of God embraceth worlds besides this world, and creatures apart from these creatures. In each of these worlds He hath ordained things which none can search except Himself, the All-Searching, the All-Wise. Do thou meditate on that which We have revealed unto thee, that thou mayest discover the purpose of God, thy Lord, and the Lord of all worlds. In these words the mysteries of Divine Wisdom have been treasured. We have refrained from dwelling upon this theme owing to the sorrow that hath encompassed Us from the actions of them that have been created through Our words, if ye be of them that will hearken unto Our Voice.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 151-153.

As the veil of demireality or disunity is briefly removed, during sleep, the soul can experience the cosmic envelope of unity with souls from throughout the multiverse. Beings throughout the universe assist one another spiritually and materially:

... the parts of this infinite universe have their members and elements connected with one another, and influence one another spiritually and materially.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 245-246.

In other words, the term “UFO” might be a strawman. Generally speaking, I suspect, the chalice-bearers of pure light and the interdimensional craft of archangels are neither unidentified nor, in an ordinary sense, do they fly. (Allegedly, sonic booms are rare.) Physically, they might even be stationary. Instead, I would propose, a good analogy might be tuning a radio or television to a a series of channels, stations, dimensions, or, more precisely, frequencies. Acts of emancipation, like physical destinations, could, therefore, be accomplished through love, unity, or connection, not by traveling a particular distance or achieving a certain velocity.

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey: A lot of these ships ... tend to zig and zag. And that’s because they’s coming in and out of dimensional portals and wormholes.... The people in these ships have learned to utilize the multidimensional pathways – which really do exist.... No matter how small or large a reality is, the same angulations follow. And the reason they look like they’re zigging and zagging is because they’re literally getting into the angulations to go in and out of those dimensional openings.
Victoria Liljenquist: Right. And it’s the energetic field that’s spinning around them.
Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey and Victoria Liljenquist, “Victoria Liljenquist.” The Dr. Meg Show. On the One World Puja Network. October 11, 2006. Retrieved (transcribed) on May 3, 2013.
... the vast majority of UFO reports indicate no sound whatsoever, both in operation and in travel. No engine noise and no sonic boom (which seems to defy Einstein once again).
Floating On A Cloud; UFO Propulsion...Explained? September 4, 2009. Retrieved on May 5, 2013.

A series of photographs from Google maps (screen capture 1 and on Google Maps, screen capture 2 and on Google Maps, screen capture 3 and on Google Maps, screen capture 4 and on Google Maps, screen capture 5 and on Google Maps, screen capture 6 and on Google Maps, screen capture 7 and on Google Maps, screen capture 8 and on Google Maps, screen capture 9 and on Google Maps, and screen capture 10 and on Google Maps) appear to show a spacecraft exiting a portal. Here is one cropped (not enlarged) example:


More specifically, space travel might become an oxymoron. Emancipations by angels, including transdimensional travel, could involve a kind of direct neural, even a visionary and harmonic (loving), vibratory interface with the brain of the emancipee, with the starship, and with cosmic destinations, and perhaps with dimensional portals. So-called space travel may involve transcending the dimensions of spacetime into the higher dimension of unity. Cosmically, unity is copresence, while disunity is absence. Once humanity lives more fully in the heavenly Kingdom, and expresses its attributes of unity, spiritual technologies would differ vastly from present-day human technologies.

... UFOs do not use the same propulsion or flight systems that our “ordinary” craft do.... I think that some of these crafts have an direct neural interface, where the pilot’s mind is transposed into the computer system, effectively expanding the pilot’s perception from a body to the entire spacecraft, so that moving forward or backward or up and down is simple motor-skills, like walking or jumping....
David Adair ... described a direct neural interface kind of thing that he saw .... [I]t was attached to a nuclear fusion containment drive that came out of some unknown craft.
Direct Neural Interface. Retrieved on December 21, 2012.
Medicine and biology—how small can you make a computer? Artificial intelligence robo-doc. Pill with a TV camera. Future of cancer research will be nano-particles the size of molecules. Diagnosis of cancer (in your Bathroom) can find rumors before they form through DNA.... Miniature MRI Machines as small as briefcase. Soon your cell phone can do this. Brain-computer chip in the brain that can now make paralyzed people able to communicate. Avatar like the movie, the human mind can control a robot. This is happening. Robots can go to the moon and be controlled by people for less money. Mentally talk to computers.
Keynote Speaker. February 13, 2012. Retrieved on December 24, 2012.
Thought-Controlled Helicopter

On the other hand, these direct and indirect encounters with angels may be both spiritual and physical. Mary Rodwell and Kurt Barlow have commented on the physical component of the emancipation process:

In November 1975, a group of six tree-trimmers were driving home from work in a truck in the Sitgreave-Apache National Forest in Arizona, USA. The driver stopped the truck when he noticed that a flying saucer was hovering about fifteen feet above some nearby trees. Travis Walton approached the craft on foot, despite the objections of his workmates. He was then knocked to the ground by a blue and white light. When the men in the truck saw this, they were terrified and sped off down the road leaving him for dead. Once they had calmed down, they returned to that spot and couldn’t find any sign of Travis or the flying saucer. Five days later, Travis was returned to earth wondering what had happened to him for the past few days.
Kurt Barlow , Alien Abduction Cases. August 5, 2011. Retrieved on January 8, 2013.

The U.S. military has, in addition, taken an open interest in teleportation and wormhole technologies. Obviously, I cannot independently confirm the information provided below. Although I have included a very brief excerpt from the English-language version of Jorge Martín’s fascinating blog, I strongly suggest reading the entire page. The passage, which contains one of the more tantalizing bits of information I have found, is followed by two relevant quotations from official U.S. government (military) documents:

[There are] important events which indicate that the U.S. armed forces have been studying the alien wormholes that are manifesting in Puerto Rico, and also trying to emulate them by electronic means....
... Vieques citizen José “Chino” Rosa and his wife were horse riding through the area of what, until recently, had been the so-called western part of U.S. Navy base....
... they arrived at the site on which the U.S. Navy installed an Over the Horizon Radar system (ROTHR) ..., and once there they witnessed a truly fantastic event.
During an interview, Mr. Rosa explained ...: “We were right in front of the system’s antennas—he said—and the sky opened. All of a sudden, there was a huge opening and a huge ball of bright gray light came out from the opening and impacted one of the antennas, and the noise of a loud explosion was heard.
“It was like when lightning strikes very close to you, that the accompanying thunder clap is deafening.”
What the Vieques witnesses described suggests that what they all observed could be the manifestation of a stargate or a threshold that would connect our dimensional reality with a different one, another plane of existence, or a parallel universe to ours, and the ROTHR, as we said, is a project of the Navy of the United States of America.
These events could imply that the U.S. federal authorities seem to be experimenting in the territory of Puerto Rico with electronic systems as a means to achieve access and/or control cosmic-dimensional portals or wormholes, in this case on the Puerto Rican island-municipality of Vieques....
... the occurrence of cosmic wormholes or cosmic-dimensional corridors in our territory is not something casual, but rather frequent and controlled by other non-terrestrial intelligence sources.
... in addition to being aware of the existence of alien bases or facilities both underground and undersea in that region, the U.S. authorities were investigating and keeping watch on the UFO/ET activity in the region, but also studied and monitored the frequent activation of the wormholes in the area....
The interest of the U.S. in keeping Puerto Rico as a colonial territory of that nation responds not only to geopolitical interests or a policy of colonial exploitation, nor to an ordinary attitude of imperial hubris, it is also because they are aware of the reality of what’s happening in our country on the issue of UFO/alien activity, and aim to understand how these portals function, in order to control and operate them, and eventually use them....
The Air Force and U.S. Navy are locked at this point in the implementation of several research projects aimed at achieving teleportation by creating and controlling cosmic traversable wormholes and/or stargates....
This survey, titled “Teleportation Physics Study,” is headed by Eric W. Davis, Ph.D. ...
... HAARP and ROTHR are projects under the control of the U.S. Navy which, as reported, is working in a joint effort with the U.S. Air Force in an effort to produce and control these stargates.
Jorge Martín, Enigmas del Milenio/English version (Spanish for “Enigmas of the Millennium”). Blog. June 5, 2012. Retrieved on July 16, 2012.
This study was tasked with the purpose of collecting information describing the teleportation of material objects, providing a description of teleportation as it occurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status, and a projection of potential applications. The study also consisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurring naturally or under laboratory conditions that can be assembled into a model describing the conditions required to accomplish the transfer of objects.
Eric W. Davis, Warp Drive Metrics (Las Vegas, NV), Teleportation Physics Study. Official U.S. government document. August, 2004. Retrieved on July 16, 2012.
Phase I is a review and documentation of the latest concepts in science and engineering that show promise of leading to a major advance in propulsion, especially Earth-to-Orbit (ETO) propulsion. This phase also included a study of all the concepts pertaining to R&D [research and development] work done on or related to gravity/inertia modification, spacetime metric modification (i.e., traversable wormholes, space warps, polarizable vacuum representation of general relativity, etc.), and the extraction of energy from the space vacuum environment.... Phase II involved a detailed evaluation of the concepts identified and selected in Phase I, which were deemed by the author to have the greatest breakthrough potential for ETO propulsion.
Eric W. Davis, Warp Drive Metrics (Las Vegas, NV), Advanced Propulsion Study. Official U.S. government document. U.S. Air Force. September, 2004. Retrieved on July 16, 2012.

NASA has announced the discovery of magnetic portals which connect the Earth to the Sun (MP4 video and MP3 audio):

During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn’t believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page.
Dr. Tony Phillips, Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun. NASA. Official U.S. government document. October 30, 2008. Retrieved on July 23, 2013.

CERN, which was originally an acronym for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research), is also allegedly connected with teleportation:

There was this physicist at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on 60 Minutes [on the CBS television network in the U.S.] talking about the Large Hadron Collider, and when they asked him what would be a practical application of LHC [Large Hadron Collider] research, he said maybe in ten years – teleportation.
Rob Chiappetta in Emilie Lorditch, “Science on the ‘Fringe’.” October 22, 2008. Retrieved on March 9, 2013.

An MP4 video purportedly shows, through a security camera, an instance of emancipation by angels. A man, at first visible, disappears in a beam of light. Then, in a second beam of light, he reappears in a fetal position. He staggers as he rises. Here are some screenshots:

Abduction Abduction Abduction Abduction Abduction

In this next rather odd screen capture (MP4 video), Dr. Jonathan Reed, using the Alien Link Artifact, supposedly beamed or teleported himself to some unknown location:

Alien Link Artifact

“Beaming” was also reported in connection with the United Kingdom’s Rendlesham Forest (Suffolk, England) case (MP4 video 1 and MP4 video 2) during late December 1980:

... the craft remained on the ground long enough to be approached by Base Commander Gordon Williams who is said to have attempted to communicate with the aliens through sign language. An eye witness claimed to believe that the beings - possibly robots - were carrying out repairs to the craft that appeared damaged from its descent through the trees. Once these repairs were complete the visitors were observed to take off again in a brilliant burst of light....
... Remarkably, when USAF [U.S. Air Force] intelligence officers visited Watton [Royal Air Force Station Watton, near Rendlesham Forest] to collect the film [video taken by a USAF officer], they claimed that a UFO had crashed into the forest. Senior officers from a nearby USAF airbase witnessed the event, they said, and they had even seen aliens floating in beams of light underneath the spacecraft. Incredibly, the radar officers were not even told to keep this extraordinary story secret.
The Full Report.” The Rendlesham Forest Incident – Official Website. 2013. Retrieved on June 22, 2013.
Halt [U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles Halt]: I saw a yellow tinge in it, too. Weird. It appears to be maybe moving a little bit this way? It’s brighter than it has been. It’s coming this way. It is definitely coming this way! Pieces of it are shooting off. There is no doubt about it! This is weird!
voice: 2 lights! One to the right and one light to the left!
Halt: Keep your flashlights off. There’s something very, very strange. Keep the headset on. See if it gets any ... Pieces are falling off it again! voice: It just moved to the right.
voice: Yeah! ... Strange!... Let’s approach to the edge of the woods up there... Okay, we’re looking at the thing. We’re probably about 200-to-300 yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you. Still moving from side-to-side. And when you put the starscope on it, it’s like this thing has a hollow center – a dark center like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking. And it flashes so bright in the starscope that it almost burns your eye. ... We’ve passed the farmer’s house and across into the next field. And now we have multiple sightings of up to 5 lights with a similar shape and all but they seem to be stead now rather than a pulsating or glow with a red flash. We’ve just crossed a creek and we’re getting what kind of readings now? We’re getting 3 good on the meter, and we’re seeing strange lights in the sky.
Halt: 2:44. We’re at the far side of the second farmer’s field and made sighting again about 110 degrees. This looks like it’s clear off to the coast. It’s right on the horizon. Moves about a bit and flashes from time-to-time. Still steady or red in color. Also after negative readings in the center of the field, we’re picking up slight radings – 4 or 5 <clicks> now on the meter.
Halt: 3:05. We see strange strobe-like flashes to the ... er, well they’re sporadic, but there’s definitely some kind of phenomenon. 3:05. At about 10 degrees, horizon, directly North, we’ve got 2 strange objects ... er, half-moon shape – dancing about with colored lights on ’em. That, er, guess to be about 5-to-10 miles out. Maybe less. The half-moons are now turning to full circles. It’s though there was an eclipse or something there for a minute or two. ... 0315. No we’ve got an object about 10 degrees direcly South, 10 degrees off the horizon. And the ones to the North are moving. One’s moving away from us.
voice: It’s moving out fast!
voice: They’re both heading North. Okay, here he comes from the South. He’s coming toward us now. Now we’re observing what appears to be a beam coming down to the ground. This is unreal!
Halt: 0330. And the objects are still in the sky, although the one to the South looks like it’s losing a little bit of altitude. We’re gong around and heading back toward the house. The object to the South is still beaming down lights to the ground.
Halt: 0400 hours. One object still hovering over Woodbridge base at about 5-to-10 degrees off the horizon. Still moving erratic, and similar lights and beaming down as earlier ....
Timothy Good, RAF/USAF Woodbridge/Rendlesham Forest: The “British Roswell”. 1988. Retrieved on June 22, 2013.
He [Art Wallace] now says he remembers seeing a face-to-face meeting between one of the aliens and the officer who was in charge of the U.S. base.
The alien was between three and four feet tall, with a very large head and huge saucer-like eyes. . . . It appeared to have greyish skin and was wearing what looked like a dark jumpsuit and the outline of its figure glowed....
The four aliens appeared to be floating just above the surface of the ground and at one point, became alarmed and formed themselves into a defensive line. One of them floated over the UFO near to where Wallace was standing and he blacked out. The next thing he remembers, he was back in his barracks.
Wallace believes the craft needed repairs after hitting a tree.
Peter Robbins, Left at East Gate: A First Hand Account of the Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident, Its Cover-up, and Investigation. New York: Cosimo-on-Demand. 2005. Kindle edition.

According to the U.S. Air Force:

Early in the morning of 27 Dec [19]80 ..., two USAF [U.S. Air Force] security police patrolmen saw unusual lights outside the back gate of RAF [Royal Air Force Base] Woodbridge [in the U.K.].... The individuals reported seeing a strange glowing object in the [Rendlesham] forest. The object was described as being metalic in appearance and triangular in shape, approximately two to three meters across the base and approximately two meters high. It illuminated the entire forest with a white light. The object itself had a pulsing red light on top and a bank(s) of blue lights underneath. The object was hovering or on legs. As the patrolmen approached the object, it maneuvered through the trees and disappeared. At this time the animals on a nearby farm went into a frenzy.
The next day, three depressions 1½’ and 7’ in diameter were found where the objects had been sighted on the ground.... A tree nearby had moderate ... [radiation] readings.
Rendlesham Forest Incident. Official U.S. Air Force document. January 13, 1981. Retrieved on December 21, 2013.

In another U.S. government study:

This study is based on 26 instances of the failure of lights during the sighting of a UFO.
Subcommittee of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Official U.S. government document. June, 1960. Retrieved on December 21, 2013.

Similarly, perhaps, in the TaNaḤ or Old Testament, apparent angelic beings are described as riding upon chariots of fire:

... a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, which parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariots of Israel and the horsemen thereof! And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.
II Kings 2:11-12, American Standard Version (1901).
... Elisha prayed, and said, Jehovah, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And Jehovah opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.
II Kings 6:17, American Standard Version (1901).

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VI. Evolution
The organization of God is one; the evolution of existence is one; the divine system is one. Whether they be small or great beings, all are subject to one law and system.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 199.

To my understanding, all life unfolds, spiritually, and cycles out of a single common ancestor or original substance (the human spirit). Scientifically, however, I strongly support mainstream evolution, not any form of creationism. Personally speaking, I accept natural selection or the survival of the fittest, and I reject creationism. As opposed to creationists, I deny a special human creation. Spirituallly, all of the degrees of spirit involve out of an original substance, the human spirit. Scientifically, I fully support the modern evolutionary synthesis. Man shares a common descent with other great apes:

The main purpose of this paper is to defend the “chance” character of genetic mutations, which I claim is a Darwinian tenet and part of the Modern Synthesis’ consensus view, against recent challenges .... During the last thirty years, experimental research in molecular genetics, in particular on microorganisms, has shown that certain molecular mechanisms – the so-called “mutator mechanisms” – can regulate mutation rates (increasing or decreasing them) in response to certain selective forces.
Francesca Merlin, Evolutionary Chance Mutation: A Defense of the Modern Synthesis’ Consensus View. 2010. Retrieved on July 27, 2012.
Against those who said that the Darwinian theory implied atheism, [Asa] Gray [1810-1888] argued that “it is neither atheistical in statement nor in intent.” The theory could be given a nontheistic interpretation, but it could equally be given a theistic one. A central question was the presence or absence of design in nature as a whole, and this question was one for the natural theologian or the philosopher, not for the biologist. Gray himself favored a theistic interpretation, since the idea of a Designer of the universe “is most natural to the mind.“ It was not even true to say that Darwin’s theory was mechanistic. It assumed that adaptations produced by natural selection are useful to organisms, enabling them to achieve certain ends, and this assumption clearly reintroduced purpose or teleology into natural history. “If purpose in this sense does not itself imply design, it is certainly compatible with it and suggestive of it.”
Gray’s cool analysis of Darwinism coupled with his espousal of theism irked some of Darwin’s militantly agnostic supporters, though not Darwin himself, who valued Gray as a friend and searching critic.
T. A. Goudge, “Gray, Asa (1810-1888).” Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Donald M. Borchert, editor. Volume 4. Second edition. Detroit, MI: Macmillan Reference USA. 2006. Pages 170-171.
... creation and Church are but the necessary antecedent and subsequent conditions: creation as the supposition and inception (protology) and Church as the consequence and completion (eschatology).
R. Kress and G. Malanowski, “Communio.” New Catholic Encyclopedia. Second edition. Berard L. Marthaler, executive editor. Detroit, MI: Gale, Cengage Learning. Second edition. 2003. Volume 4. Pages 27-31.

I strongly reject intelligent design (ID). Many of the problems with ID philosophy stem from the view that humans can discover unifying essences or the Unities of All Things. To its supporters, certain biological complexities point inevitably to a willful designer. This revised form of creationist theology illustrates the problems with the direct, commonsense, or naïve realism of observing essences. If God and His Primal Will can be fully grasped by simply perceiving the created attributes of unities, sending Prophets would be pointless.

To the contrary, essences, including the Deity, are unknowable. We learn about them through divine Revelation. Without revealed truth, we can only classify. Furthermore, claims for the complexity of existence are reflexive or self-referential. They point back to the logical assumptions of the individual making the argument, not necessarily to a designer:

Let us consider what it is that is being predicated of our Cosmic Designer, what I call the process of rarified design.
This designer, we are told, is unknowable. We merely know there is design if there is some measure of “specified complexity.” We know nothing about the design itself, about how it was implemented and when or where, nor anything about the nature of the designer (for ID is very careful, except when it isn’t, to not name the designer as God unless they are talking to a church group)....
... ID is the new creation science.
John Wilkins, Why Not Intelligent Design? 2004. Retrieved on May 27, 2012.

Arguments may contain evidence, but they are not evidence. If a person has the appropriate credentials within a particular field, then seriously reviewing her arguments and evidence might be justified. However, authority, irrespective of the qualifications of the person making the argument, is not evidence either. ID, I would also suggest, is a modern example of the logical fallacy known as the cosmological argument. Beginning with a human definition of rationality or purpose and ending with the inevitability of a supernatural designer is circular reasoning.

... [The cosmological argument is a] term used to designate a type of argumentation whereby one reasons from observable aspects of the universe, or cosmos, to the existence of God....
... [One difficulty] is brought against it not so much by atheists and agnostics as by religious thinkers who, while themselves firmly convinced of God’s existence, do not see such existence as a subject for rational inquiry. They would object to the proof on the grounds that it operates in virtue of a suppressed major premise to the effect that the universe is rationally explicable. Logically, however, as they see it, there seems to be no way of ruling out the possibility that the world may be ultimately irrational or inexplicable; if one accepts the view that it is not, so their objection goes, he does so by virtue of his own individual belief and not from any objective necessity.
W.A. Wallace, “Cosmological Argument.” New Catholic Encyclopedia. Second edition. Berard L. Marthaler, executive editor. Detroit, MI: Gale, Cengage Learning. 2003. Second edition. Volume 4. Pages 27-31.
The central idea of biological evolution is that all life on Earth shares a common ancestor, just as you and your cousins share a common grandmother.
An Introduction to Evolution.” Understanding Evolution: Your One-Stop Source for Information on Evolution. University of California Museum of Paleontology. Roy Caldwell and David Lindberg, principal investigators. 2012. Retrieved on July 26, 2012.

Instead, the purpose of the organized universe becomes known to us through the revealed Word of God with its authoritative interpretation and elucidation. By reading Sacred Scriptures and other inspired texts, a soul can learn about the divine direction of creation:

Nature is that condition, that reality, which in appearance consists in life and death, or, in other words, in the composition and decomposition of all things.
This Nature is subjected to an absolute organization, to determined laws, to a complete order and a finished design, from which it will never depart-to such a degree, indeed, that if you look carefully and with keen sight, from the smallest invisible atom up to such large bodies of the world of existence as the globe of the sun or the other great stars and luminous spheres, whether you regard their arrangement, their composition, their form or their movement, you will find that all are in the highest degree of organization and are under one law from which they will never depart.
But when you look at Nature itself, you see that it has no intelligence, no will. For instance, the nature of fire is to burn; it burns without will or intelligence....
It is said that Nature in its own essence is in the grasp of the power of God, Who is the Eternal Almighty One: He holds Nature within accurate regulations and laws, and rules over it.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 3-4.
Indeed, the laws of God are like unto the ocean and the children of men as fish, did they but know it. However, in observing them one must exercise tact and wisdom.... Since most people are feeble and far-removed from the purpose of God, therefore one must observe tact and prudence under all conditions, so that nothing might happen that could cause disturbance and dissension or raise clamour among the heedless. Verily, His bounty hath surpassed the whole universe and His bestowals encompassed all that dwell on earth. One must guide mankind to the ocean of true understanding in a spirit of love and tolerance. The Kitáb-i-Aqdas [Most Holy Book] itself beareth eloquent testimony to the loving providence of God.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá quoted in notes to Baháʾuʾlláh, The Kitáb-i-Aqdas. Page 6.

According to my understanding, humans and other great apes evolved from a common biological ancestor:

speciation   The development of one or more species from an existing species
Elizabeth Martin and Robert Hine, A Dictionary of Biology. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2008.
Evolution can be broken down into two categories. These are microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution refers to changes in a population’s gene pool that lead to somewhat small changes in organisms in that population. The changes are small enough that they adapt the organism to the environment but the organism is still that same organism and not a whole new species. Examples of microevolution would be changes such as the color or the size of a species from generation to generation. In contrast, macroevolution refers to changes in organisms that over time will create a whole new species. This would mean if we were able to bring together an organism of the new species and one of its ancestors, they would not be able to mate. An example of macroevolution would be the appearance of feathers during the evolution of birds from a group of dinosaurs.
Microevolution vs. Macroevolution. AndysEvolutionWiki. 2012. Retrieved on September 12, 2012.

Spiritually, everything is related to everything else. However, the attributes of humans and monkeys are obviously closer than, for instance, dogs and elephants. Species may be essences, but God is the innermost Essence of essences. In ʿAbduʾl-Bahá’s interpretation of that shared origin, He appears to have adapted, as an analogy, Aristotle’s concept of the original matter:

It is necessary, therefore, that we should know what each of the important existences was in the beginning—for there is no doubt that in the beginning the origin was one: the origin of all numbers is one and not two. Then it is evident that in the beginning matter was one, and that one matter appeared in different aspects in each element. Thus various forms were produced, and these various aspects as they were produced became permanent, and each element was specialized. But this permanence was not definite, and did not attain realization and perfect existence until after a very long time. Then these elements became composed, and organized and combined in infinite forms; or rather from the composition and combination of these elements innumerable beings appeared.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 181.
Then it is clear that original matter, which is in the embryonic state, and the mingled and composed elements which were its earliest forms, gradually grew and developed during many ages and cycles, passing from one shape and form to another, until they appeared in this perfection, this system, this organization and this establishment, through the supreme wisdom of God....
... man’s existence on this earth, from the beginning until it reaches this state, form and condition, necessarily lasts a long time, and goes through many degrees until it reaches this condition. But from the beginning of man’s existence he is a distinct species. In the same way, the embryo of man in the womb of the mother was at first in a strange form; then this body passes from shape to shape, from state to state, from form to form, until it appears in utmost beauty and perfection.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 82-83.
The theory proposes that a so-called Higgs energy field exists everywhere in the universe. As particles zoom around in this field, they interact with and attract Higgs bosons, which cluster around the particles in varying numbers.
Imagine the universe like a party. Relatively unknown guests at the party can pass quickly through the room unnoticed; more popular guests will attract groups of people (the Higgs bosons) who will then slow their movement through the room.
The speed of particles moving through the Higgs field works much in the same way. Certain particles will attract larger clusters of Higgs bosons – and the more Higgs bosons a particle attracts, the greater its mass will be.
Jethro Mullen, Nick Thompson, and Atika Shubert (CNN), “Higgs Boson, God Particle Announcement: CERN Scientists Say Particle Fits Higgs Boson Description.” July 4, 2012. Retrieved on July 17, 2012.

The inherent original substance is, in my view, the human spirit, It is manifested by all species or unifying essences, has always existed, in one form or another, within the everlasting universe or universes of God. However, that matter on any celestial sphere is, in my opinion, carefully and distinctly created, by the Will of God, to suit particular climates and geographical regions. According to the divine Plan, these material attributes of species are adapted, genetically engineered, through transgenics, by advanced souls. The development of this matter into species is then nurtured, modified, and, when required, re-engineered by them.

The Baháʾí Faith teaches man was always potentially man, even when passing through lower stages of evolution. Because he has more powers, and subtler powers than the animal, when he turns towards evil he becomes more vicious than an animal because of these very powers.
Shoghi Effendi, The Unfolding Destiny of the British Baháʾí Community. October 4, 1950. Page 458.
... the essence of Intervention Theory:
That human life emerged from primitive hair-covered hominoids (upright walking apes) after human-like entities (aliens or gods, with a small “g”) intervened genetically (with test tubes) to create a new hybrid being (humans) with genes from themselves and the primitive hominoids.
Lloyd Pye, Intervention Theory Essentials: A Basic Guide to the Intervention Theory of Origins—of the Universe, of Life, of Hominoids, and of Humans. Version 10.20. Panama City Beach, FL: Privately published. 2011.
transgenics (trænzˈdʒɛnɪks)
— n
(functioning as singular) the branch of biology concerned with the transfer of genetic material from one species to another
Collins English Dictionary. Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. 2009.
When, however, thou dost contemplate the innermost essence of all things, and the individuality of each, thou wilt behold the signs of thy Lord’s mercy in every created thing, and see the spreading rays of His Names and Attributes throughout all the realm of being, with evidences which none will deny save the froward and the unaware.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Page 41.
... the question of the Real Existence by which all things exist—that is to say, the reality of the Essence of Unity through which all creatures have come into the world—is admitted by everyone.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 294.

Potentially, each and every set of attributes, or spirit, is in a continuous process of emergence from the original matter. Therefore, ʿAbduʾl-Bahá’s perspective on evolution is not, it seems to me, a form of creationism. In spite of that shared origin, however, the animal spirit descends from the human spirit, not the other way around:

As the serpent took refuge under the ground and became a creeping animal, it was no longer in need of feet, so they disappeared; but their traces survive. The principal argument is this: that the existence of traces of members proves that they once existed, and as now they are no longer of service, they have gradually disappeared. Therefore, while the perfect and necessary members have remained, those which are unnecessary have gradually disappeared by the modification of the species, but the traces of them continue.
... the fact that the animal having preceded man is not a proof of the evolution, change and alteration of the species, nor that man was raised from the animal world to the human world. For while the individual appearance of these different beings is certain, it is possible that man came into existence after the animal....
...Although it changes in all ways, and grows and develops until it reaches the perfect form, from the beginning it is a special species. We also see in the vegetable kingdom that the original species of the genus do not change and alter, but the form, color and bulk will change and alter, or even progress.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 86.
All life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism that lived roughly 3.5 billion years ago, a new study seems to confirm.
The study supports the widely held “universal common ancestor” theory first proposed by Charles Darwin more than 150 years ago....
[Biochemist Douglas] Theobald also tested the creationist idea that humans arose in their current form and have no evolutionary ancestors.
The statistical analysis showed that the independent origin of humans is “an absolutely horrible hypothesis,” Theobald said, adding that the probability that humans were created separately from everything else is 1 in 10 to the 6,000th power.
(As of publication time, requests for interviews with several creationist scientists had been either declined or unanswered.)
Ker Than, “All Species Evolved From Single Cell, Study Finds.” National Geographic. Daily News. May 13, 2010. Retrieved on July 22, 2012.

All of the physical and spiritual attributes of one or more essences, as in the essence of humanity, are acquired by beings and things throughout their general evolution and their specific development:

All beings, whether large or small, were created perfect and complete from the first, but their perfections appear in them by degrees. The organization of God is one; the evolution of existence is one; the divine system is one. Whether they be small or great beings, all are subject to one law and system....
In the same way, the embryo possesses from the first all perfections, such as the spirit, the mind, the sight, the smell, the taste—in one word, all the powers—but they are not visible and become so only by degrees.
Similarly, the terrestrial globe from the beginning was created with all its elements, substances, minerals, atoms and organisms; but these only appeared by degrees: first the mineral, then the plant, afterward the animal, and finally man. But from the first these kinds and species existed, but were undeveloped in the terrestrial globe, and then appeared only gradually. For the supreme organization of God, and the universal natural system, surround all beings, and all are subject to this rule. When you consider this universal system, you see that there is not one of the beings which at its coming into existence has reached the limit of perfection. No, they gradually grow and develop, and then attain the degree of perfection.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 199.
When we consider beings with the seeing eye, we observe that they are limited to three sorts—that is to say, as a whole they are either mineral, vegetable or animal, each of these three classes containing species. Man is the highest species because he is the possessor of the perfections of all the classes—that is, he has a body which grows and which feels. As well as having the perfections of the mineral, of the vegetable and of the animal, he also possesses an especial excellence which the other beings are without-that is, the intellectual perfections. Therefore, man is the most noble of beings.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 235.
The most noble being on the earth is man. He embraces the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms—that is to say, these conditions are contained in him to such an extent that he is the possessor of these conditions and states; he is aware of their mysteries and of the secrets of their existence.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 158.

Moreover, the ultimate purpose of creation is to enable human souls to gather their attributes:

He [God], through the direct operation of His unconstrained and sovereign Will, chose to confer upon man the unique distinction and capacity to know Him and to love Him—a capacity that must needs be regarded as the generating impulse and the primary purpose underlying the whole of creation.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 65.
Man is in the highest degree of materiality, and at the beginning of spirituality—that is to say, he is the end of imperfection and the beginning of perfection.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Page 235.
You have asked as to what point in man’s evolution he becomes conscious of self. This consciousness of self in man is a gradual process, and does not start at a definite point. It grows in him in this world and continues to do so in the future spiritual world.
Man can certainly recall past experiences in his evolution, and even when his soul leaves this world it will still remember the past.
From a letter, dated November 20, 1937, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 392.

Through the processes of evolutionary and fetal development, humanity has acquired its physical attributes from the lower kingdoms of creation. Crucially, each of us can now, on an individual basis, secure the virtues or qualities we need now, and which we will require in the world to come, by living our human lives within the Spiritual Kingdom (our shared, nondual higher nature):

I bear witness, O my God, that Thou hast created me to know Thee and to worship Thee.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Prayers and Meditations by Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 314.
All men have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization. The Almighty beareth Me witness: To act like the beasts of the field is unworthy of man. Those virtues that befit his dignity are forbearance, mercy, compassion and loving-kindness towards all the peoples and kindreds of the earth.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 215.
... the centre of the Sun of Truth is in the supernal world—the Kingdom of God. Those souls who are pure and unsullied, upon the dissolution of their elemental frames, hasten away to the world of God, and that world is within this world. The people of this world, however, are unaware of that world, and are even as the mineral and the vegetable that know nothing of the world of the animal and the world of man.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Selections from the Writings of ʿAbduʾl-Bahá. Pages 194-195.

According to Peter Garieav:

[Dr. Peter] Gariaev and his colleagues ... studied DNA’s electromagnetic behavior. They concluded, “Living chromosomes function just like holographic computers using DNA’s own laser radiation.” The Gariaev team modulated certain linguistic frequencies onto a laser. With this technology of language-modulated radio and light waves, they were not only able to heal damaged chromosomes, they also successfully altered genetic expression. Amazingly, they obtained results similar to those documented by Dr. Yu Dzang Kangeng, who was the first to employ torsion energy to transfer DNA between organisms. Using radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies to reprogram DNA, as opposed to gene splicing, Gariaev’s team literally transformed frog embryos into healthy salamander embryos in the laboratory!
DNA Monthly. September, 2005.

Spiritually, the human spirit has unfolded as a spiral:

Each of the Divine Manifestations has ... a cycle, and during the cycle His laws and commandments prevail and are performed. When His cycle is completed by the appearance of a new Manifestation, a new cycle begins. In this way cycles begin, end and are renewed, until a universal cycle is completed in the world, when important events and great occurrences will take place which entirely efface every trace and every record of the past; then a new universal cycle begins in the world, for this universe has no beginning.
ʿAbduʾl-Bahá, Some Answered Questions. Pages 160-161.
VII. Virgin Births

Furthermore, the mechanisms involved in the miraculous Virgin Birth of Christ remain, from an interpretive standpoint, mysterious, but the truth of the spiritual narrative, or sacred history, of His origin is strongly affirmed. Jesus, the Son of God, was not the biological son of Joseph. Needless to say, Jesus was not, God forbid, illegitimately conceived out of a promiscuous relationship:

It would be sacrilege for a Baháʾí to believe that the parents of Jesus were illegally married and that the latter was consequently of an illegal union. Such a possibility cannot be even conceived by a believer who recognizes the high station of Mary and the Divine Prophethood of Jesus Christ. It is this same false accusation which the people of His Day attributed to Mary that Baháʾuʾlláh indirectly repudiated in the Íqán [Persianized Arabic, Kitāb-i Īqān, Book of Certitude]. The only alternative therefore is to admit that the birth of Jesus has been miraculous.
From a letter dated October 1, 1935, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1637.
First regarding the birth of Jesus Christ. In light of what Baháʾuʾlláh and ʿAbduʾl-Bahá have stated concerning this subject it is evident that Jesus came into this world through the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit, and that consequently His birth was quite miraculous. This is an established fact, and the friends need not feel at all surprised, as the belief in the possibility of miracles has never been rejected in the Teachings. Their importance, however, has been minimized.
From a letter dated December 31, 1937, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1637.

Perhaps the Virgin Birth was an outward sign of Christ’s Station as the Son of God (Hebrew, hā-Ben ʾĔlōhîm):

One of the missionaries said that in the Gospels Christ is extolled as the Son of God—the highest possible station—whereas in the Qurʾán no such reference is made to Jesus. To this ʿAbduʾl-Bahá replied that the term “Son of God” was current in the days of Moses and Jesus, and was applied to the whole of Israel; He referred them to Exodus (iv. 22-3)—“And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the Lord, Israel is my son, even my firstborn; And I say unto thee, Let my son go, that he may serve me; and if thou refuse to let him go, behold I will slay thy son, even thy firstborn.”
Hasan Muvaqqar Balyuzi, ʿAbduʾl-Bahá: The Centre of the Covenant of Baháʾuʾlláh. London: George Ronald. 1971. Page 398.

The author of Isaiah (Hebrew, Yəšaʿəyâû), in the Hebrew Bible (Hebrew, hā-TaNaḤ), predicted that a young woman or maiden (Hebrew, ʿalmāh) would conceive a child. “Maiden” was interpreted (not translated) in the Gospel according to Matthew, presumably by the authority of His Holy Presence Christ or His chosen ones, as a virgin (Greek, parϑenos or parthenos):

... the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: behold, the young woman shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel [Hebrew, ʿImmānūʾel, God with us].
Isaiah 7:14, TaNaḤ. Corrected Jewish Publication Society edition.
Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, And they shall call his name Immanuel; which is, being interpreted, God with us.
Matthew 1:23, American Standard Version (1901).

Speculatively, the Virgin Birth of Jesus might have been a loving expression of emancipation, through transgenics or “hybridization,” by the Angel Gabriel (Hebrew, Gaḇrîʾēl hā-Mal’āḵ), a preternatural being or, more importantly and reverently, an angel:

... the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary. And he came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favored, the Lord is with thee. But she was greatly troubled at the saying, and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this might be. And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: and he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end. And Mary said unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee: wherefore also the holy thing which is begotten shall be called the Son of God.
Luke 1:26-35. American Standard Version (1901).
The religious Virgin Birth could be in actuality an alien intervention, and the Son of God is in fact son of an extraterrestrial and an alien hybrid. It is hypothesized that when angels visited Mary in what she perceived as a dream, the dream was a visit by aliens. The aliens artificially inseminated her with genetically engineered or alien sperm. This alien was the “Angel-Gabriel” a member of the alien race. Jesus was alleged to have had superhuman abilities. Mary gave birth to Jesus while she was still a virgin, and therefore Jesus was one of the first alien-human hybrids. The Raelian Movement supports this outlook.
Starbrite A. Sparkles, Could Jesus Christ Be One Of The FIrst Alien Hybrids, The Son Of An Extraterrestrial And An Earthly Woman? 2012. Retrieved on March 26, 2013.

In the Baháʾí Teachings, no Prophet, other than Jesus the Son of God, has been associated with a miraculous virgin birth:

The [Baháʾí] Teachings do not tell us of any miraculous birth besides that of Jesus.
From a letter, dated February 27, 1938, written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual Baháʾí, Lights of Guidance: A Baháʾí Reference File. Number 1638.

Speculatively, however, a virgin birth, or another type of emancipation by archangels angels, might, according to God’s Will, be somehow involved with the conceptions of some other Prophets, too:

I have told you, brethren, when Vipassi [Paḷī, Vipassī, the clear-seeing one, a Buddha], the Exalted One, Arahant [Paḷī, Perfected One], Buddha [Paḷī and Sanskrit, Awakened One], Supreme, arose in the world, into what rank and family he was born, how long he lived, where he became a Buddha, the names of his leading disciples, the number of his disciples, the name of his ministering bhikkhu [Paḷī, a frater or male monastic], of his father, his mother, and of their place of residence.
Now Vipassi, brethren, when, as Bodhisat [Paḷī and Sanskrit, Awakened Being], he ceased to belong to the hosts of the heaven of Delight, descended into his mother’s womb mindful and self-possessed.
Mahapadana Suttanta. Edited and translated by T. W. Rhys Davids.
Krishna [Sanskrit, Kṛṣṇā, Dark-Blue One], was “not of this Earth” and he knew all the demi-gods very well and they all revered him. In fact Krishna was implanted into the womb of mother of Krishna by a ray of light from the sky (virgin birth).
The story of Krishna also narrates the tale of how Shalva [Sanskrit, Śālva] attacked the city of Dwarka [Sanskrit, Dwārkā] with what appears to be a flying saucer.
Alien Gods: Krishna, The Divine Source. November 27, 2010. Retrieved on July 15, 2013.

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VIII. Implants

In my opinion, most people do not need the implants which may be placed in some humans by the Guardian Angels. Those who receive them require a special type of healing. According to historian David Michael Jacobs, Ph.D., not only do many contactees report missing time. They also frequently display unusual scars:

With the problems of memory retrieval and memory interpretation, is it possible that the [alien] abduction phenomenon is a psychologically generated fantasy? The answer is no, due, in part, to the fact that the evidence for the abduction phenomenon is not based solely on memory and hypnotic recounting. There is also physical evidence. When abducted, people are physically missing from their normal environments—police are called, people search for the abductees, parents are distraught.
David M. Jacobs, The Threat. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1998. Kindle edition.
I could not ignore the convergence of minute detail, the lack of personal content, the physical evidence of unusual scars and other marks on their bodies immediately following an abduction, the missing time lapses during the supposed abduction, the multiple abductions, and other witnesses.
David M. Jacobs, Secret Life. New York: Simon & Schuster, Inc. 1992. Kindle edition.

Reported physical implants, which may have been placed into the bodies of earthly homo sapiens, are, one might speculate, an electronic technology or some unknown mechanism which assists certain selected humans to perform their assigned tasks or, perhaps, which monitors the effectiveness of genetic modifications made upon the contactee. I feel bad that some people have decided to have them surgically removed. They are, in my opinion, angelic blessings:

Like many harbingers of doom, Paul Laffoley [a World Trade Center architect] has spent a lot of his life within mental institutions. However, they did find an unexplainable metal object in his brain, which he believes is a probe planted by aliens....
Paul Laffoley claims to have been visited by a hermaphrodite reptilian being named Quazgaa Klaatu.... The artist claims that he was implanted with a device inside of his brain at an early age, and that via this implant he is given the information which he then uses as the basis for all of his incredibly technically detailed works. His paintings are, in my opinion, some of the most important this world has ever been given.
Various sources, Paul Laffoley’s Alien Implant. Retrieved on December 15, 2012.

These mechanisms could, for instance, be a communications medium, a database of knowledge, a frequency modifier, genetic engineering, an electronic monitoring device or transponder, or a medical tracking technology for the “ambassadors” or “patients” of these angels. Perhaps, as humanity evolves, they are gradually becoming unified with us:

Some people believe they have had alien implants inserted into their bodies. Typically, the subject also believes he or she is the victim of an alien abduction during which the surgery occurred. Claimed abilities of the implants range from mind control to location tracking ....
Alien Implants.” UFOHQ UFO Wiki. October 6, 2011. Retrieved on December 15, 2012.
UFO abductions might not be caused by physical occupants from physical UFOs – but from creatures that would be living in what we would call another dimension.... Yes [posing as occupants of UFOs].... I would think that from my study, my years-long study, of this paraphysical type of creature – might also call it interdimensional – that there’s no doubt that it exists – in my mind.... From what we can understand, they [the interdimensional beings] contact human beings, generally, when the human beings are sleeping or in some kind of altered state – like road [highway] hypnosis that is not full waking consciousness. And it is at this time that these creatures are able to penetrate into the minds of a human, and increase the altered state so that they can appear to the humans....
[T]he implants that are recovered are ... aports. Aports are physical objects that appear during so-called séances and other parapsychological happenings – or in times of intense emotion. They can appear as if from another dimension and become physical in our space-time; and they last. The so-called implants ... have no similarity to any kind of technology that we would even think of as something that could give information about the person that is carrying it around in his or her body.... [The implants are sometimes believed to be] technological devices implanted into abductees so that these physical occupants, so called, [and] the physical UFOs can follow the movements of the person.... [A]ports have apparently appeared out of another dimension into our space-time.
Ann Druffel, “UFO Research & Interdimensional Beings” (full interview on YouTube). Coast to Coast AM. George Noory, interviewer. June 25, 2007. Retrieved (transcribed) on December 15, 2012.
One such case Dr. [Roger] Lier has been working on, the [alien] implant he removed is believed to emit radio frequency 14.749950 MHz, a deep space frequency. The object was about 4 millimetres in length and about the thickness of a pencil lead, and a was a dull grayish color. When the object was removed, it broke into 12 pieces, hours later, the objet is reported to have tried to reassemble itself. After the object was removed, the subject claimed to have his mood and thought process changed back to how it was before he discovered the object and had it removed.
Bill Efird, Alien Implants. Retrieved on March 23, 2013.

These alleged alien implants were collected by “contact experience” researcher Darrel Sims:

Alien Implants

The following screen captures from two MP4 videos (file 1 and file 2) allegedly show alien implants which were surgically removed by Dr. Roger Leir:

Dr. Roger Leir Dr. Roger Leir

Mary Rodwell said:

... they [other registered nurses] find it very hard to dismiss the tangible physical evidence I talk about. I talk about the implants and Dr. [Roger] Leir removing them. I talk about the fact people are missing from their beds at night – that they are found outside with all the doors locked, and whole families are having this experience. You can’t say that’s a hallucination, can you?... I think People who have contact say that they [implants] are often there to monitor the body; that they are there to give them information about how well we are, whether or not we need any assistance; and also it’s a way of giving us information because some kids call it a downloading of information – like knowledge bonds in their had, where they just know stuff – from complicated physics right down to spiritual information.... Those with contact have these [star] children. They [the extraterrestrials] work on genetic lines. Certainly, they are working in families with what we believe is upgrades.... What’s going on? I mean this is tangible, physical evidence that something is going on.... They [star children] often talk at a really young age. They learn to read at a very young age. They’re accelerated. They’re highly intelligent. They’re highly creative. And they seem to have a wisdom way beyond their years. They seem to know stuff and often see energy and talk about it.... These children really care about the planet. They’re passionate about changing what is going on.... And I think they’re here to help us change what isn’t so good on this planet. And they’re here, and they’re ready to do it. And they know how to do it. I think that’s really exciting; and I’m very hopeful for the future.
Mary Rodwell, “Mary RodwellThe Jerry Pippin Show. MP3 audio file. 2004. Retrieved (transcribed) on January 6, 2013.

According to Leir, the implants are related to an upgrading of the human race:

I can categorically say that they [implants] are not tracking devices.... No advanced race is going to use an object to track somebody. And what I believe that they are used for is because there is some experimentation going on with the human race, and I think that that’s the key factor of the abduction program. We know that the majority of abductees talk about the taking of ova and sperm. Well, these are not guys from the Cooking Channel, for heaven’s sake. They’re not making omelettes. They’re doing genetic experiments. But something is going on with the human race, and I think it’s very well predominantly apparent in children. Children are not the same human beings.... The human race is changing. Kids today can do things without reading it in a book or hearing it on TV or on the radio. They already know it.
Roger K. Leir, D.P.M., “Space Tech./Turkey UFO” George Knapp, host. Coast to Coast AM. March 31, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on April 1, 2013.

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IX. Entheogens

Apparently comparable encounters to emancipation by angels, such as with the legendary fairies, have been reported through the practice of psychonautics. This term refers to the consumption of hallucinogens or psychedelics in a mystical, paranormal, or spiritual context (that is to say, as entheogens). Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), ayahuasca (which contains DMT), tryptamine, and peyote are a few “popular” entheogens. An exposure to certain mind-altering drugs, while physically hazardous and spiritually misleading, might, in some way, serve as a portal to experiences with these chalice-bearers of pure light.

When administered a sufficient DMT dose, subjects have reported the presence of intelligent beings that do not appear to be the projections of their subconscious in the Freudian sense....
... [One] noise source is alien interpretation. The DMT beings that are being interacted with are definitely odd in nature. Many describe them as humanoid entities that communicate with gestures, telepathy, and complex mutating objects....
It has been repeatedly reported that the DMT beings appear to be technologically advanced and therefore may have a strong sense of the model we use for describing our reality ....
DMT is an extraordinary psychoactive in that it is one of the few known chemicals that can produce a full sensory hallucination in humans. Furthermore, of those psychoactives that produce a complete hallucination, DMT seems to provide the most vivid and extraordinary experience. It is this aspect of DMT that has many individuals believing that the DMT experience is actually a perception of an objective co-existing reality inhabited by alien beings.
Marko A. Rodriquez (University of California at Santa Cruz), “A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the N,N-dimethyltryptamine-Induced Alternate Reality.” Journal of Scientific Exploration. Volume 21. Number 1. 2007. Pages 67-84.

While consuming Stropharia rugosoannulata (a type of mushroom containing the psychedelic, tryptamine), Terence McKenna (1946-2000) himself reported seeing “machine elves”:

At first we approached the psychedelic phenomenology of the Stropharia mushroom with perfect innocence.... Our mushroom experiences allowed us to remember and reconnect with deeper states of tryptamine ecstasy, to reconstruct and to feel the poetic-literary idea complex that was, in fact, one motivation for our program of investigation of natural tryptamines.
We refer to the dynamic yet stable, apparently self-sustaining, non- three-dimensional spatiality into which the smoking of tryptamines conveys one. We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries. This spectacle of more than Oriental splendor is the characteristic, even unvarying, manner in which this experience presents itself. A sound, which finally can be seen as a topology, dynamically contorts itself into a form, whose voice the sound then becomes, and which it then uses to produce idea complexes presented with the specific purpose of teaching something. But this something is not easily brought back from that dimension, and this fact sets up a dynamic polarity between the ego and the content of the ecstasy. That polarity is the compass of our quest. That place or state is the area inviting exploration. In some very real sense, it is the place where ideas come from. In that other dimension, vast evolving idea complexes pass before one and are understood in an instant. And through the singing elf machines, many such object/ideas clamor (literally) for one’s attention at once....
... What is the nature of the invisible landscape beyond that doorway? The answer to the question is linked to the question of the nature of mind. If the world beyond the doorway can be given consensual validation of the sort extended to the electron and the black hole—in other words, if the world beyond the doorway is found to be a necessary part of scientifically mature thinking about the world—then our own circumscribed historical struggle will be subject to whole new worlds of possibility.
Dennis McKenna, The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching. New York: HarperCollins Publishers. 1975. Ebook.

Presumably, almost anyone who uses hallucinogenic drugs will, at some point, require medical treatment. Again, McKenna wrote:

... reports have even entered into the scientific literature, as in the experiences documented by Rick Strassman, M.D., in his FDA-approved study using high doses of pure, injected DMT. Many of the experiences reported by his subjects bore an uncanny resemblance to classic descriptions of UFO close encounters, even to the extent of being enclosed in a dome-like space, surrounded by seen or sensed alien entities, and undergoing a medical examination of some kind.
Dennis McKenna, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss. St. Cloud, MN: Polaris Publications (North Star Press). 2012. Kindle edition.

Perhaps the chalices of pure light or orbs, as observable vehicles, are utilized by members of the Supreme Concourse for the spiritual development of souls in this world. Journalist Graham Hancock discusses the issues of extradimensionality, small shapeshifting humanoids (including into the forms of animals), ayahuasca, and emancipations by angels as visionary states of consciousness in this MP3 audio file and in the following two quotations:

Theoretically there could be other realms, other dimensions, as all religious traditions and quantum physics alike maintain. Theoretically the brain could be as much a receiver as a generator of consciousness, and thus might be fine-tuned in altered states to pick up wavelengths that are normally not accessible to us....
I drink [ayahuasca] at 8.05 p.m....
... I see the gray heart-shaped face of an alien .... And I see what could be space ships – flying saucers – associated with this commanding, unpleasant alien presence. What’s frightening is something that would be easy to interpret as an abduction experience – the feeling that if I allow the vision to continue I’m going to be taken up into those metal ships....
... shamans were accompanied by spirit guides who appeared to them in animal form and taught them to heal the sick, influence the weather, control the movement of animals and so on....
... people all around the world at all periods of history ... hallucinate being abducted to the sky (or underground or underwater) by small humanoids with large heads and eyes who are capable of shape-shifting into the form of animals, who perform agonizing and extraordinary surgical procedures on them and who teach them transformative knowledge.
... I just don’t see the common memories, common life experiences, and common cultural influences that could lead UFO abductees in the West and shamans in Australia and South America to experience the implantation of foreign objects in their bodies or piercings by long needles or spears, etc., etc.
The reader will recall the frequency with which shamans experience abduction to caves by spirits during their initiatory trances, and how some modern UFO abductees have also reported cave and underground settings for their experiences. In addition, as Vallee points out, fairies themselves are not confined to a troglodyte existence in any folklore, but also always have strong connections with the air, the sky and flight ....
Numerous other sources that I have consulted – both ancient and modern – confirm this aerial – and even “extraterrestrial” – affinity of fairies....
If there really is a link between UFOs and fairies, then we should be grateful today that practically all UFO abductees seem to be conveyed back to this world – rather than dying, or remaining in UFO-land forever.... A survey of traditional accounts and of more recent fairy abduction narratives suggests a rather random process in which some of those who had been taken by the fairies did return to their normal lives and routines, sometimes mysteriously enriched. Others did not return at all and were assumed to have become permanent residents of Fairyland....
... if fairies and aliens are the same thing, then suddenly we have at our disposal an entire additional database on a very strange and mysterious category of human experiences apparently involving encounters with and abductions by intelligent non-human entities....
I was soon to stumble into a labyrinth of conduits linking “Fairyland” and its supernatural inhabitants to the otherworlds of shamans, linking fairies themselves to the spirits with whom shamans must deal, and linking all of these – fairies, shamans, and spirits – to the weird traumas, adventures, and experiences surrounding the supposedly modern phenomenon of UFO abductions....
All in all, therefore, I concluded that the story from Rathlin of a human female taken away to Fairyland in a magical flying coach to help out with an obstetric problem was well within the norm of modern UFO abduction experiences – with the only difference being that today the vehicle might take a form more appropriate to modern perceptions, such as an ambulance or stretch limousine. As John Mack suggests, it may be the case that “the aliens assume a form or forms that are familiar or comprehensible within the individual’s own perceptual background or framework ....”
We have seen that both fairies and aliens can shape-shift into multiple forms and both can appear and disappear at will. Countless examples also testify to the uncanny ability of both to pass effortlessly through solid walls and closed windows.
Graham Hancock, Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind. New York: The Disinformation Company Ltd. 2007. Pages 39, 59-60, 73, 145-146, 178, 180-181, 184, and 207.
I conducted a huge investigation into that subject [altered states of consciousness], and that investigation, in my case, involved personal experience because I don’t believe in just sitting in an armchair and theorizing about what I’m writing. I have to put myself into my investigations, into my story. In this case, first of all, it involved going down to the Amazon jungle and sitting down with shamans in the Amazon and drinking the powerful hallucinogenic visionary brew known as ayahuasca and experiencing the seamlessly convincing parallel realms that it took my consciousness into. I began to realize that we do have a secret doorway inside our own minds, which certain techniques can allow us to open so that we can project our consciousness through into free standing other worlds, and where we may encounter their inhabitants who are interested in us....
... I have had a UFO experience, and that again occurred in connection with ayahuasca, when I was drinking the ayahuasca in the Amazon in early 2004. It was actually the third or fourth session with ayahuasca I had ever had, and I suddenly found myself confronted by what seemed to be a funnel of light, and up at the top of the funnel of light was a huge spinning flying disc. There was a presence or some kind of entity that I saw somehow off in the corner of the scene who I actually didn’t like that much. It was a bit like the image of the Grey that we see in modern depictions, and I suddenly felt I don’t want to be taken up through that funnel of light, I don’t want this. I resisted and I opened my eyes which stopped the visions occurring. You can sometimes do that with ayahuasca. I actually shouted out loud “no, no I won’t go.” Later on I regretted that.
I felt that I should have explored that experience further, that perhaps I should have had more courage and allowed it to evolve and develop as it was going to do. But I didn’t and that experience has not occurred again. But it is a curious thing, that many of the Amazonian shamans, even those who live in extremely remote and isolated areas in the Amazon who work with ayahuasca, do repeatedly see flying saucers. The great artist shaman, Pablo Amaringo – who unfortunately died last year in 2009 – Pablo Amaringo had had so many encounters under the influence of ayahuasca with extraterrestrial beings... When we say “ET” we are not limiting ourselves to the notion that the extraterrestrial is simply from another planet in this physical universe, we may be dealing with interdimensional beings. I honestly believe that’s what’s actually going on. He was crossing between dimensions in altered states of consciousness. He was quite adamant about that and it’s been pointed out that in earlier times in the Amazon, shamans working with ayahuasca would also see vehicles. They wouldn’t necessarily depict them as flying saucers. Sometimes it might be a boat. Sometimes it might be some kind of spirit canoe that is flying through the sky.
This is how Pablo saw it. He saw the flying saucers as vehicles for crossing between dimensions and that’s why they came into his visionary space because that’s what he was also doing. He saw the flying saucers as vehicles for crossing between dimensions and that’s why they came into his visionary space because that’s what he was also doing. He was crossing between dimensions in altered states of consciousness. He was quite adamant about that and it’s been pointed out that in earlier times in the Amazon, shamans working with ayahuasca would also see vehicles. They wouldn’t necessarily depict them as flying saucers. Sometimes it might be a boat. Sometimes it might be some kind of spirit canoe that is flying through the sky.
Graham Hancock, Entangled & Consciousness “Maestro.” Kerry Cassidy, interviewer. 2011. Retrieved on September 19, 2012.

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X. Marian Apparitions

Marian apparitions could, in some instances, simply be a different language or narrative for conversations on emancipation by angels. As such, these wonderful, often personally transformative, spiritual events could involve chalices of pure light, preternatural beings and their spacecraft, or both. In Our Lady of Fátima, the Virgin Mary might have appeared as a chalice of pure light accompanied by a spaceship:

On October 13th, 1917, one of Christianity’s great miracles took place at Fatima in Portugal....
... [Ten-year-old visionary] Lucie [Lucia] describes everything becoming suddenly quiet, and then the “Virgin” begins talking to her.
... The children are accompanied by some fifty people. Lucie [Lucia] sees a bright flash and begins communicating with a vision that the others present neither see nor hear. The crowd does hear, though, a humming sound described as “many bees.” The vision ends when the group hears an explosive sound, “like the blast of a firework when you hear it going up in the distance.” At this point all of them see a little white cloud moving away from the tree....
At noon, Lucie [Lucia] was alerted to the onset of the vision by a regular tell-tale sign – a series of blinding flashes. She asked the crowd to close their umbrellas, which they did despite the continuing drizzle. Some members of the crowd reported seeing “a column of cloud [smoke] fine and bluish, perfectly visible” around the three children. Then, the miracle occurred – the “sun” was seen to dance and descend to the Earth. Many have surmised that what the crowd actually saw was once again one of the silvery orbs previously seen – the “sun” was described as “a sharply outlined disk” and “a flat piece of dull silver,” and that notably it “shone without hurting one’s eyes.” Descending with a zigzag motion, and spinning on itself, the orb/disk then seemed to fall upon the crowd, turning blood red, before ascending once more. During the orb’s “dance,” the crowd reported – despite the drizzle – feeling a gentle warmth, and this appears to have been physically true because one of the great mysteries of the “miracle” is that afterwards witnesses were surprised to find their clothes almost completely dry. Many reports also told of how the orb threw off different colours – white, yellow, blue and purple are mentioned.
Was Our Lady of Fatima an Alien? May 23, 2005. Retrieved on December 19, 2012.

Similarly, Halina Kacicki has suggested that both the Star of Bethlehem, which escorted the three wise men (Latin, magi, magicians) from the east to the infant Jesus, and God’s angelic pillar, which divinely guided the Ancient Hebrews out of Pharaoh’s Egypt, were spherically shaped angelic entities, namely, either preternatural spacecraft or chalices of pure light manifested from the Concourse on high (orbs):

Orbs have been accounted for in the earliest of Biblical reference. The star which led the wise men to Bethlehem, ... for the birth of Jesus. Moses account in the desert was led by a sphere which guided them during the day and night. Providing them manna from heaven.
Halina Kacicki, Angels of Mary. Retrieved on October 23, 2012.

If chalice-bearers of pure light were working with advanced angelic archangels, at Our Lady of Fátima (MP3 audio file), the eyewitness report of a shiny silver disc, possibly a flying saucer, might make sense. On the other hand, the object could have been a chalice of pure light:

At one o’clock, the hour of the sun, the rain stopped. The sky had a certain greyish tint of pearl and a strange clearness filled the gloomy landscape, every moment getting gloomier. The sun seemed to be veiled with transparent gauze to enable us to look at it without difficulty. The greyish tint of mother-of-pearl began changing as if into a shining silver disc, that was growing slowly until it broke through the clouds. And the silvery sun, still shrouded in the same greyish lightness of gauze, was seen to rotate and wander within the circle of the receded clouds! The people cried out with one voice, the thousands of the creatures of God whom faith raised up to Heaven, fell to their knees upon the muddy ground.
Quoted in John de Marchi, I.M.C. [Latin, Īnstitūtum Missiōnum ā Consōlāta, Institute of Consecrated Life], The True Story of Fatima: A Complete Account of the Fatima Apparitions. Page 55.

Chalice-bearers of pure light, as the heavenly hosts of the Lord, may have also appeared at a monthly alleged Marian apparition, Our Lady of Međugorje, in Croatia (formerly a region of Yugoslavia):

... [We] took on our pilgrimage to Medjugorje [Međugorje] in 2007. Several of us took pictures on the trip, and we noticed an interesting phenomenon. Whereas never before had our cameras given us pictures with with any white translucent circles on them, suddenly in Medjugorje these “orbs” were showing up in our pictures.
At first I thought my lens had dust on it, and so I cleaned it, but the orbs kept showing up. Not looking closely at my digital pictures with orbs, and considering them defective, I deleted mine. Thankfully, my friends had a keener eye than I and kept theirs, saying to me, “I don’t think this is dust at all. These orbs are showing up especially during Mass in the church and during Mary’s apparition!” We started to look closer and zoomed in on the larger orbs, which seemed to have a 3-d texture to them, as if something was inside of them.
Curious, we asked one another: “Angels? Saints? Who’s coming to Mass with us, and who is visiting us, along with Mary?” Our faith tells us that an unseen world of heavenly hosts accompanies such sacred moments, and perhaps God wanted to “see” our heavenly friends....
When [the Virgin] Mary appeared, Ana [a photographer] was in the balcony and took a picture [click to enlarge]. The atmosphere is filled with orbs, most likely heavenly hosts! And a beautiful peace came upon us:
Miraculous Medjugorje Photographs during Mirjana’s Apparition.” Medjugorje Miracles: Medjugorje Miracles, Messages, Audio Testimonies, Videos, Pictures, and More .... Christine Watkins, website owner. Posted on March 14, 2010. Retrieved on December 19, 2012.

Similarly, according to a Marian account, from September of 1465, of a thirteen-year-old visionary in Garlasco, Italy:

It was the first Sunday of September, when a thirteen year old deaf-mute girl, Mary [or Maria] of Garlasco, was grazing her animals when suddenly the sky clouded by the approach of a thunderstorm.
Mary sought shelter under a small kiosk where there was a fresco of the Blessed Virgin Mary, painted by Augustine of Pavia as a votive offering for being saved from drowning in the river Ticino. The river then ran a few yards away from where the girl was, a place studded with bushes of hawthorn. Suddenly a ball of light appeared. The Blessed Virgin Mary entrusts the girl with a mission: “Here at Garlasco I want a sanctuary to protect the whole Lomellina. Many are the graces that I pour into this place and my children will experience the treasures of my mercy.” Maria returned to Garlasco and neighbors heard the child’s mouth, no longer deaf and dumb, at once believed the Our Lady’s message of the apparition. From that moment the girl called Maria was blessed by Mary with the miracle that Our Lady had made on her. The pastor of Garlasco took care of her, who retired to the convent, run by nuns and located on the western boundary of the territory of Garlasco Tromello between Alagna and near the river Terdoppio.
The miraculous event gave way the building of the sanctuary. The building was erected in its present form, in four building campaigns that winds through the centuries. The first chapel dates back to the two decades between 1462 and 1483 and its alloy construction to the wonder above narrated.
Madonna della Bozzola.” The Miracle Hunter. 2012. Retrieved on December 19, 2012.

Jay Alfred, the apparent originator of Dark Plasma Theory (formerly called plasma metaphysics), has written about ghosts, orbs, and other plasmatic entities, including Marian apparitions:

Some ... dark plasma life forms have interacted with us in the past (intentionally or unintentionally). The entities that we have identified as ghosts, angels, demons, deities (for example the Marian apparitions in the atmosphere), biological UFOs (associated with UFO sightings in the atmosphere), aliens, fairies, sightings of the recently deceased (on the surface of the Earth) and orbs of light which appear to go through physical barriers (without contracting) are all exotic plasma life forms from the dark biosphere of this counterpart Earth.
Jay Alfred, “Aliens from Dark Earth: Evolution of Dark Plasma Life Forms on Earth.” New Dawn Magazine. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. May-June, 2009. Retrieved on February 22, 2013.

Our Lady of Akita is one of several alleged “weeping Madonna” statues. It is located in rural Yuzawadai, Japan:

Our Lady of Akita

The following images of another reported weeping Madonna, in Diego Martin, Trinidad, are followed by a description:

Our Lady of Lourdes
These two photos of the same statue were taken on different days. They are of a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes located in the convent of Corpus Christi, which belongs to an order of cloistered nuns in Diego Martin, Trinidad.
The statue was first observed to be weeping tears of blood on February 16, 1996. It has been weeping since then, but not continuously. The blood has been analyzed and found to be human blood. The photo on the left was taken first and the one on the right several days later. The position of the hands and head are clearly different in the two photos, even allowing for a slightly different camera angle from one to the other.
The eye color is also different but not distinct enough to be seen on the computer. The color of the eyes on the left photo are brown and on the right they are blue.
The Weeping Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Retrieved on March 30, 2013.

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XI. Animal Emancipations

The preternatural visitors are among the great angelic host. All the Earth, and many of its species, are being protected and emancipated from the old world order. Therefore, the new Nōăḥ’s ark might even incorporate various types of animals, such as cattle. There also, reportedly, a connection between cattle mutilations and the balls of light. That is to say, preternatural spacecraft appear to contain, or to be able to manifest, a multipurpose transterrestrial, transdimensional, or even transcendental, drone technology, including transportation or teleportation, to to collaborate with chalices-bearers of pure light:

This anomalous light showed up over several weeks at a cattle range location in southwest Florida that I and several others had been investigating a string of cattle mutilations. This object was seen on more than one occasion.
Animal Mutilations. Retrieved on May 20, 2012.
There seems to be some connection with balls of light in this subject [cattle mutilations] .... Many farmers experience seeing balls of light before a mutilated carcass is found. Phil Hoyle has investigated many cases and told me that he has seen eliptical marks as though a sphere has touched the ground on a hilly field where some of these animals are found.
Cattle Mutilations On The Rise. UFO Evolution. June 3, 2010. Retrieved on September 29, 2012.
These [orbs] are intelligent and purposeful like in nature. I suspect they are some sort of transportation vehicles for another intelligence or the drones for this intelligence. They have a role of observing. They are unique in that they appear almost curious about any humans they come across. They seem to easily detect your presence, and may be influenced by meditative thoughts/requests. I believe their function is to observe, report, and to transport either consciousness, or actual entities within them, as if some form of vessel. This is the most interactive of all the anomalies on the [ECETI or Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence] ranch and will pursue and entertain its viewers.
What is Known Regarding the “Pulsating Orbs of Light”: UFOs Showing Up Worldwide! April 12, 2012. Retrieved on October 14, 2012.

According to Linda Moulton Howe:

Why are all these animals found with the same pattern of excisions and no blood?... And even making it more strange, there are no tracks of the animal .... I was not prepared for the very first meeting with Sherrif “Tex” [Harry L.] Graves up in Logan County, Colorado. He had retired, ... and he was prepared to talk with me very honestly.... It [a steer] had horns that had been put right into the Earth. And he said, “How would this happen unless this animal was either dropped or lowered to the ground to insert the horns into the ground.”... Then he showed me a steer ... that was on powdered ground.... And there was an eight-inch hole. It’s head was down in a hole.... And he said, “Linda, something had to have the ability to control the muscles and the nervous system of this animal and left it’s head alone.”... Well, now you get to the ranchers who have talked to me and reported that they themselves have seen beams come down in pastures. These are ranchers who will not go on television – who will not go in front of a camera – but I have talked to about a dozen. And they have seen beams come down out of something in the sky. They have either seen an animal rise in a beam, or they have seen an animal come down in a beam. And when it gets to the ground, the same ear, eye, tongue, jaw, flesh, genitals, and rectum cored out with no blood. And this would explain ... why there are no tracks around the animal, including the animal’s own tracks....
As sheriffs have always said to me, the creatures from outer space are the perpetrators of animal mutilations.... Well, you know, Jim Sparks whom I have always respected, as an abductee called it like it is and has never made a six-inch fish into something larger. He said, from his point of view, of what he was exposed to, and he thinks mostly conscious, the animal mutilations are providing genetic material for some need – just as the collection of human sperm and eggs are providing, let’s say, the possible building of other bodies or containers. And that means that we are like a supermarket.
Linda Moulton Howe, “Light Phenomena & Mystery Booms.” Coast to Coast AM. George Noory, interviewer. April 26, 2013. Retrieved (transcribed) on April 26, 2013.
The rancher said the creatures looked like small adults that were neither fat nor skinny, but slightly muscular. He could not see any hair or noses....
“Sloe-eyed,” he said, “like big, dark almonds.”...
The mother described some of the creatures [who abducted cattle] this way: “I can see their faces – huge eyes, fill more than one half the face. Like empty holes....
Then the mother described another type:
“Here’s one dressed in white. Very brisk. Long fingers, real long fingers. By God! (This one is) kind of greenish, too. Not like grass, but light, almost jaundiced. His head was round. He had no hair. Bony. Skinny. Almost skelelal.... Big eyes, cheekbone, chin. I don’t remember a nose and mouth. Three men in white, they’re strange looking. They tell me they’re sorry. They apologize and said, ‘Those things happen; it’s unfortunate.... It’s necessary what we do.’”...
... She and her son both felt the creatures were trying to influence “mind control” over earth humans. They both referred to “earth’s plight” without being able to articulate the nature of the plight.
Linda Moulton Howe, Strange Harvest. 1989. Retrieved on April 27, 2013.

Judy Doraty’s explanation of the reasons for animal abductions and mutilations, given while under hypnosis by Dr. Leo Sprinkle (professor and director, Division of Counseling and Testing, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY), is followed by a drawing:

I feel like I was able to see what was happening in the craft, but I was also standing beside the road.... It appears to be two little men.... Their hands look funny. They have long claw nails – like. They have very large eyes. They’re very hypnotic – like they’re so big, they don’t blink. Their eyes do not blink. It’s almost like, I guess, a snake. They were very snappy about their movements, and they knew exactly what they were doing. And I felt a little better, because, for some reason, they projected that it was necessary [that] this be done. You know, that it was for our betterment, the betterment of mankind, that this was done. That they were more or less watching out for us.... They were just like doing a job. Evidently, it affects them, too. And it has to do, somehow, with nuclear waste or testing .... They’ve been here for quite some time, and they test the soil, as well as our water, as well as our animal life, our vegetation.
Judy Doraty (under hypnosis following an “abduction”) in A Strange Harvest (MP3 audio file). Produced, narrated, written, and directed by Linda Moulton Howe, director of special projects for WMGH-TV, Denver, CO. Television documentary. Spring, 1980. Retrieved on April 27, 2013.
Judy Doraty
drawing of a being described above by Judy Doraty

Similar, perhaps, to crop formations, the presence of preternatural drones or chalices of pure light around animal mutilations has reportedly resulted in increased electromagnetism:

A high “electro-magnetic field reading” was measured on an attacked dog. The rancher’s wife reports unusual sounds two days prior to the discovered mutilations....
the Nuevo Día newspaper of the town of Coronel Suárez in the Province of Buenos Aires noted that a new high-strangeness situation had emerged as a corollary of sorts to the gruesome mutilations: “Inexplicable lights, and the disappearance of large volumes of water that cannot be rationally explained.”
Descriptions of these sources of light varied, but they were invariably seen on clear nights with out a hint of stormy weather. Most reports agreed that the lights were white orbs that would turn blue during their high-speed maneuvers, making abrupt starts and stops before whizzing out of sight.
Close Encounters and Animal Mutilations.” Phantoms and Monsters. Retrieved on September 29, 2012.
How are the cuts [in animal mutilations] made:
In my book An Alien Harvest, published in 1989, I show for the first time that tissue gathered from mutilator cuts in Arkansas on March 11, 1989, revealed the following characteristics under microscopic examination:
1) The line is pinpoint thin;
2) The line was subjected to high heat, probably 300 degrees Fahrenheit or above, leaving a hard and darkened edge;
3) The cuts were made rapidly, probably in two minutes or less, because there is no inflammatory cell destruction which typically begins in a few minutes after any trauma to tissue
Linda Moulton Howe, Animal Mutilation Update. April 18, 1991. Retrieved on April 27, 2013.
Cattle Mutilation Cattle Mutilation
two alleged cattle mutilations

As with emancipation by angels related to human beings, chalice-bearers of pure light and archangels could be genetically monitoring, and preparing to resettle, certain non-human biological species or, from another point of view, using animal DNA as transgenics and genetic engineering:

ET [extraterrestrial] has been quite busy abducting humans .... ET has also left much physical and eyewitness evidence that he is mutilating hundreds of ranchers’ cattle ....
[The late Army Colonel Philip] Corso speculates that ET cattle mutilations, like those reported to the FBI by Colorado Sen. Haskell and others were a method used by aliens to harvest certain organs.
The rapid and precise removal of a cow’s uterus, left eye, sex organs and the complete draining of its blood without leaving footprints or signs of trauma led Corso to believe the aliens were and continue to use some sort of sophisticated laser surgery....
Although he [Corso[ didn’t pretend to know why they were doing this, some speculate the aliens are conducting some sort of genetic testing.
Edward Reppelt and Chet Dembeck, (2012-02-27). The Uncensored Truth About UFOs. Baltimore, MD: Publisher of One. 2012. Kindle edition.
... sometimes they [certain nonterrestrial beings] take these components [for hybridization with earthly humans] from cattle. So we think about callle mutilations – maybe that’s one of the major reasons. Maybe it’s the reason – I don’t know – for cattle mutilations. And cattle, of course, we know do share many of our human genetic traits.
... I see no evidence, personally, of hybrids intending to malevolently take over the world for their own nefarious purposes. If that happens, it just has not come out in my [hypnotic] regression work.
Barbara Lamb, “Are Human ET Hybrids in our Future?YouTube. December 16, 2012. Retrieved (transcribed) on January 11, 2013.

In this regard, two MP4 videos (file 1 and file 2) reportedly show the teleportations of cows. Here are screen captures:

Cow Cow

Another MP4 video may show chalices of pure light or preternatural drones “beaming up” or teleporting a buffalo into a materialized spacecraft, celestial object, or portal. Below are a description and a screen capture:

Stunned Derek Bridges has revealed how he shot extraordinary footage which UFO experts say shows aliens beaming a BUFFALO into their spaceship.
Pensioner Derek filmed the eerie scene from his window after spotting pulsating glowing orbs hovering over a neighbouring farm late at night.
The two bright lights hover high over fields, while an animal appears to dangle below before vanishing into them.
A high-pitched screeching noise can be heard before the UFOs finally disappear into the night.
Grandfather Derek, 69, said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’m convinced it is the real thing.”
UFO Beam Up a Buffalo? November 2, 2009. Retrieved on October 15, 2012.
beaming up a buffalo

The next photograph is a drawing, by an eyewitness, of a spacecraft allegedly observed during an animal abduction and mutilation:


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XII. Conclusion
“O guardian angels! Return them [that are within the ark of eternity] to their abode in the world below, ...
“Inasmuch as they have purposed to rise to that sphere which the wings of the celestial dove have never attained; ...
“Whereupon the ship of fancy standeth still which the minds of them that comprehend cannot grasp.” ...
Whereupon the maid of heaven looked out from her exalted chamber, ...
And with her brow signed to the Celestial Concourse, ...
Flooding with the light of her countenance the heaven and the earth, ...
And as the radiance of her beauty shone upon the people of dust, ...
All beings were shaken in their mortal graves.
Bahá’u’lláh, “Tablet of the Holy Mariner,” Bahá’í Prayers: A Selection of Prayers Revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, the Báb, and ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Pages 87-88.

In my view, humans do not, as some subjective idealists have claimed, each create their own realities. Nevertheless, I suspect that the grand scope of reality is much stranger, and considerably more profound, than anyone, at least in the present stage of human evolution, can possibly comprehend. For example, contacts, or close encounters, with chalice-bearers of pure light, or “orbs,” and archangels are best recognized, in much of the Western world, as the widely reported alien abductions. Sadly, that term is fearful, not loving. No one, in my opinion, has ever been abducted by angelic souls from either the spiritual or material heavens.

O wayfarer in the path of God! Take thou thy portion of the ocean of His grace, and deprive not thyself of the things that lie hidden in its depths. Be thou of them that have partaken of its treasures. A dewdrop out of this ocean would, if shed upon all that are in the heavens and on the earth, suffice to enrich them with the bounty of God, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. With the hands of renunciation draw forth from its life-giving waters, and sprinkle therewith all created things, that they may be cleansed from all man-made limitations and may approach the mighty seat of God, this hallowed and resplendent Spot.
Be not grieved if thou performest it thyself alone. Let God be all-sufficient for thee. Commune intimately with His Spirit, and be thou of the thankful. Proclaim the Cause of thy Lord unto all who are in the heavens and on the earth. Should any man respond to thy call, lay bare before him the pearls of the wisdom of the Lord, thy God, which His Spirit hath sent down unto thee, and be thou of them that truly believe. And should any one reject thine offer, turn thou away from him, and put thy trust and confidence in the Lord, thy God, the Lord of all worlds.
By the righteousness of God! Whoso openeth his lips in this Day and maketh mention of the name of his Lord, the hosts of Divine inspiration shall descend upon him from the heaven of My name, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. On him shall also descend the Concourse on high, each bearing aloft a chalice of pure light. Thus hath it been foreordained in the realm of God’s Revelation, by the behest of Him Who is the All-Glorious, the Most Powerful.
There lay concealed within the Holy Veil, and prepared for the service of God, a company of His chosen ones who shall be manifested unto men, who shall aid His Cause, who shall be afraid of no one, though the entire human race rise up and war against them. These are the ones who, before the gaze of the dwellers on earth and the denizens of heaven, shall arise and, shouting aloud, acclaim the name of the Almighty, and summon the children of men to the path of God, the All-Glorious, the All-Praised. Walk thou in their way, and let no one dismay thee. Be of them whom the tumult of the world, however much it may agitate them in the path of their Creator, can never sadden, whose purpose the blame of the blamer will never defeat.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Pages 279-281.
On every daring adventurer in the service of the Cause of Baháʾuʾlláh the Concourse on high shall descend, “each bearing aloft a chalice of pure light.”
Shoghi Effendi quoting Baháʾuʾlláh, Messages to America. Page 18.

Instead, each one of us is, according to God’s Will, blessed with a measure of angelic emancipation, through the cosmic envelope, as an expression of unity, servitude, intervention, intercession, healing, and preparation:

Thou hast, moreover, asked Me concerning the state of the soul after its separation from the body. Know thou, of a truth, that if the soul of man hath walked in the ways of God, it will, assuredly, return and be gathered to the glory of the Beloved. By the righteousness of God! It shall attain a station such as no pen can depict, or tongue describe. The soul that hath remained faithful to the Cause of God, and stood unwaveringly firm in His Path shall, after his ascension, be possessed of such power that all the worlds which the Almighty hath created can benefit through him. Such a soul provideth, at the bidding of the Ideal King and Divine Educator, the pure leaven that leaveneth the world of being, and furnisheth the power through which the arts and wonders of the world are made manifest. Consider how meal needeth leaven to be leavened with. Those souls that are the symbols of detachment are the leaven of the world. Meditate on this, and be of the thankful.
Baháʾuʾlláh, Gleanings from the Writings of Baháʾuʾlláh. Page 161.
Thus ended the life of this great Bábí heroine [Ṭāhirih], the first woman suffrage martyr, who, at her death, turning to the one in whose custody she had been placed, had boldly declared: “You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women.”...
... “The Persian Joan of Arc, the leader of emancipation for women of the Orient – who bore resemblance both to the mediaeval Heloise and the neo-platonic Hypatia,” thus was she acclaimed by a noted playwright whom Sarah Bernhardt had specifically requested to write a dramatized version of her life.
Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By. Pages 75-76.

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I am not fluent in Arabic, but I can work with it. Unless otherwise stated, all English translations are from the Arabic or Persian languages (or, in some cases, a “Persianized” Arabic). There are differences, which will be evident, between the system of transliteration, or romanization, of Arabic and Persian words contained in official Baháʾí texts and the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) system (or the Tiberian system for some Hebrew words) adopted in other parts of this work. (See this page on verb conjugation.) Diacritics (the signs used in transliteration) for various languages have sometimes been modified in quotations. Focusing on both translation and transliteration has, from my perspective, been a way to draw close, in my heart, to the individuals and ideas being discussed. Perhaps your experiences will be similar. Learning any “tongue” comes through love:
Speak in the Persian tongue, though the Arab please thee more;
A lover hath many a tongue at his command.
From Mawlānā (Our Master) Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī’s Maṯnawī (Persian, Maṯnavī), quoted by Baháʾuʾlláh, “The Seven Valleys.” The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys. Page 58.

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